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Tribe Nine Episode 10 Release Date Updates!

Tribe Nine Episode 10 Release Date
Tribe Nine Episode 10 Release Date

 Tribe nine is a sports genre Japanese media mix work developed by Kazutaka Kodaka, which includes a video game developed by Too Kyo games and published by Akatsuki, an anime series by Liden films, and a webtoon of the same announced in September 2021. The video game was first announced in February 2020, and soon after 2 days, the trailer was first released. Later, it was revealed that the video game will be a 3D action role-playing game for smartphones. Tribe Nine anime series was first premiered on January 10 2022 and is currently ongoing, the series is directed by Yu Aoki, and written by Michiko Yokote. With only 12 episodes in season 1 of the series, it is expected to run until March 28, 2022.

Tribe Nine Episode 1 Story

Tribe Nine
Tribe Nine

The series begins when in the year 20XX the conflict between different tribes starts to intensify and the dissatisfied youths from their tribes turn violent and rampant across the streets of Neo Tokyo. The government of Neo-Tokyo imposed XB law, in which primarily all the conflicts are to be settled through a baseball game. “Haru” who is weak and always bullied, and “Taiga”, who aims to be the strongest, comes from the different side of the sea, the two boys then come across the leader of the Minato tribe, “Shun Kamiya”, at a certain evening, who is also the strongest baseball player, soon these three joins together to play the game of XB. Other players such as Santaro Mita, Manami Daimon, Kazuki Aoyama, Tenshin Otori also come up to join them and compete together. At the same time, a threat was also lurking in the shadows and was soon about to strangle the Minato tribe within itself too.

 Tribe Nine Episode 10 Release Date

 Tribe nine episode 10 is expected to release on March 14, 2022. Currently, 3 episodes of the series have been aired, Episode 1 titled “it takes guts” released on 10th of January 2022, Episode 2 titled “The destroyer” released on January 17, 2022, and Episode 3 titled “A real enemy”, released on January 24, 2022. With other episodes to air soon, Episode 4 releasing on 31 January 2022, Episode 5 on 7 February, Episode 6 on 16 February, Episode 7 on 21 February, Episode 8 on February 28, Episode 9 on March 7, Episode 11 on March 21 with Episode 12 airing on March 28, 2022. The series air every Monday at 10:30 PM JST, on its original networks- Tokyo MX, BS II, TV Aichi, SUN.

Tribe Nine Episode 1 Release Date10 January 2022
Tribe Nine Episode 2 Release Date17 January 2022
Tribe Nine Episode 3 Release Date24 January 2022
Tribe Nine Episode 4 Release Date31 January 2022
Tribe Nine Episode 5 Release Date7 February 2022
Tribe Nine Episode 6 Release Date16 February 2022
Tribe Nine Episode 7 Release Date21 February 2022
Tribe Nine Episode 8 Release Date28 February 2022
Tribe Nine Episode 9 Release Date7 March 2022
Tribe Nine Episode 10 Release Date14 March 2022

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 Tribe Nine Episode 10 Characters

Tribe nine episode 10 release date
Tribe Nine

 Minato Tribe

 Shun Kamiya, voiced by Akira Ishida(Japanese) Jacob Hopkins (English). Born on February 22nd. The founder and leader of the Minato tribe, and the reason why he is called the strongest. Shirokane Haru, voiced by Shun Horie (Japanese) Casey Mongillo (English). Born on the 20th of January, a timid and bullied boy. As he was bound by the thought that he was not good for anything, Kamiya saw his potential, of good eyesight and agility, saving his position in the Minato tribe. Taiga, voiced by Chiharu Sawashiro (Japanese) Phillip Sacramento (English). He was born on the 10th of October, to become the strongest man, he crosses over the sea and comes to Neo Tokyo, joining the Minato tribe with Hull. Saori Arisugawa, voiced by Mai Fuchigami (Japanese) Brittney Karbowski (English). Born on November 22nd, known as the deputy leader of the Minato tribe, an outstanding catcher who can catch Kamiya’s fastballs. Santaro Mita, voiced by Mutsumi Tamura (Japanese) Kevin Thelwell (English). Born on March 20th, claims to be Minato’s ace, but in reality, is Minato’s reserve pitcher. Daimon Manami, voiced by Fukushi Ochiai (Japanese) Brendan Blaber (English). With his soft personality and delicious food, he always supports his members. Kazuki Aoyama, voiced by Shoya Chiba, born on May 18th, is familiar with XB tactics and knows how to handle beam bats, bringing victory to Minato with his wisdom.

 Adachi Tribe

 Senju Hyakutaro, voiced by Kentaro Kumagai, born on November 23rd. Known as the ace pitcher and leader of Adachi Tribe. Rankichi Umeda, voiced by Toshiki Masuda. Born on August 19th. A deputy leader and a mood maker. He excels in riding a motorcycle. Tatsunuma Ryuto, voiced by Shunsuke Takeuchi. Born on April 8th. Among one of the deputy leaders.

 Ota Tribe

Sonoda Fuchou, voiced by Junta Terashima, was born on January 12th. The leader of the Ota Tribe is an extremely reluctant individual to be in sync with schedules, always pursuing chaos. Yukiya Enoki, voiced by Reina Kondo. Born on October 15th. In contrast with her cute appearance, she also is filled with an eccentric side. Kiyoshiro Haneda, voiced by Yukihiro Nozuyama, was born on December 17th. Always aiming for his life but with that, he is also filled with murderous intentions towards Sonoda. Saigo Roku, voiced by Kenichiro Matsuda, was born on the 9th of June. A large figure who can easily lift things, and is also proud of his ability to lift a car lightly. Kai Asahikawa, voiced by Gakuto Kajiwara, born on February 5th. The crazy guy among them all musicians.

 Tribe Nine Trailer

 The official trailer of Tribe Nine was released in September 2021, revealing the details of all the characters in the anime, the plot, and the baseball tournament taking place between different tribes.

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