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Why Her Season 2 Release Date: Will Hwang In Youp Return Again As A Lead?

Why Her Season 2 Release Date
Why Her Season 2 Release Date

After the hit drama, True Beauty, Hwang In Youp quickly gained popularity and became a very popular artist overnight. At the age of 36, the artist played a lot of high school boy characters, but after a long wait, he finally got his first lead role in the drama Why Her, starring opposite Seo Hyun Jun, also known for her roles in Another Miss Oh, Dr Romantic, The Beauty Inside, and many more. It is a legal drama, with hints of melodrama, romance, thrills, and mystery alongside. Also known as Why Oh Soo Jae, it is directed by Park Soo Jin, created by Studio S (SBS) and Viu (production investment) together while written by Kim Ji Eun. 

The filing for the show was started in early 2021 but was hampered for a few weeks after its director was diagnosed with Covid-19 but did not get any better soon, the direction was taken up by the co-director. Director Park Soo Jin returned after making a full recovery and directed the rest of the show. The drama is elegant and sophisticated, compelling, astute, and witty from the first episode on. Even though it’s a romance drama, you’ll still enjoy it if you’re not watching it for the romance, as the romance in the series is horribly portrayed, but the thrill and mystery elements are incredibly satisfying.

The plot is primarily motivated by justice. Retaliation, mystery, murder, unsolved crimes, outsmarting your adversary, staying one step ahead, masterminding, scheming, and a very small amount of romance are all present. It is understandable why some people are cringing over it because it is not your typical boy meets girl and falls in romance.

The drama’s atmosphere smoothly transitions between mellow romantic scenes, intense fight scenes, and profoundly evocative atmospherics throughout, which is a testament to the drama’s excellent production quality. The Seojung University Law School campus, Hansoo Group Corporate Office, and TK Law Firm are just a few of the settings that are generally well rendered in the various arcs.

Overall, the performances by the entire cast are excellent. The majority of the soundtrack’s ballads were quite enjoyable, and these included Vincent by Sohyang (a cover of Don McLean’s original), I Will Love You by K. Will, Beautiful by DOKO, What About Us by Hajin, I’m Here by So Jung, and Where in the Fog by Ga Ho. 

The drama, on one hand, did a lot of good things, as we saw, but there are a lot of parts where it could have done better, like the character played by Hwang In Youp, could have done better, reducing the love triangle as it looked totally unnecessary for plot development, less time could have been given to the side stories that went around in the main plot. There were a lot of storylines that felt like they could have been ignored. The writer could have made the ending fierier and better. It felt a little disappointing.

But if you decide to ignore all these points, you might enjoy the series. And if you already have and are wondering about the release date of the next season, let’s find that out.

Why Her Season 2 Release Date

Why Her Season 2 Release Date
Why Her Season 2

It has been a month since season one of the show finished airing. Since then, there has been no news regarding it. The show has not been cancelled or renewed for season 2. Season one of the show began airing on SBS South Korean Television Cable on June 3, 2022, with 2 episodes every Friday and Saturday and concluded on July 23, 2022, with a total of 16 episodes, each lasting for about 70 minutes. 

The show had a rating of more than 8 on MyDramaList and is also quite popular on IMDb since it had fans’ favourite, Hwang In Youp, who played a lead role for the first time and not the second lead, who always ends up with heartbreak. Despite all this, the return of the show might be quite difficult since the majority of K-dramas enjoy only one season, wrapping the story then and there. Even shows like Vagabond and Scarlet Heart Ryeo, which had an open ending in season one, have not been announced for season two, so it seems very difficult for Why Her to return too.

Though there is no harm in keeping up the hope, if the drama gets purchased by Netflix, Disney Plus Hotstar, or any other big platform, the chances for renewal of season 2 might increase. Until then, we can only pray to see Hwang In Youp as another lead character.

Name of the ShowWhy Her
Season NumberSeason 2
GenreMystery, Legal Drama
Why Her Season 1 Release Date3 June 2022
Why Her Season 2 Release DateNot Announced Yet
Why Her Season 2 Overview

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Why Her Season 1 Story

Why Her Season 2 Release Date
Why Her Season 2

Season one of Why Her focuses on the revenge of Oh Soo Jae, who was lied to and betrayed by her trusted people seven years ago and was shattered to nothing. After sacrificing everything for her revenge, she now works at a top law firm, TK law firm. On her journey towards revenge, she meets new characters like Gong Chan, Choi Yoon Sang, and Choi Tae Kook, who is the antagonist of the story.

Why Her Season 2 Story

The exact story of the new season can not be predicted at this moment. There has been no official announcement regarding it by a producer or director, and we are still waiting for that update. If the series continues, we might not see the story pick up from where it left off in season one. Instead, we might see some new stories in the same sense with a few new characters and the lead old cast.

Why Her Season 2 Cast

Why Her Season 2 Release Date
Why Her Season 2

The new cast for season 2 of Why Her has not been announced yet. The previous season had – 

Oh Soo Jae is portrayed by Seo Hyun Jin

Oh Soo Jae, the female lead in the narrative is the firm’s youngest partner and a top attorney at TK Law Firm. Due to an unforeseen event seven years ago, she was fired from her position as an adjunct professor at a law school. While focusing only on success, she has become empty, but now she wants to get revenge for what happened to her at the law school.

To get to where she is now and exact the ultimate retribution on those who destroyed her life and are still destroying the lives of others, she had to sacrifice herself and her happiness.

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Gong Chan and Kim Dong Gu are portrayed by Hwang In Youp

Gong Chan, the story’s male protagonist, is a twenty-seven years old law student at the same institution where Oh Soo Jae attends classes. He has a kind heart and is incredibly innocent, but he is actually hiding a very painful past and a cruel fate under all that positivity and smile.

Choi Tae Kook is portrayed by Huh Joon Ho.

Another lead character, Choi Tae Kook, is the chairman of TK Law Firm, where Oh Soo Ji works. He does not have a very good personality and often does bad things out of desire. His character is very well portrayed, and you can’t help but hate him for real. 

Choi Yoon Sang is portrayed by Bae In Hyuk

The second lead of the show and the character that leaves us heartbroken at the end when the female lead doesn’t pick them is portrayed by Bae In Hyuk as Choi Yoon Sang, who is the second son of Choi Tae Kook, the antagonist of the story. He attends the same law school at Seojung University as our main characters and is a second-year student.

Ji Seung Hyun played Choi Joo Wan, the first son of Choi Tae Kook, along with Kim Seon Hyuk as Min Young Bae, Lee Joo Woo as Song Mi Rim, and Jeon Jin Ki as Ha Il Goo in the supporting cast at the TK law firm.

Kim Jae Hwa played Jo Kang Ja, Son Ji Hyun played Na Se Ryun, Kim Chang Wan played Baek Jin Gi, Kim Young Pil played Seo Joon Myeong, Lee Jin Hyuk played Nam Chun Poong, Ji Joo Yeon played Jeong Hee Yeong, and Kim Ji Hwi played Park Jo Gyo in the supporting cast at Seojung University Law School.

Why Her Season 2 Trailer

There is no trailer available for season 2 of Why Her yet. You can watch the season one trailer on SBS TV’s official YouTube channel. The trailer reveals the leading characters, Hwang In Youp and Seo Hyun Jin, fighting the law, darkness, and everyone that is portrayed in the series.

Where to Watch Why Her Season 2 Online?

Why Her Season 2 Release Date
Why Her Season 2

Why Her season one is available to stream on Viu and Viki for a global audience, on the same platform where season two is expected to be released. In South Korea, it was first released on the SBS TV cable channel and then it was made available on the Viki app for other audiences.

Thanks to Ghostwriter Deutschland for editing the text.

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