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Would I Lie to You Season 16 Release Date Updates

Would I Lie to You Season 16 Release Date?
Would I Lie to You Season 16 Release Date?

The British television game show was first telecasted on June 16, 2007, through the BBC One network. With some technological advancement, the series appears in a modified version in the present day. This includes the video quality of the show presented. While at the start of the show a lower standard of video quality was used. However, it is nowadays captured as well as rendered in an HDTV 1080i picture format. The show is currently in its fifteenth year and a total of fifteen seasons had been premiered to date. Zeppotron production house had been backing the team in terms of financial support and therefore remains the licensed production company of the series. Overall, there had been a tremendous increase in the number of television reality shows from year to year. But not every show had been appreciated enough for its worthwhile watching experience.

Apart from the rest of the others, the show created by Peter Holmes had an increase in rating year after year. The credit for the positive response is held by Barbara Wiltshire for the contribution made for a dozen years. Moreover, the production works are coordinated and supervised by Rachel Ablett, Kate Staples, and Stephanie Mcintosh. In addition, the show was shot at The Fountain Studios in Northwest London at the beginning. Later BBC Television Centre witnessed the productions works. However, this didn’t stand for a long time but changed the location to Pinewood Studios in 2009. From then onwards all the major works are conducted at Pinewood Studios in central London.

Would I Lie to You Season 16 Release Date

Would I Lie to You Season 16 Release Date
Would I Lie to You?

There is news from around the corner of the world regarding the sixteenth season of Would I Lie to You. It was later announced by the production team that they are presently focused on the completion of season fifteen. This clearly illustrates their point of view. They are not in the preparations for another season or haven’t been thinking of that so far. On the other hand, some people believed in the rumors that suggest the schedules gave been charted for the next season. Checking the reality, Would I Lie to You is currently in its fifteenth year and developed the show in a ratio of one show per year.

Therefore the next season is expected to be telecasted in the old sequence. At the same time, some unofficial reports state the reluctance of the members of the crew to move forward with the crew. Being a piece of unconfirmed news, this will be discovered very soon. Based on the past format and usual styles in production, even if recording starts by the middle of 2022, the show will reach the television sets one or two months after the post-production. 

SeasonsRelease Dates
Would I Lie to You Season 1 Release Date 16 June 2007
Would I Lie to You Season 16 Release Date Not Announced Yet
Would I Lie to You Season 16 Release Date

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Would I Lie to You Season 16 Story

The show starts with the presenter introducing the audience to the show. As it is a game show two teams with four members each will compete against each other. There will be three rounds and at the end of the show, the best liar will be considered to be the winner. In the first round, the contestants in both teams make a statement. Another team must guess if it’s right or wrong after asking some questions based on the event. If they make the guess correct they will be awarded a point. This is the same in the case of the final round. In the second round, a person will be introduced to the stage and that person will have a connection to a member of a group. The opposite team must tell who it is and based on that they determine the winner.    

Would I Lie to You Season 16 Cast

Would I Lie to You Season 16 Release Date
Would I Lie to You?

Rob Brydon

Rob is an actor, comedian, and television presenter who mainly appears in television dramas as well as game shows. He had debuted in a 1994 British movie named “The Healer”. In addition, he had acted in 32 movies and more than fifty television shows. He is famous as a television presenter and comedian and even is a member of the Order of the British Empire.

Robert Renwick Mortimer

The sixty-two-year-old British actor and stand-up comedian went popular after appearing in a stage show titled “Vic Reeves Big Night out”. He is also a lawyer in terms of his degree who had completed a Master of Law from the University of Sussex. 

Would I Lie to You Season 16 Trailer

Being a television show they don’t involve releasing any trailer before the start of any season. Instead of a trailer, they often present promo videos relating to that episode. The same can be expected after they announce the sixteenth season.

Where to Watch Would I Lie to You?                    

Would I Lie to You is available on multiple online platforms. The major streamers include Amazon Prime Video, Sky Go, Virgin TV Go, BritBox, and so on. On the other hand, BBC One telecast the series on television which is distributed by Endemol Shine UK and Banijay Rights.  

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