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Work Later Drink Now Season 3 Release Date: Are You Excited?

Work Later Drink Now Season 3 Release Date
Work Later Drink Now Season 3 Release Date

Work Later Drink Now is a south Korean show that recounts the tale of three ladies whose faith in life is one beverage toward the day’s end. It is otherwise called, City Girl Drinkers, Drinker City Women, and, Drunk City Women. It circulated from October 22, 2021, to November 2021 and debuted on tvN with a sum of twelve episodes and a running season of 35 minutes. It depends on companionship, parody, life, and show types. It is directed by Kim Jung Shik, and Wi So Young is the screenwriter. Here’s what we know about Work Later Drink Now Season 3 Release Date.

Work Later Drink Now Season 3 Release Date

Work Later Drink Now Season 3 Release Date
Work Later Drink Now

Ahn So Hee, Han Ji Yeon, and Kang Ji Gu appreciate hanging out after work and drinking together. The three ladies are single and, in their 30,’s. Concerning their positions, So Hee functions as a telecom writer, Ji Yeon as a yoga teacher, and Ji Gu as a YouTuber. In the meantime, Kang Buk Gu fills in as a PD of the TV theatrical presentation. He spends time with these three ladies. Unfortunately, we have no authority reports in regards to the arrival of Work Later Drink Now Season 3.

Name of the ShowWork Later Drink Now
Season NumberSeason 3
Work Later Drink Now Season 1 Release Date22 October 2021
Work Later Drink Now Season 3 Release DateNot Announced Yet
Work Later Drink Now Season 3 Overview

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Work Later Drink Now Season 3 Story

The show recounts the tale of three single ladies in their 30s who love to drink after work. Having various characters, drinking soju, and eating their number one food would never go long. The more they drink the tighter their companionship is. The show began with an enthusiastic man having a prearranged meet-up. Later on, he was exceptionally blissful when his prearranged meet-up concurred. The principal lady is named Kang Ji-Gu. She functions as a YouTuber, doing origami as her substance.

In addition, Ji-Gu has wild energies however is minding towards her companions. The man was frightened in light of the fact that Ji-Gu beverages a great deal however it appears to be that she can’t become inebriated. The most startling part is she prefers Lukewarm soju. As the man keeps on looking for a date, he presently met Han Ji-Yeon, an extremely lovely and nice lady. Ji-Yeon is likewise a yoga teacher and numerous men succumb to her.

The man felt that this lady can measure up to a holy messenger. At the point when they began to drink, Ji-Yeon jabbers and became whimsical. Ji-Yeon did numerous uncommon and interesting things that made the man humiliated. In any case, the man was stunned again on the grounds that Ji-Yeon likewise prefers Lukewarm soju and appreciates it a ton. Once more, not surrendering, the man attempted and met Ahn So-Hee, a lady in her 30s who functions as a theatrical presentation essayist at a show creation organization.

That’s what the man felt So-Hee may be the one. Nonetheless, So-Hee likewise drinks a ton. These three ladies are really companions, Ji-Gu, Ji-Yeon, thus Hee has been drinking pals for quite a while. After their work, the three ensure that they would eat and drink like crazy. As they go on with their lives, they confronted difficulties and hardships however they stayed on one another’s side and turn into one another’s emotionally supportive network. Sure, life is intense however these ladies are harder.

Work Later Drink Now Season 3 Cast  

Work Later Drink Now Season 3 Release Date
Work Later Drink Now

The main casts in the show are Lee Sun-Bin and Ahn So-hee, a compulsive worker broadcast script writer. Han Sun-Hwa is Han Ji-Yeon, a ditzy yoga educator. Kang Ji-goo role who was a stony origami YouTuber and his role was played by Jeong Eun-Ji. Choi Si-won as Kang Book-goo, a diversion maker chief working in a similar office as essayist Ahn So-Hee. Other supporting projects in the show are Han Ji-Hyo as Se Jin, the young lady who isn’t bashful and has a striking style. Lee Hyun-jin as Ji-Yong, an attractive young fellow caught on Ji-Yeon’s radar. Lee Soo-min as So-Hyeon.

Work Later Drink Now Season 3 Trailer

Unfortunately, the official trailer of Work Later Drink Now Season 2 has not been released yet but we expect to see it soon after the official statement of the release of Work Later Drink Now Season 3.

Where To Watch Work Later Drink Now Season 3 Online?

You can watch all the episodes of Work Later Drink Now Season one on Dramacool and JustWatch.

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