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Tonari No Chikara Episode 4 Release Date Updates

Tonari No Chikara Episode 4 Release Date
Tonari No Chikara Episode 4 Release Date

Tonari No Chikara is a Japanese television drama that premiered on January 20, 2022. The humorous television family series was written and directed by Yukawa Kazuhiko. It is also known by the name The Chikara Next Door or The Strength Next Door. 

The story is about an empathetic man named Nakagoshi Chikara. He resides in a small apartment in Tokyo city along with his wife and two children. He writes novels for some famous people and celebrities however he introduces himself to others as a novelist. Most of the time he maintains a busy schedule related to his work as well as his household. Despite being a half-hearted person, Chikara is empathetic and even runs to other people who require help. On the other hand, he refuses to act as doubt and fear mutually takes him over at situations.

Tonari No Chikara Episode 4 Release Date     

Tonari No Chikara Episode 4 Release Date
Tonari no Chikara

The fourth episode of Tonari No Chikara is scheduled for its release on February 17, 2022. It can be streamed on TV Asahi every Thursday at 9:00 pm JST. Tonari No Chikara was premiered on January 20, 2022, with a running time of 54 minutes. The previous episode of the show was aired on February 10, 2022, while the next episode will be out by 17 February 2022. Out of the ten episodes declared in the first season, three of them have already been telecasted to date. 

Tonari No Chikara Episode 1 Release Date20 January 2022
Tonari No Chikara Episode 4 Release Date17 February 2022

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Tonari No Chikara Season 1 Story

Chikara Nakagoshi is a novelist who lives in the city of Tokyo with his family. Even though he introduces himself as a novelist, he works for infamous people and earns a handsome amount of money. However, Chikara never hesitates to help someone who requires help. Those who come into him as needy are treated to find a solution. Consequently, his empathetic attitude creates some problems which he has to matter the most.  

Tonari No Chikara Season 1 Cast

Tonari No Chikara Episode 4 Release Date
Tonari No Chikara

Matsumoto Jun: Nakagoshi Chikara

Nakagoshi Chikara in Tonari No Chikara is played by the Japanese actor Matsumoto Jun. Jun had completed his secondary education at Horikoshi High School. The 38-year-old actor had his debut in the year 1997 through a television show named “Bokura no Yuuki”. Later in 1998, Jun acted in Shinjuku Boy Detectives as a debutant in the film industry. He had more than 20 appearances in TV series as well as in movies on which “99.9 2021 SP” was the last series he acted on. Jun had been awarded the best actor’s award seven times throughout his career.  

Ueto Aya: Nakagoshi Akari

Nakagoshi Akari in the television drama is portrayed by the Japanese actress Ueto Aya. The 36-year-old actress made her debut in 1999 through the movie “Murderer Killer of Paraiso”. Namida wo Fuite was her first television series which came out in the year 2000. The experienced actress had acted in more than 30 television shows which Hanzawa Naoki 2 being the latest one released. Ueto was awarded the Rookie of the year prize multiple times in addition to the award for the best-supporting actress. 

Ozawa Yukiyoshi: Kitsugi Manabu

Kitsugi Manabu is portrayed by Ozawa Yukiyoshi in Tonari no Chikara. The 47-year-old actor had his debut in the year 2002 and already acted in more than 20 television shows. Ozawa got his first role in the film industry in the year 2004 through the movie “The Hidden Blade”. “Papa ga Moichido Koi wo Shita” was his previous work which was released in 2020.

Kamata Erena: Nakagoshi Airi

Nakagoshi Airi in Tonari no Chikara is portrayed by the Japanese actress Kamata Erena. The 12-year-old actress is working as a model for a children’s magazine since 2020. She started her film career through “Snow on the Blades” which was released in the year 2014. Erena has acted in 15 television series in which the final one being “Omohide Poroporo” which is currently streaming on the NHK network.   

Tonari no Chikara Season 1 Trailer 

The official trailer of Tonari no Chikara is currently unavailable on Youtube. However, the show is telecasted every Thursday at 9:00 pm JST on TV Asahi. There is no information regarding its broadcasting outside Japan but the success of the show is determined by providing further distribution rights. There are unofficial reports regarding the declaration for the second season yet we wait for confirmation from the production team.

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