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Yong Pal Season 2 Release Date: Is It Renewed?

Yong Pal Season 2 Release Date
Yong Pal Season 2 Release Date

Yong Pal, also known as The Gang Doctor, is a South Korean action, medical, and romance drama that originally aired on the SBS television network. It was composed by Park Gi heon, written by Jang Hyuk rin, and directed by Oh Jin suk. The drama originally had only 16 episodes, each running for about 66 minutes, but after it gained an immense fan base and popularity, it was extended for 2 more episodes, which made it an 18-episode drama. Yong Pal Season 2 Release Date details are here.

 You feel as though you are watching the creation of a brand-new masterpiece because every aspect of the film is flawless: the comedy, the action, the melodrama, the music, and the cinematography. Many Kdramas fans were drawn to the drama because it began with a bang and had an amazing story. As the plot progressed, the drama switched to the revenge genre, which was equally satisfying. It is set in a world where men dominate the chaebol, where revenge plots are instigated by men, and where male characteristics like hatred and cold-bloodedness are more prevalent.

The drama undoubtedly has its flaws, including recurrent flashbacks, an excessive number of characters without a conscience, blatant plot twists, and an ending that left unresolved issues and could have been much better. Nevertheless, it is still worthwhile to watch. Let’s find out if this drama, which has won so many hearts, will be returning any time soon or not!

Yong Pal Season 2 Release Date

Yong Pal Season 2 Release Date
Yong Pal Season 2

The drama has not been canceled or renewed by the show’s producer. Following the popularity of the show, its finale was extended for 2 more episodes, which also concluded the story and wrapped it. As of this moment, there is no confirmation whether it will be returning or not. Looking at a trivial trend for K-dramas, they normally don’t return for a season 2 after nicely wrapping up the story, so there are very few chances for it to return too, but we can not say anything till it is confirmed. We can only hope for a season 2.

Name of the ShowYong Pal
Season NumberSeason 2
GenreAction, Romance, Medical
Yong Pal Season 1 Release Date 5 August 2015
Yong Pal Season 2 Release Date Not Announced Yet
Yong Pal Season 2 Overview

Yong Pal Season 2 Story

Kim Tae Hyeon, a gifted surgeon who needs money badly to cover his sister’s medical expenses, was introduced to us in season one. Assuming the alias Yong Pal, he deals with gangsters and corrupt plutocrats while providing his medical expertise to those who require it but are unable to do so in public. He later becomes involved in Han Yeo Jin’s family drama and retaliation. It is very difficult to predict what will happen in the upcoming season because the previous season wrapped up the story.

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Yong Pal Season 2 Cast

Yong Pal Season 2 Release Date
Yong Pal Season 2

The previous seasons of Yong Pal included some of the popular cast that also made the show so well known among fans, which are listed below. We expect that if there is a new season, some of the cast may reprise their roles. Nothing can be confirmed yet, though. 

Kim Tae hyun/Yong Pal is played by Joo Won.

Kim Tae Hyun, the narrative’s main character, is a talented surgeon who wants to raise enough money for her sister. To do this, he works a second job as a mercenary doctor for hire under the alias Yong-pal.

Han Yeo Jin is portrayed by Kim Tae-hee

Han Yeo Jin was a chaebol heiress who was placed in a coma by her enemies to take over her place as heiress. She is rescued by Kim Tae Hyun and some corrupted doctors; this later leads to some unexpected consequences.

Han Do Joon is portrayed by Jo Hyun-jae

Han Do Joon is the story’s main antagonist. He is Yeo Jin’s half-brother. He puts her in a coma in order to take advantage of her position and wealth.

Lee Chae-young is portrayed by Chae Jung An

Chase Jung An, Do Joon’s wife, is just as evil as her husband and plans to put her sister-in-law in a coma in order to inherit her wealth.

There are some of the other supporting casts that also might reappear in the show.

Yong Pal Season 2 Trailer

Currently, there is no trailer available for Yong Pal Season 2 available.

Where to Watch Yong Pal Season 2 Online?

The drama is available to stream for free on SBS World’s official Youtube channel in some areas and on SBS VOD. You can also stream it on Viki in some of the selected regions for free with ads or ad free with a subscription. Netflix is also giving you the option to stream Yong Pal. If a new season comes out, we expect it to be available on the same platforms.

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