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Tribe Nine Episode 5 Release Date Updates

Tribe Nine Episode 5 Release Date
Tribe Nine Episode 5 Release Date

Tribe Nine is a Japanese Multimedia Franchise that was created by Kazutaka Kodaka. It consists of a video game developed by Too Kyo Games which is produced by Akatsuki and also an anime television series by Liden Films. This series premiered on January 2022.

The synopsis of the show portrays Haru Shirogane. Who is a confident and introverted individual? Due to this, he gets constantly bullied. On the other hand, Taiga has traveled from overseas with the ambition of becoming the strongest warrior in the world. Taiga and Haru Shirogane meet Shun Kamiya at night on one particular day. Shun Kamiya is the strongest Extreme Baseball (XB) player and also the leader of the Minato Tribe. The tribes scattered throughout the area of Neo-Tokyo are about to face a huge threat as these people meet up.

This is because the King of Neo-Tokyo named Houtenshin who is a member of the Chiyoda Tribe has given orders to Ojito Otorio, a mysterious person. Together they have started to take control of the entire country and soon their clutches will teach Minato Tribe.

Tribe Nine Episode 5 Release Date

The fifth episode of the animated Tribe Nine series is set to be released on Monday, February 07, 2022. The release time is set to be 2:30 pm IST and 10:30 am JST. The episode can be streamed online from Aniplus and Funimation. The people living in the UK can watch it from Bilibili Global and Wakanim (DE). This platform offers anime with original Japanese dub and English subtitles. This is a series of 12 episodes and each episode will be released on Monday. To date, only 2 episodes of the series have been released. Episode 3 is set to be premiered on January 24, 2022. Episode 4 is set to be released on January 31, 2022.

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Tribe Nine Episode 2 Story

Tribe Nine Episode 5 Release Date
Tribe Nine

In the previous episode, Extreme Baseball Tournament begins. A youth group is seen to join forces in Neo-Tokyo to make their place known in the world. Due to their lack of loyalty, fierce conflicts occur in the tribes they form. After realizing that their people are threatened, the Neo-Tokyo government announces a tournament called Extreme Baseball Tournament in order to resolve conflicts. It is also revealed that they call it an XB law. The young poured their hearts into the Extreme Baseball Tournament once they released that their pride is in the line.

The two tribes start to clash at the tower as the Extreme Baseball Tournament begins to trend worldwide. After hitting a home run, a white-haired punk dominated the game and they begin to show their powers. A red-haired boy challenges the white-haired boy to beat him up in order to expose him. The white-haired punk smiles and realizes that Extreme Baseball is not for everyone. They waited for the next tribe to challenge them as they won the match. When the morning comes, a big-toothed weirdo realizes that he has to escape as he was cornered with Haru. They are reminded by the punk about what happens in such situations.

Big-toothed weirdo planned to pretend to toss his wallet towards Haru as they would try to escape.  But Haru believed that Yashuhiro had fooled him and escaped after he was pushed. Haru is teased by the punks that his friends have betrayed him and let him go as he was behaving well with them. Soon a guy arrives and punishes the punks. This was because they made him wake up and he was hungry. He exchanges punch with them and realized that they would have been smashed in a single blow if he wasn’t hungry. While on the other hand, Mitcham soon realized that a tribe is getting benefitted by using tons of XB gear to their advantage. And he teams up with other punks to defeat the top-ranked team in the Extreme Baseball Tournament, the Minato Tribe. This was because their team had Shun Kamiya.

Tribe Nine Trailer

The official trailer for Tribe Nine was released in the month of September 2021 and it revealed crucial details about the plot. It comprised of the theme song ‘Maxim’ and focused on showcasing its various characters and theme of the story. It portrays the story of 23 tribes locked in the territory of Neo-Tokyo which are in conflict with one another. Their victory other defeat over one another is decided by Extreme Baseball Tournament.

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