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We Are Who We Are Season 2 Release Date!

We Are Who We Are Season 2 Release Date
We Are Who We Are Season 2 Release Date

Fans are curious to know the story of Fraser and Caitlin further. So the discussion of the new season is talk among the fans. Being released in 2020, it has been a western fan favorite. We are the 2020 adult drama television miniseries co-created and directed by Luca Guadagnino for HBO and Sky Atlantic. Set in a fictitious US military base in Chioggia, Italy, the 2016 growth story follows two American 14-year-old teenagers, Fraser Wilson, and Caitlin “Harper” Pointless. The cast includes Chloe Sevigny, Jack Dylan Grazer, Alice Braga, Jordan Christine Simon, Spence Moore II, and Scott Meskdi.

 We Are Who We Are Season 2 Release Date

We Are Who We Are Season 2 Release Date
We are who we are

The early works of the series were announced by Luca Guadagnino, who was discussing it with HBO.  He said the series was of 8 episodes with a run time of 1 hour. The script was written by Paolo Giodano and Francesca Manieri. Later the executive producers were appointed.

The initial set was decided to the US Army Complex in Vicenza. Later The pentagon withdrew all the permission to film and the hope of making the series was lost. But, A set was built by HBO for the further direction of the series.

The series premiered on September 14, 2020, with its first-ever episode. The series ended with its final episode for the season on November 2, 2020. From then the fans were curious about the new season. There has been nothing notified or announced officially about We Are Who We Are season 2. It is mostly likely a new season will not be released till January of 2022. We Are Who We Are Season 2 isn’t cancelled but put on hold and will be announced later for the new season.

SeasonsRelease Dates
We Are Who We Are Season 1 Release Date14 September 2020
We Are Who We Are Season 2 Release DateNot Announced Yet
We Are Who We Are Season 2 Release Date

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We Are Who We Are Season 2 Story

Two children who were American played the main role in this series. The main roles are named Sarah Wilson and Fraser Wilson. Both lived in Italy at a US military base. The series shows the impeccable combination of Friendships, complications, and love which mostly consume teenagers’ emotions and lives.  The series has done an immaculate job of depicting messy emotions, suffering, and pain. The series withhold the audience irrespective of place. The story could happen to anyone anywhere but in the series, it is set to take place in Italy

. It was the main reason that the series has gained popularity. The plotline was relatable to the new generation of teenagers as it talks about all the taboo topics of teenagers. Teenage is only depicted to be all fun and no responsibility but this has shown the raw emotions of being a teenager and living through it which became relatable and consumable content in the western world.

We Are Who We Are Season 2 Cast

We Are Who We Are Season 2 Release Date
We are who we are season 2

 The main cast consists of

  • Chole Sevigny – Sarah Wilson
  • Jack Dylan Grazer – Fraser Wilson
  • Alice Braga as Maggie Teixeira
  • Jordan Kristine Seamón – Caitlin Poythress / Harper
  • Spence Moore II – Danny Poythress
  • Scott Mescudi – Richard Poythress
  • Faith Alabi – Jenny Poythress
  • Francesca Scorsese – Britney Orton
  • Ben Taylor – Sam Pratchett
  • Corey Knight – Craig Pratchett
  • Tom Mercier – Jonathan Kritchevsky
  • Recurring cast consists
  • Beatrice Barichella – Valentina
  • Sebastiano Pigazzi – Enrico
  • Vittoria Bottin – Sole
  • Nicole Celpan – Giulia
  • Maria Teresa Cerantola – Teresa

Where to Watch We Are Who We Are Season 2?

The series was premiered at San Sebastian International Film Festival which was held on September 20, 2020.

The series was aired on different dates in different countries. The first premiere on TV was on HBO in the US on September 14, 2020. Later HBO advanced its broadcasting to Italy. In Italy, the first episode was aired in October 2020. In the UK, the collector has changed because of which the entire series was released on iPlayer through BBC Three on November 22, 2020.

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