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Tribe Nine Episode 9 Release Date Updates

Tribe Nine Episode 9 Release Date
Tribe Nine Episode 9 Release Date

 Tribe Nine is a Japanese multimedia franchise Too Kyo Games, Kazutaka Kodaka, and Shuhei Yamaguchi based on the Sports genre. It was the video game that was released first followed by the animated television series. The video game was announced in February 2022 and launched by September 2021 making it a three-dimensional game. By the time they declared the animated television series which premiered its first episode on January 10, 2022. They have also given the audience a clue of a possible online cartoon but the date of its release has not yet been revealed.

The story takes place in 20XX, at Neo Tokyo where the youngsters were not happy with society and its norms. They decided to get stronger and mark their authority in the world which led to the development of various tribes. The tribes became extremist; as a result gang wars developed between tribes over time. Consequently, due to the bloodshed and a threat to society, the Neo Tokyo government urged to solve the conflicts between the tribes through Extreme Baseball [XB] a baseball game making it a law. The game was nicknamed `XB Law’. The idea went popular among youngsters and more tribes gave their breath and soul for the game. 

Tribe Nine Episode 9 Release Date

Tribe Nine
Tribe Nine

The 9th episode of Tribe nine is scheduled for March 7, 2022. The show can be viewed on Tokyo MX, BS11, TV Aichi, and Sun TV with Funimation being the official distributor. A total of 12 episodes are expected in the first season of which 3 episodes have been broadcasted to date. The next part will be released on January 31, 2022, each episode being streamed every Monday’ at 10:30 Pm JST and 7:00 pm IST. The show was premiered on January 10, 2022. The show is streaming on Funimation for users outside Asia while Medialink gets the how-to people in Southeast Asia, South Asia, and Oceania.

Tribe Nine Episode 3 Recap

The third episode of Tribe Nine with the title “A Reak Enemy” was telecasted on January 24, 2022, by 10:30 Pm JST. Haru Shirokane and Taiga were rescued by Shun who belonged to a group of lawbreakers called the Minato tribe in the previous episode. The members of the Otori family who aspires to conquer the very tribe of the country visit the Minato tribe headed by Shun. Shun who was willing to fight things out was challenged by Otori who was also known by the name `Chiyoda’ to play baseball with them because of the law and Shun accepted to play on the spot. He even knew that the game wouldn’t be easy but his pride didn’t allow him to put down the challenge.

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Chiyoda who was extremely skilled showed his class in the ground by dismissing Micchan, Haru, and Taiga. Chiyoda by cheating on the game manages to defeat the Minato tribe and asked to terminate the team. The members of the tribe get extremely disappointed but shun comes forward and encourages them. On the other hand, the palace of the Otori family receives the news and gets delighted.      

Tribe Nine Characters

Tribe Nine
Tribe Nine

Shun Kamiya

Shun Kamiya is the leader of the Minato tribe and considers to be the strongest member in the country. He is addicted to coffee and finds pleasure in giving fancy nicknames to people. Using the beam bat effectively is one of his specialties and he has the spirit to fight back in any situation.

Saori Arisugawa

Saori is the member who coordinates all the members together. Her compassion and moral standards make her the most loyal and passionate member of the tribe. Her ability to catch fastballs makes her an excellent fielder.


Taiga was an enemy to the Minato tribe and Shun but his aggressive nature makes him join the tribe. Even though he is not familiar with all the rules of the game his fighting spirit makes him a better competitor. Hiss elf confidence and attitude to get into things make him a stand-out presence.

Haru Shirokane  

Shun identified his true potential even though other tribe members abused Haru continuously, he protected and save him consequently joining the Minato tribe.          

Santaro Mita

Santa is another member of the Minato tribe who is very helpful to people. Due to the attitude and certain behaviors he possesses, Saori often corrects him but whatever happens, he still lives the life of his likes.

Kazuki Aoyama

Kazuki could be considered as the coach of the tribe due to his outstanding vision, tactics, and knowledge. But his indent behind joining the Minato tribe is unknown.

Manami Daimon

Manami is the foodie of the tribe and owns a restaurant. He is often calm, cool, and composed but one lost his temper could turn unpredictable.

Tribe Nine Trailer 

The official trailer of Tribe Nine was released on September 30, 2022. The trailer describes the plot of the series. All the characters are introduced from which their skills and talents are mentioned. The anime is currently streaming in Tokyo MX, BS11, TV Aichi, and SUN every Monday’ at 10:30 JST

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