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AOT: Why Did Historia Get Pregnant?

Why Did Historia Get Pregnant?
Why Did Historia Get Pregnant?

Attack on Titan illustrated and written by Hajime Isayama is a Japanese manga series that is set in a world where humanity resides within cities surrounded by Three large walls that keep them protected from gigantic man-eating creatures who have humanoid shapes and are referred to as Titans. The plot focuses on Eren Yeager, who takes an oath to kill all the Titans after his mother is eaten by a Titan that brings forth the destruction of his village.

Attack on Titan is serialized in the monthly shonen manga magazine by Kodansha called Bessatsu Shonen Magazine from 2009 September to 2021 April. The series has collected exactly 34 tankobon volumes.

Why Did Historia Get Pregnant?

Historia’s reason for pregnancy starts with the plan put forth to make sure Zeke, passes to Historia, the power of the Beast Titan for the survival of Paradis. The Military Police of Paradis was in a hurry to make sure the plan is implemented as soon as possible and wanted to secure the titan’s power for Paradis and use it to fight against the other nations. Zeke himself had his own agenda for passing the power.

The Military police also wanted her to inherit the Beast Titan to make sure they are the ones who stay in power. Both of them wanted to use her for their own goals. This worried the people who loved and cared for Historia. The situation gets even worse when the fact that she only had 13 years after getting the titan power to expose things.

Although Historia agrees to the plan, Eren is opposed to this notion and it is later shown that she has become pregnant. If Historia is pregnant, she can’t inherit the power of the titan as her body will not be able to handle the pressure. This was done to ensure that she would have around 9 months to come up with another plan.

Attack On Titan Recap

Why Did Historia Get Pregnant?
Attack On Titan

Attack on Titan has Four seasons with the last one having two parts.

The first season introduces the story and its central characters. Eren, after his mother is killed by a Titan, begins to train as a soldier. He later discovers the power to transform into a Titan himself and along with the government is unable to put his power to proper use, new Titans make an appearance and threaten the lives of the citizens.

The second season focuses on the discovery of the treachery from within and the reel of the Survey Corps from the aftermath of the battle. The treachery leads them to make a discovery of the secrets of the Titans.

The third season follows the government hunting the Survey Corps because they are being pursued by the Military Police, who are corrupt, as they search for Historia, who is the true heir to the throne, and Eren. Towards the middle of the season, they defended Shiganshina when a siege is started by the Armoured, Colossal, and Beast Titans after which they discover the truth of humanity and the true origins of the Titans.

The Fourth and Final Season of the series shows the Marely, their oppressor and the Paradis soldiers go to battle to end the war against Marleyans and the Eldians. Eren on the other handsets out on the path of annihilation to destroy his enemies once and for all.

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Attack On Titan Characters

Why Did Historia Get Pregnant?
Attack On Titan

Eren Jaeger is the main protagonist of the series Attack on Titan. He used to be a part of the Scout Regiment. Eren is the only son of Grisha and Carla Jeager, who is the paternal younger half-brother of Zeke Jeager. Eren currently holds power to the Founding Titan, Attack Titan, and War Hammer Titan.

Mikasa Ackermann is one of the deuteragonists of Attack on Titan and Eren’s friend. She is the last living descendant of a Shogun clan that lived on Paradis Island, who are related to the Azumabito family and in Hizuru, hold a notable amount of political power.

Where to Watch Attack On Titan?

Attack on Titan can be streamed on Hulu, Crunchyroll, and Netflix.

Attack on Titan Trailer

Attack on Titan’s Final season trailer was released on December 21, 2021, on the official YouTube channel of AnimeHype.

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