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Wreck Episode 5 Release Date Is Here!

Wreck Episode 5 Release Date

Written by Ryan J. Brown, Wreck, which was originally titled Wrecked, is a British comedy-horror T.V series. It is supposed to have 6 episodes. Wreck premiered on BBC Three on 9th October. 

The series has gained recognition worldwide due to its comical moments, energetic outbursts, and Asian and LGBTQ+ representation. 

The plot of Wreck revolves around Jamie Walsh, nineteen years old, who boards a cruise ship in search of his sister who was missing. He is then seen to be investigating the events that happened there three months earlier assuming a false identity. 

Before we move on to the release date of episode 5, let’s recap episode 4 a little bit. In “The Sacramentum Slasher”, Pippa, who committed suicide, was seen confronting Jamie in a flashback. Lauren was found stressing over the fact that there had been no news from Jerome. Jamie and Olly were going on their first date, at last. Phew! While Sam confronted Jamie, he revealed that Danny was murdered in reality.

The map of the ship along with a list of names was discovered when Jamie and Vivian sneaked into the room where Pippa used to reside. Bethan-May was residing in the same room. For them to access personnel records, Rosie and Cormac were providing them assistance. When Jamie reported everything to Sam, he was attacked. Sam was the one who chased Pippa. Jamie was seen trying to escape by the end of the episode. 

Wreck Episode 5 Release Date

Wreck Episode 5 Release Date

As fans, we just cannot keep our calm anymore. After Episode 4, we want Episode 5 as soon as well. Alas! It is a wait for some more days. Don’t worry, the wait will increase your anticipation which is directly proportional to the satisfaction that you will experience after watching the episode.

The release date for Wreck Episode 5, “Needle in a Gaystack”, is 23rd October 2022. It is supposed to be aired on BBC Three at 10 PM Eastern Time. New episodes are available on the channel every week on Sundays. 

Name of the ShowWreck
Episode NumberEpsiode 5
GenreHorror- Comedy
Wreck Episode 1 Release Date9 October 2022
Wreck Episode 5 Release Date23 October 2022
Wreck Episode 5 Overview

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Wreck Episode 5 Story

Fans are tremendously excited about the upcoming episode. What will happen next? Well, we can provide some hypothesis on that perhaps. It will be revealed to us that Sam confessed to Pippa about his love for her. In present times, Jamie will find himself in a secret room after waking up. He will also find the body of Jerome beside him which was hidden by Karen. Karen will be overheard while ordering the officers to find Vivian.

It will be revealed to us that Sam was ordered by Karen to kill Jamie. After escaping somehow, Jamie will try to search for Olly. He will reveal everything about Pippa. The entire group will reveal the fact that Sam not only killed Pippa and Jerome but everyone who disappeared from the vessel. Jerome’s body will be their only evidence to justify everything that has happened on the vessel till now. 

Wreck Episode 5 Cast

Wreck Episode 5 Release Date

The cast of Wreck includes:

Oscar Kennedy as Jamie Walsh, Anthony Rickman as Olly, Louis Boyer as Officer Sam Rhodes, Jack Rowan as Danny Jones, Alice Holly Nokes as Sophia Leigh, Thaddea Graham as Vivian Lim, Jodie Tyack as Pippa Walsh, Harriet Webb as Karen , Amber Grappy as Lauren Thompson, Georgia Goodman as Dolce Rodriguez, James Caroll Jordan as Phil Cooper, Ali Hardiman as Bethany-May, Donald Sage Mackay as Henry Allan, and Lesa Thurman as Pat Cooper.

Wreck Episode 5 Trailer 

As of now, there is no such trailer for Wreck Episode 5. We only have a teaser on the YouTube channel of BBC Three which is the first look of the series. There is no such official trailer for episode 5 of the series. It is hard to control our urges, but we will have to wait until the 23rd for the rest of the episode to get uncovered. Our patience will be the key to our satisfaction. 

Where To Watch Wreck Episode 5 Online?

You can watch Episode 5 of Wreck on BBC Three which will be aired on 23rd October at 10 PM Eastern Time. Nevertheless, all the episodes have aired on BBC iplayer. To access it, you will have to buy a suitable plan with an ID and password. 

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