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Young Lady and Gentleman Episode 41 Release Date Updates

Young Lady and Gentleman Episode 41 Release Date
Young Lady and Gentleman Episode 41 Release Date

A Gentleman and a Young Lady are also known by the name Young Lady and Gentleman is a Korean romantic comedy family drama. The South Korean television series is produced by GnG Production under the direction of Shin Chang-Seok. The first episode of the show was premiered on September 25, 2021, already telecasting 38 episodes to date. But here check the Young Lady and Gentleman Episode 41 release date, cast, and story.

Young Lady and Gentleman Episode 41 Story

The story is set in a family where an innocent yet charming girl named Dan Dan live. She lives with her stepbrother, who is often unsuccessful in his business activities, and with her stepmother. They do not value Dan as much as she deserves. One day Dan decides to leave them behind and climb the top of a mountain. It was there she meets Lee Young Kook a successful businessman and also the chairman of a company. Young who was there to climb the mountain lost his wife and was mourning. He asks about Dan and decides to hire her as a live-in house tutor for his three children. Slowly but steadily romantic tensions grow between Young and Dan while the 14 year age gap stands in between them as a barrier. 

Young Lady and Gentleman Episode 41 Release Date

Young Lady and Gentleman Episode 41 Release Date
Young Lady and Gentleman

The 41st episode of Young Lady and Gentleman is all set for its release on February 12, 2022. The show is currently available on the KBS2 network every Saturday and Sunday at 7:55 pm KST. Each episode contains approximately 70 minutes. The creators have already declared 52 episodes as scheduled releases of which 38 had already been screened. The next episode will be aired on February 5, 2022. The final episode is expected to be telecasted by March 20, 2022.

Young Lady and Gentleman Episode 38 Recap

Even though Young and Dan want to get together, the situation gets even denser. Dan’s father Park Soo Cheol was not interested in his daughter’s decision to marry Young. Young was fourteen years old and a father to three kids. However, the chemistry between both of them led them to take the decision. Young’s children also loved Dan and often considered her as their mother. Park Soo Cheol knew the intensity of their relationship and how strong it was. He decides to break their affair by disallowing her to meet him again. As a result, Park Soo Cheol locks Dan forcefully dragging her into her room.     

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Park Soo Cheol was desperate for the situation to get relaxed and set her free but things didn’t get as expected. On the other hand, her mother continuously requests not to lock her furthermore to solve using alternative measures. He threatened his wife not to feed her unless she breaks all ties with Young. The episode ends with Young’s children crying innocently hearing the news about Dan. The next episodes might determine the future of their relationship.

Young Lady and Gentleman Season 1 Cast

Young Lady and Gentleman Episode 41 Release Date
Young Lady and Gentleman

Park Dan-dan: Lee Se-hee

Dan-Dan is playing a major role in the series. The charming and confident woman aged 27 leaves her home to get comfortable from the dull lifestyle she has with her stepbrother and stepmother. All she wants is to get herself in a position to stay dependable and is ready to do get going. 

Lee Young Kook: Ji Hyun-woo

Young is a 40-year-old businessman and well the head of a company. He recently lost his wife and is in grief. When he knew everything about Dan, he wanted to help her somehow. Therefore he appoints her as a live-in teacher for his motherless children. His children loved Dan and for their good future, Young decided to get together with Dan despite his past.

Park Soo-cheol: Lee Jong-won

He is the father of Park Dan-dan and was protective of his daughter. Park Soo-cheol’s behavior seemed cold-hearted to others but wanted his daughter to be in safe hands.

Cha Yeon-sil: Oh Hyun-kyung

She is the wife of Park Soo-Cheol and stepmother of Park Dan-dan. She loves fashion and gets involved in partying often however, her relationship with Dan was not successful she wanted to help Dan during a hard time with Young.

Young Lady and Gentleman Season 1 Trailer

The official trailer of Young Lady and Gentleman was released on September 19, 2021. You can stream the show on KBS2, Kocowa, Viki, and KBS World every Saturday and Sunday at 7:55 pm KST and 4:25 pm IST with subscription charges. The television series can be streamed online for free on VIU.

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