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Touboui F Episode 7 Release Date And Spoilers!

Touboui F is a Japanese adventurous mystery thriller which was premiered on January 15, 2022. The medical suspense drama is written by Fukuhara Mistunori under the direction of Toya Sato and Otani Taro. Touboui F is also known by the name ‘Fugitive Doctor F’. The television drama is adapted from the Japanese manga by Ito Keigo and Sato Makoto. It is developed by Fujimura Naoto and Honda Shigekatsu in which Ogino Tetsuhiro managed the works.

The story is about a doctor named Fujiki Keisuke and some unfortunate events that happen in his life. Keisuke is a generous and empathetic neurosurgeon who never hesitates to help people who needed him. There was no one else in the hospital who performed surgeries as efficiently as Keisuke. His knowledge level was amazing he admired most of the people. But one fine day, the hospital heard shocking news on Keisuke. He was suspected of murdering his girlfriend and he is out in the wild. Keisuke tries to prove his innocence which leads to some situations.

Touboui F Episode 7 Release Date

Touboui F Episode 7 Release Date
Touboui F

The seventh episode of Touboui F is scheduled for its release on February 26, 2022. Touboui F also known by the name Fugitive Doctor F is telecasted every Saturday at 10:00 pm JST on the NTV network. The show was released on January 15, 2022; in addition, 10 episodes were announced for the first season.

However, five episodes are released to date, and five more remain for the completion of the season. While the previous episode was streamed on February 12, 2022, the next part will be out by 19 February 2022. The medical dram had already gained popularity due to the manga adaptation. Therefore, there is a probability of extension of the first season or announcing more seasons.

Touboui F Episode 1 Release DateJanuary 15, 2022
Touboui F Episode 2 Release DateJanuary 22, 2022
Touboui F Episode 3 Release DateJanuary 29, 2022
Touboui F Episode 4 Release DateFebruary 5, 2022
Touboui F Episode 5 Release DateFebruary 12, 2022
Touboui F Episode 7 Release DateFebruary 19, 2022
Touboui F Episode 7 Release DateFebruary 26, 2022

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Touboui F Episode 6 Recap

The most admired neurosurgeon Fujiki Keisuke is suspected of the murder of his girlfriend. It was his liability to prove his innocence, therefore decides to step away from Japan for a while. The police searched him everywhere but he manages to travel quickly from one place to another. However, Keisuke while on the fugitive comes across people who had serious health issues. Being a person with a helping mentality, he tries all he can to sort out their problems.      

Touboui F Episode 7 Cast

Touboui F Episode 7 Release Date

Narita Ryo: Fujiki Keisuke

Fujiki Keisuke in the television drama Touboui F is portrayed by the Japanese actor Narita Ryo. The 28-year-old actor is modeling for a fashion magazine named Men’s Non-no from 2013 to date. Ryo had debuted in the industry through a television series named ‘FLASHBACK’ in the year 2014. Until now he had completed almost 18 appearances as an actor. His most recent works include ‘Nigeru wa Haji da ga Yaku ni Tatsu’, ‘Ochoyan’, ‘Unsung Cinderella’, and so on.

Matsuoka Masahiro: Yagami Takuro

Yagami Takuro is played by the Japanese actor Matsuoka Masahiro in the TV drama Touboui F. Masahiro is a singer in the Japanese pop gang named ‘TOKIO’. He has also worked as a music composer and done works in Hissatsu Shigotonin in the year 2009. The 45-year-old actor had acted in more than 40 shows and was awarded the best actor award for his contribution in ‘Kaseifu no Mitazono’. He stepped into the industry in 1994 acting in the series named ‘Ari yo saraba’. His style and presence in the series considerably gave him more works. Masahiro also proved his skills as a singer which paved the way into ‘TOKIO’. 

Mori Nana: Sawai Mikako

Sawai Mikako in the television drama Touboui F is played by the Japanese actress Mori Nana. The 20-year-old actress was introduced into the film industry in the year 2017 through ‘The Anthem of Heart’. ‘Saki ni Umareta Dake no Boku‘ was her first television series which was in the year 2017. From then she had acted in 8 movies and 11 television series. Nana was awarded the best actress award for her contributions in the series ‘Kono Koi Atatamemasu ka’ in the 106th television drama academy awards. In addition, Mori Nana is a singer by profession who had developed music videos on ‘Natsu no Yuki’, Macaroni Enpitsu’s Seishun to Isshun, and Rihwa’s Michishirube.

Touboui F Trailer

The official trailer of Touboui F is unavailable on YouTube. However, the medical drama is telecasted on the NTV network every Saturday at 10:00 pm JST. It can also be streamed online on Hulu after the show is aired on television.

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