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Unfortunate Ploy Season 2 Release Date News!

Unfortunate Ploy Season 2 Release Date
Unfortunate Ploy Season 2 Release Date

Unfortunate Ploy is also known by the name Unlucky ploy is a Thai television drama with strong positive critics. It was appreciated for the unique presentation of the plot and the flow of the story. Apart from the story and direction, the actors were able to create a spark with the audience for the quality of the game was simply outstanding. The male, as well as the female lead, were expressive enough to compete with the South Korean version of the series. Tinna Simapaisal had made the script works look incredibly realistic and emotional. Apart from English, the series was dubbed into Portuguese, Spanish, Korean and so more.

Unfortunate Ploy was a Korean drama that was released in 2016. This was later decided to be remade in the Thai language as both the same countries share almost the same vibe. “Another Miss Oh” was developed by the popular director Song Hyun Wook was written by Park Hae Young. Both of them had success whenever they collaborated and had fans in Thailand as well. However, compared to other series, Unfortunate Ploy had a duration of just above an hour in most of the episodes. True CJ Creations produced the series and signed one year deal including Netflix as one of their prime partners. Moreover, the series was premiered on July 29, 2020, and lasted two months. 

Unfortunate Ploy Season 2 Release Date

Unfortunate Ploy Season 2 Release Date
Unfortunate Ploy

The first season after some setbacks due to the pandemic was released on July 29, 2020, and ended after the completion of sixteen episodes by September 17, 2020. True4TV was the authorized broadcasting partner of the show and had an agreement for two months. However, this was not the case before the Covid19 pandemic hit. Due to the high economic drop and speculations concerning the industry, this came up with some complications that restricted them in giving more slots for the episodes to be streamed. Nevertheless, it is believed that Netflix will take over the program as they were having an upsurge in the views for the show. This might not even be the fact for announcing the finale pretty early.

The reason behind this assumption is that the Korean version had also come to an end or is at a halt after eighteen episodes. Being an adaptation, the Thai version can only proceed to shot after the shoot of the South Korean version is resumed. For these reasons, the second season will be delayed furthermore beyond calculations. It is therefore uncertain whether a second season will come out or not. Even if Korea resumes the project and starts telecasting it by the end of 2022, it will anyway take around one year or more to, make a script based on that and release it in the Thai language. 

SeasonsRelease Dates
Unfortunate Ploy Season 1 Release Date29 July 2020
Unfortunate Ploy Season 1 End Date29 July 2020
Unfortunate Ploy Season 2 Release DateNot Announced Yet
Unfortunate Ploy Season 2 Release Date

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Unfortunate Ploy Season 2 Story

The triangular love story with some supernatural elements made Unfortunate Ploy one of the thriller series. A man named Naii encounters an unlikely situation that makes it hard for him to overcome. Naii who worked in the film industry could see the future. The incidents involving the ability to see through people are presented humorously. Most importantly the interpersonal conflict between two women named Ploy is the central theme of the series. Both of them were known to each other even from school time and had problems having the same name. From then till the same company they were placed it was a competition. Now it is trying to impress and be in a relationship with Naii. The romantic comedy-drama might see a break in their relationship. Naii may regret taking the wrong decision on selecting the wrong person therefore might go for the other ploy.

Unfortunate Ploy Season 2 Cast

Unfortunate Ploy Season 2 Release Date
Unfortunate Ploy

Yong Armchair: Naii

The forty-year-old actor started his career directly through a movie named “Oh! My Ghost Khun Pee Chuay”. After appearing in a supportive role he is currently playing the lead actor in movies and television dramas. “55:15 Never Too Late” released in 2021 is his recent work.

Green Ausadaporn Siriwattanakul: Ploy 1

Green was debuted through a Thai television show named “Academy Fantasia Season 5” in 2008. She had contributed to twenty-five movies and series combined. 

Unfortunate Ploy Season 2 Trailer

Trailers related to Unfortunate Ploy are not available on YouTube. On the contrary, the official trailer was released based on the original South Korean version of the series.

Where to Watch Unfortunate Ploy Season 2?

Currently, no online platforms had shown interest to telecast the series. All the episodes of the first season of Unfortunate Ploy are available on Netflix.

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