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Will There Be Uncharted 2 Release Date?

Will There Be Uncharted 2?
Will There Be Uncharted 2?

Unchartered is a Hollywood movie developed based on a popular video game. Naughty Dog an American game developer was the master brain behind the popular game. The movie was produced by Charles Rowan, Alex Gartner, and Ari Arad under the banner of some reputed film house. This includes Columbia Pictures, Arad Productions, Atlas Entertainment, and their gaming partners PlayStation Productions. Unchartered was released with a duration of approximately two hours throughout the world. Fan special episode was the first show which was premiered in Barcelona on February 7, 2022. However, the film was officially released worldwide after screening in the United States nine days after the special show in Spain. The commercial movie ended up as a blockbuster receiving a gross collection three times greater than that of its actual budget.

Furthermore, the name Tom Holland was enough for the audience to rush into the theatres especially when Spider-man-related history for the Marvel Cinemas. But this may have been just the opposite if the movie was shown in 2020 when it was planned for release. This was changed due to the uncertainty that occurred when the pandemic hit the film industry as well as the lives of normal people badly. Dig a bit into the history of its development, Sony Pictures had announced the movie way back in 2008. Everyone expected the movie to happen as soon as possible. Every year there were rumors about the cast and its release dates.

However, they were able to initiate the production works only by the early days of 2020. Nevertheless, the movie proved to be worthy of the fourteen-year wait as it is recorded as one of the best films released so far in 2022.

Unchartered Story

Will There Be Uncharted 2?

Ruben Fleischer executed the movie differently than in other movies. All the frames captured by Chung-hoon Chung were a visual treat. Unchartered tells the story of finding out the mysteries left by Ferdinand Magellan. It was believed that there were some treasures left behind and a lot devoted themself to finding them at any cost. Now it is up to Nathan Drake and Victor Sullivan to find the mysterious and valuable object lost years ago. However, what they have to overcome is not at all easy. They must even keep their life at stake to get involved too deeply.

Unlike Victor, Nathan was also on the journey to find his brother named Sam. He believes, that by unlocking the door to the valuable treasure he will thereby find his brother. In the end, they found Sam is dead he was shot while on the exploration of the treasure. The team consisting of Nathan, Victor, and Nate finally discovers the lost treasures of Magellan after reading the diary that Sam left. However, they were only able to take a small amount of the valuables back home. 

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Will There Be Uncharted 2?

There is a chance for the second part of Unchartered to be announced but it cannot be confirmed. Unchartered was developed from a video game that was based on a fictional story. This was adapted for a cinematic experience after fourteen years from the date of its official announcement. What gives a possibility for a second part is the video game itself. In 2009, the game was renovated with some updates. This could lead to a probability for the next part of the movie.

The first part itself was ended in such a way that felt uncompleted. There were some loopholes, especially at the time of confirming the death of Braddock. Like ways, they were not able to completely able to retrieve all the treasure. Instead all they got as some pieces of it after all these sacrifices. Therefore, a second part can be expected but the release dates can’t be confirmed at this moment. Moreover, Uncharted comes with a start cast on a bigger canvas so the availability of the busy artist will also be a concern.

SeasonsRelease Dates
Uncharted Release Date18 February 2022
Uncharted 2 Release DateNot Announced Yet
Uncharted 2 Release Date

Uncharted Cast

Will There Be Uncharted 2?

Tom Holland: Nathan Drake

Also known as the Spider-man Tom Holland is a British actor who also works in Hollywood. He became notable after acting in “The Impossible” movie followed by certain other movies. Tom was awarded the best youth actor, a rising actor, and many other awards. Unchartered is his most recently released movie.                     

Where to Watch Uncharted?

Uncharted was released as a theatre release but later sold the streaming rights to Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and HULU.

Uncharted Trailer

The official trailer of Uncharted was released on October 21, 2021. A two-minute forty-one-second video was released for the trailer. 

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