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World’s End Harem Episode 6 Release Date News!

World’s End Harem Episode 6 Release Date
World’s End Harem Episode 6 Release Date

World’s End Harem is a Japanese manga series. It is written by LINK and illustrated by Kotaro Shono. The first part of the manga was serialized from May 2016 to June 2020 by Shueisha’s Online Magazine Shonen Jump+. The second part of the manga was named World’s End Harem: After World and was released on the same platform in May 2021. The success of the series also inspired many other manga titles like World’s End Harem: Fantasia and World’s End Harem: Brittania Lumiere. The anime television series adaptation was announced in May 2020. Studio Gokumi and AXsiZ took up the role of animating the series. Yu Nobuta is the director of the series with Tatsuya Takahashi as the scriptwriter.

The first episode of the series premiered on 8 October 2021. The other episodes of the series were delayed and pushed forward to be released in January 2022. The reason was that they felt the need to closely examine the production of the series.  The series resumed airing from 7 January 2022 onwards. Here’s what we know about World’s End Harem Episode 6 Release Date.

World’s End Harem Story

World's End Harem
World’s End Harem

The story of the series is set in the year 2040. A man named Reito Mizuhara suffers from a rare disease. He is put into cryostasis while he waits for life-saving treatment to be developed. Reiko wakes up from cryostasis five years later in the year 2045. He learns that during the period he was asleep, an extremely lethal and contagious virus called the MK (Man Killer) emerged. It mysteriously only affected the males, due to which about 99.9% of the world’s male population died. Approximately only one million of the males survived. This was because they were put into cryostasis because they got infected by the virus. Reito also learns that he is one of the five men from Japan who have developed immunity from the MK Virus. Hence, he is required to participate in a breeding program that involves impregnating as many women as possible so that the offspring produced can repopulate the world. Reito goes on to investigate the secrets that surround the MK Virus and the mystery behind the disappearance of his girlfriend Elisa Tachibana. The series also takes into the perspective the men who have developed immunity to the MK Virus under their own circumstances.

World’s End Harem Episode 6 Release Date

Episode 6 of the series is set to be released on 11 February 2022. To date, four episodes of the series have been released with the latest being released on 28 January 2022. Episode 5 is set to be released on 4 February 2022 followed by Episode 6 on 11 February 2022. The series will consist of a total of 11 episodes. Episode 7 is set to be released on 18 February 2022. The episode is set to be released on 25 February 2022. Episode 9 is set to be released on 4 March 2022. Episode 10 is set to be released on 11 March 2022. The final episode of the series will be released on 18 March 2022.

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People residing outside Asia can watch the series online on the streaming platform Crunchyroll. Funimation and Hulu have not made any announcements till now about the streaming of the series on their platforms.

World’s End Harem Episode 1 Release Date8 October 2021
World’s End Harem Episode 2 Release Date14 January 2022
World’s End Harem Episode 3 Release Date21 January 2022
World’s End Harem Episode 4 Release Date28 January 2022
World’s End Harem Episode 5 Release Date4 February 2022
World’s End Harem Episode 6 Release Date11 February 2022

World’s End Harem Characters

World's End Harem
World’s End Harem

Reito Muihara is voiced by Taichi Ichikawa. Mira Suo is voiced by Yo Taichi.  Akane Ryūzōji is voiced by Yō Taichi. Sui Yamada is voiced by Aya Yamane. Rea Katagiri is voiced by Keiko Watanabe. Maria Kuroda is voiced by Yurie Kozakai. Mahiru Mizuhara is voiced by Yukina Shūto. Kyōji Hino is voiced by Takuya Eguchi. Neneko Isurugi is voiced by Shizuka Ishigami. Rena Kitayama is voiced by Satomi Amano. Shōta Doi is voiced by Kazuki Ura. Karen Kamiya is voiced by Ayana Taketatsu. Yuzuki Hanyū is voiced by Marika Hayasa. Shunka Hiiragi is voiced by Haruka Michii. Natsu Ichijō is voiced by Arisa Aihara.

World’s End Harem Trailer

There is no official trailer for the series when it comes to releasing it on YouTube. But you can watch various fan-made trailers and compilations of the series that will give you a general idea about the general theme, story, and characters of the anime.

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