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Walker Season 2 Episode 7 Release Date Updates!

Walker Season 2 Episode 7 Release Date
Walker Season 2 Episode 7 Release Date

In the last Episode August and Stella went on to Party and were totally lost in their own fun, meanwhile they forgot the responsibility they have. In the last episode we also witnessed the Walker brothers who solved a murder mystery. The episode was full of Drama as Micki was still heartbroken of Garrison’s death which happened infront of her own eyes.

Now Micki is back in the fields with Cordell and it would be interesting to watch Micki jumping back in the game. Walkers season to seems to be much better than the last season as we saw various option down in the initial episodes making the season much more interesting.

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Episode 5 was titled partners and third wheels. A new case of Mac lippey who was dead on the construction site seem to be disappeared from a very long time and cordell was the one who found this out now Micki who has been devastated from the death of Garrison is also involved in this case. While the case was being investigated there was a girl who just ran from the investigation scene now this is interesting as this still don’t know what the girl had to do with the Crime Scene and the death of Mach lippy.

Later in the investigation Mac’s son was also investigated along with his brother Remi as they were that one who informed codell about the disappearance. On the other hand there was a party that was being organised by Walker ranch, August and Stella. Who became so involved in the party that they just forgot about their work that had to be done. We also saw micki in a drammatical situation where she was going up with the death she saw.

Walker Season 2 Episode 7 Release Date

Coming back to the investigation Liam and Micki found out that the girl who ran from the Crime Scene was none other than Mac’s. Letter on the investigators kept an eye on the daughter and followed her everywhere she went they found out that she went into a house that was none other than for uncle Remy who was supposedly the killer. She also pointed a gun at her uncle and made him confess about the killing and he accepted that he was the killer of her father.

We also come to know that the Killing was done because of the illegal activities which were being restrained from Mac’s end and his uncle Remy was not able to do is deals. She let off go is uncle without killing him as Cordell made her understand that if she did so there won’t be any difference between her families bad deeds.

Walker Season 2 Episode 7 Release Date

Episode 7 off season 2 of walker will Air the next year the audience will have to wait for the next episode. Episode will release on 27th of January 2022. Interesting part about the episode 7 is that the show is being directed by Jensen Ackles. The title of episode 7 of walker season 2 is not yet announced.

Episode 7 will be released on Amazon Prime as well as YouTube TV. Just like the earlier episodes were aired.


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