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Transplant Season 2 Episode 8 Release Date News!

Transplant Season 2 Episode 8 Release Date
Transplant Season 2 Episode 8 Release Date

Transplant is a Canadian medical drama developed by Joseph Kay and was premiered on February 26, 2020. The television series was produced under NBC Universal International Studios along with Ball Media and Sphere Media Plus. It has already presented two seasons telecasting eighteen episodes to date. The transplant was also been nominated and won several Canadian screen awards in the year 2021. Despite the interruption caused during the covid19 pandemic outbreak, the show is currently running successfully full-fledged.

The story portrays Dr. Bashir Hamed who is also called Bash. He was a doctor in Syria and treated the patients during the civil war. When the war stood uncontrolled, Bash migrated to Canada as a Syrian refugee. However, he decided to continue his work there as a doctor by joining the York Memorial hospital in Toronto. As a new resident, he saw a bright future and decided to start an afresh career. On the contrary, his use of unorthodox treatment methods made him under scrutiny. Bash had to deal with professional as well as personal challenges from there on which caused him some traumatic conditions. Transplant pivots around his life and his working environment as he works hard to evolve as the best medical practitioner the hospital can get.

Transplant Season 2 Episode 8 Release Date      

The eighth episode of Transplant season eight is scheduled for its release on February 28, 2022. Transplant is telecasted in the CTV network every Monday at 10 pm EST. The first season of Transplant was premiered on February 26, 2020, revealing the plot of the television series. However, the second season was launched on January 3, 2022, after a year of break caused due to the Covid19 pandemic. The last episode of season 2 was telecasted on February 7, 2022, while the next part is all set to come out by 14 February 2022. Transplant season 2 is expected to have 13 episodes of which 5 have already been released. A wide range of popularity gained by the program might pave way for yet another season of the show.

Transplant Season 2 Episode 1 Release Date3 January 2022
Transplant Season 2 Episode 8 Release Date28 February 2022

Transplant Season 2 Story

Transplant Season 2 Episode 8 Release Date

The second season starts with Dr. Bashir Bash Hamed and Rania reuniting with whom they had a history with each other. On the other hand, rather than creating a positive impact, his life turns in another direction. The conflict that arises there comes capable to impact even his professional career and growth. After stepping down from the position of hospital head due to the conflict between him and Bash, Dr. Jed Bishop has retrieved back his position and returned to the hospital. At the same time, Bash also felt optimistic after seeing Amira Hamed and Rania getting together. 

It was then a patient named Neil who came in with serious injuries. The patient refused to answer correctly to Dr. Magalie Leblanc who was assigned for him. Moreover, he was seen as hyperactive and friendly with her but as the professionalism demanded she treated him like every other patient. Neil tried to harass her when she was bandaging him. The securities along with Bishop came in after the incident where Leblanc told them what happened. But shortly she understood about the tumor Neil had which made him act lunatic. In the meantime, Bash and Novak had to deal with Olivia and her son Owen. Owen had a low body temperature and had to undergo immediate treatment while his mother’s hand had to be amputated.

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Unfortunately, Olivia’s husband who was under treatment lost oxygen supplies to the brain and thereby reported brain dead. Communicating the news was quite uncomfortable for Bash but with hesitation, he managed to tell Olivia. Betwixt, Dr. Bishop learned that Novak was not treating Olivia and even asked him to step down from the case and assigned Leblanc on it. Later Bash heard from Theo that he and Melissa are breaking up. Bash and Rania decide to rethink the possible impact on their relationship once they get together. At the same time, Bishop who has been reappointed as the head of the hospital faces some barriers in resuming the way how he was before.      

Transplant Season 2 Cast

Transplant Season 2 Episode 8 Release Date

Hamza Haq: Dr. Bashir Hamed

Bashir Bash Hamed usually called Bash is presently a Canadian doctor who is also a Syrian refugee. He had worked in the hospital during wartime and practiced some unconventional methods of treatment. However, his experience and passion make him the best doctor in the hospital.

Laurence Leboeuf: Dr.Magalie Leblanc

Leblanc is a colleague of Dr. Bash and yet another passionate doctor. She works as an Emergency medicine resident in addition is a passionate practitioner. The workaholic resident tries her level best before retrieving from any job given to her.

John Hannah: Dr. Jed Bishop

Dr. Bishop is the chief of emergency medicine at York Memorial Hospital, Toronto. He strongly believes in the skills of people and even tests them to make sure they are the best he can find.

Transplant Season 2 Trailer     

The official trailer of Transplant season 2 was released on December 10, 2021. The show is currently telecasted on the CTV network at 10 pm EST and 8:30 am IST every Monday. The show can be also be streamed on Amazon Prime Video, Youtube TV, and Hulu. While NBC is all set to telecast the second season, TVNZ will screen the show around New Zealand.

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