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Use for My Talent Season 2 Release Date: Announced?

Use for My Talent Season 2 Release Date
Use for My Talent Season 2 Release Date

Television series of Chinese origin are famous for their romantic style of storytelling. Even though other genres are also in demand, they are not that widely successful in the Chinese subcontinent. However, this practice of accepting more kinds of dramatic series was changed after the release of “Use for My Talent”. The series was released on the ninth of May 2021 and had a long run on its premiere episode. Apart from the rest of the series, Use for My Talent used multiple genres in a mixed and efficient manner so that the romance is well connected with friendship business, and a combination of humor. For its different approach which they hadn’t ever seen much so far in the history of the Chinese drama industry, it got recognized and popular.

However, the series faced one negative drawback based on the people’s opinions. The series is not purely of Chinese origin but was inspired by a South Korean drama titled “Clean with Passion for Now”. As the drama gained appreciation, a Chinese adaptation was planned and implemented positively. Netflix came forward with an offer that they couldn’t hesitate and later joined hands with Mango TV to stream the show for a month. This was mainly because Mango Tv wanted the show to be aired thrice a week. But this was not expected by the production team of the drama. Release the series on alternative days required more funding, therefore, came to an end after telecasting twenty-four episodes.

Use for My Talent Season 2 Release Date

Use for My Talent Season 2 Release Date
Use for My Talent

It was unfortunate that Use of My Talent ended too soon than expected. The production team conveyed the sad news when the series was standing with a consistent rating and going high. It is reported that no one came forward backing the series and giving it yet another chance for a run. Netflix currently holds the baton of the broadcasting rights but is unsure whether they will move it forward or pass it to someone else. There are rumors regarding a second season to be streamed shortly as the discussions are still underway.

Therefore, the subject cannot be confirmed until an official declaration. If it happens, Cai Cong will be the best suitable person to handle the directing department as his works were impressive in the first edition. Moreover, Mango TV is also in search of a regular show for the time slot. If everything goes well, Use for My Talent will return to meet the demand of the fans.

SeasonsRelease Dates
Use for My Talent Season 1 Release Date9 May 2021
Use for My Talent Season 1 End Date1 June 2021
Use for My Talent Season 2 Release DateNot Announced Yet
Use for My Talent Season 2 Release Date

Use for My Talent Season 2 Story

The series is completely taken from the South Korean webtoon titled “Clean with Passion for Now” which was released in 2018. The Korean version was developed under the direction of Noh Jong Chan. It is the same background with only minute variations were implemented in its Chinese edition. Like most of the Chinese series present, Use for My Talent also flows through a romantic adventure including other genres. Two people with the same background and mentality are presented in the series.

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Both Gu Ren Qi and Shi Shuang had introverted personality traits. This was because of their family situations and was mostly unforced. They start to understand each other at work which gradually develops into a romantic relationship. The second season might expect a shift in their relationship which could be a massive one. It could create some disturbances to the fans, however; the humorous content may vanish the intensity of the blow.

Use for My Talent Season 2 Cast

Use for My Talent Season 2 Release Date
Use for My Talent

Jasper Liu: Gu Ren Qi

Jasper Liu plays Gu Ren Qi in the series Use for My Talent. He is also the lead guitarist of a Chinese band called Morning Call and also works as a model. After graduating from Dayeh University, he stepped into the film industry in the year 2009 through the series “Magic 18”.

Shen Yue: Shi Shuang Jiao

The 25-year-old Chinese actress was introduced through the series “Autumn Harvest Uprising”. She also sings for the OST band group and debuted as a singer in 2019. In addition, she was awarded for her acting and modeling contributions.

Use for My Talent Season 2 Trailer

Even though there are several fan-made trailers available on YouTube, there are no reports on the release dates of an official trailer.

Where to Watch Use for My Talents Season 2?

Netflix holds the contract to stream the show online. However, the terms had expired after the end of the first season. If they renew the show, the second season will be screened through Netflix.  

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