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When To Expect Panhandle Season 2 Release Date?

Panhandle Season 2 Release Date
Panhandle Season 2 Release Date

A Spectrum original upcoming web series ‘Panhandle’ is set to premiere on Tv screens starting on 26 September 2022, the show will feature a duo of Luke Kirby and Tiana Okoye. Luke is playing the role of a detective called Bell Prescot who will uncover various mysteries about his wife’s murder. Written and directed by Nick Stoller and Carla Kettner, Panhandle is a drama, mystery, and comedy genre web series.

The show was announced in early May and the trailer was released on 12 September 2022. Panhandle is set in Florida and revolves around two of its main characters: Bell Prescot, an armchair detective, and Cammie Lorde, a traffic cop. Sony Pictures is one of the production companies of the show, Panhandle will release its first two episodes on 26th September 2022. There will be eight episodes with an average duration of 45 minutes each. Since season one is set to release on the 26th of September, we will here discuss the possible release date, storyline, characters, and trailer of season two, and also where to watch Panhandle season 2. To know more about Panhandle season 2, keep scrolling!

Panhandle season 2 release date

As of now, Spectrum Tv has still not made any announcement regarding the renewal or cancellation of the show’s second season. Unfortunately, we will have to wait for the creators to make an official release regarding the future of the show. As of now the first season of the show is set to release on 26 September, Spectrum will gather reviews from fans/critics to evaluate the possibilities of coming up with another season. The show will air with expectations of doing well just like ‘Mad About You revival’ and L.A.’s Finest, the shows on which Sony and Spectrum worked together earlier.

Name of the ShowPanhandle
Season NumberSeason 2
GenreComedy, Romance
Panhandle Season 1 Release Date26 September 2022
Panhandle Season 2 Release DateNot Announced Yet
Panhandle Season 2 Overview

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Panhandle season 2 story

Panhandle Season 2 Release Date
Panhandle season 1

The storyline for the second season of Panhandle is unknown since the show has not been renewed by the creators yet. Even if the show is renewed, we will have to wait another 5-6 months before we get to know anything about Panhandle season 2. In season we saw an armchair detective and a traffic police cop solving cases and facing various events closely related to the past. 

Panhandle Season 2 Cast

Since the show has still not been renewed by the creators, we have no solid information regarding the characters of Panhandle season 2. Here are the cast members who appeared in season one of the show: Luke Kirby as Bell Prescott, Tiana Okoye as Cammie Lorde, Lesley Ann Warren as Millicent Prescott, Glenn Morshower as Sheriff Grant, Melanie Minichino as Darby Hix, Wallace Smith as Dr. Otis Wright, Forrest Goodluck as Checotah, and Erin Ownbeyc as Arleen

Panhandle season 1 recap

Panhandle Season 2 Release Date
Panhandle season 2

The show Panhandle is set in Florida in the lives of two characters Bell and Cammie. Bell lost his wife 5 years ago and seeks to investigate the mysterious murder of Millicent Prescott, meanwhile, Cammie is a traffic police officer who is seen writing tickets for traffic lawbreakers and the money which is important for municipal funding. Bell also requests county sheriff Grant to advance the murder investigation of Millicent Prescott, while the sheriff acts lazy and assumes that it is an act of drug junkies.

Bell’s connection with Cammie starts when Cammie responds to the call of Bell which he made after finding his wife’s body. Cammie is a traffic police officer but due to the shortage in staff, she is handed the responsibility of going to Bell’s home. Frustrated Bells offers his investigation file from various cases to Cammie to pursue her to cooperate with him in uncovering the murder case of Millicent Prescott. The most interesting part of the show is its ability to mix up comedy, drama, and mystery in one single container.

Panhandle season 2 trailer

There have been no trailers or teasers released as we are waiting for creators to decide on the renewal of the show. The trailer for season one is currently available on YouTube, you can watch the trailer of Panhandle season one from an attachment provided on top of this article.

Where to watch Panhandle season 2 Online?

Upon its release, the show will be available on Spectrum Tv’s official site. But since the show doesn’t have any season two yet, you can binge onto the episodes of season one on Spectrum Tv’s official streaming website.

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