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White Rabbit Project Season 2 Release Date: Are You Up For It?

White Rabbit Project Season 2 Release Date
White Rabbit Project Season 2 Release Date
White Rabbit Project Season 2 Release Date

The Netflix series “White Rabbit Project” premiered in December 2016. John Luscombe, Ryan Senter, and Martyn Ives, who work for Mythbusters production business Beyond Productions, are in charge of producing the program. The series’ trailer debuted in November 2016. A team studies subjects like “jailbreaks, superhero technologies, heists, and weird World War II weapons,” which they will study through experiments, builds, and testing, according to the official synopsis of the show. IMDb has given it 6.9 out of 10 ratings. Initially revealed, the program debuted at DragonCon 2016. It is inspired by science fiction. Here’s everything about White Rabbit Project Season 2 Release Date.

White Rabbit Project Season 2 Release Date

White Rabbit Project Season 2 Release Date
White Rabbit Project

Whether a new season would be released has not been officially announced by Netflix. According to some rumors, the current adventure series will once again have 10 episodes, and at some point this year, it will be accessible on Netflix on demand. However, according to other reports, it has been canceled and no further seasons will be broadcast.

However, according to other sources, the ongoing adventure series will once more consist of 10 episodes and be available on Netflix on demand. The first season will debut on December 3, 2021. Watch a live video introducing a new season of a Netflix original series. Near the time of the debut, an official teaser will be posted. There are speculations that the two seasons of the TV series can also introduce some new cast members. As the host, Tory Belleci will return.

Name of the ShowWhite Rabbit Project
Season NumberSeason 2
GenreInvestigation, Science
White Rabbit Project Season 1 Release Date3 December 2021
White Rabbit Project Season 2 Release DateNot Announced Yet
White Rabbit Project Season 2 Overview

White Rabbit Project Season 2 Story

The first season of Super Power Tech had 10 episodes, the first of which had the team testing the practicality of various superpowers like mind control and human flight. The second episode, “Jailbreak,” examines various jail breakouts, including as those by EI Chapo and Pascal Payet. Tory also imitates the escape of the Strelzyk and Wetzel families, who managed their escape from East Germany to West Germany in September 1979 using a homemade hot air balloon. The third episode, “Crazy WW2 Armaments,” features a discussion of bizarre World War 2 weapons, such as explosives strapped to bats and estrogen fed to Adolf Hitler.

Kari attempts to construct a jet propulsion platform to enable rapid airdrop of heavy weapons. The fourth episode, “Scam Artists,” features a discussion of some well-known con artists, including Victor Lustig, also known as the guy who sold the Eiffel Tower twice and the inventor of the Ponzi scheme. The crew discusses a number of well-known heists, including the burglary of the Hatton Garden Safe, in the fifth episode, “Heist.”

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The sixth episode is named “May G Force Be with You. The crew finds the most obnoxious technology here, including machine voice contact, in the seventh episode, which is titled “Tech We Love to Hate”, drones, recurrent stop lights in cities, perpetually broken printers, and the incessant nagging of overly sophisticated technology. The eight-episode is titled as Where’s My Husband, here the crew investigated some of the originally promised technologies. The ninth episode is titled, “Invented Before Its Time”.

The hosts look into potential forerunners of the smartphone, GIF, automobile navigation, portable music player, selfie stick, and streaming music services. The hosts examine the speed of RC cars, speed skiing, the fastest person, electric cars, speed skydiving, and more in the tenth episode, “Speed freaks.”

White Rabbit Project Season 2 Cast

White Rabbit Project Season 2 Release Date
White Rabbit Project

The production crew behind Mythbusters, a seasoned science entertainment series on Discovery Channel with an Emmy nomination, aims to debunk common myths. The White Rabbit Project examines the bizarre and unbelievable—yet very real—phenomena that occur in our immediate environment. It covers a wide range of topics, including superpower technologies, mad World War II weapons, jailbreaks, con artists, and so much more.

The MythBusters build team, which includes artists Kari Byron, Tory Belleci, and Grant Imahara, investigated historical, scientific, and popular culture events in the White Rabbit Project. Sadly, the popular anchor of Mythbusters, Grant Imahara passed away at the age of forty-nine from a brain aneurysm in 2021.

White Rabbit Project Season 2 Trailer

you can find the link to the White Rabbit Project trailer on top of this article.

Where To Watch white rabbit project Season 2 Online?

You can watch all the episodes of White Rabbit Project season one on Netflix.

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