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The Tourist Episode 4 Release Date and cast

The Tourist Episode 4 Release Date

The Tourist is a 2022 mini-series that airs on BBC One for UK fans and HBO Max for US fans. This show tells us about the story of a man who is followed by a huge tank truck while driving and he tries to escape to his best until he meets an accident and blacks out. Later he wakes up in a hospital with no memories of his identity or who he actually is, what happened to him. He finds out he is admitted to a hospital in Australia. The show revolves around him trying to fight his amnesia and find out who he actually is and traceback his old life while also wondering who was trying to chase and kill him before the accident happened. This show is directed by Chris Sweeney and is written by Harry and Jack Williams.

The Tourist Episode 4 Release Date

The Tourist Episode 4 Release Date is the 16th of January 2022. So far two episodes have been released for The Tourist. The first episode was aired on the 1st of January 2022 which was a Saturday at 9 p.m followed by the second episode the very next day on the 2nd of January 2022. The tourist is supposed to have 6 episodes in total and each episode will be aired every Sunday. There is some good news for the fans who do not wish to wait for every Sunday to watch all six episodes. All the six episodes for The Tourist have been released on BBC’s Iplayer and can be seen after taking the subscription for the same. 

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The Tourist Episode 3 Recap

The Tourist Episode 4 Release Date

So far see that the man is trying to find out about his new identity and is helped on this path by a man named Lucy and his girlfriend Helen. While the man is on his way to discover more about his past he is constantly faced with danger from the people in his past who is trying to get hold of his life. He tries his best to escape from their clutches even though he has no idea about what those men are chasing him for and what he is responsible for. 

So far the fans have loved the show and the good thing is this mini-series is not just popular among the audience but the critics have also appreciated this show which would make Jamie Dornan’s career much stronger with a critically acclaimed show under his hat. The actor stated that he accepted this role because of the complications and edgy storyline of the show which is much more complex than any of the works the actor has done so far. 

The Tourist Episode 4 Cast

Jamie Dornan 

The Tourist Episode 4 Release Date

Jamie Dornan plays the lead role of the man whose name and whereabouts are known because of the amnesia he is suffering from. Jamie Dornan is well known for the portrayal of Christian Grey in the adult movie trilogy of the Fifty Shades series. He has starred in all three movies Fifty Shades Of Grey, Fifty Shades Darker and Fifty Shades Freed inspired by novels of the same name.

His current show The Tourist is very different in its genre compared to the other movies he has starred in so far. Many are confidently saying The Tourist might be the best work of his career so far. 

Danielle Macdonald 

Danielle Macdonald plays the role of the Australian police officer who is helping the man in trying to find out his true identity and his past. Danielle Macdonald has starred in multiple Netflix movies and series. She starred in a series called Unbelievable and she is also seen in movies Bird Box and Patti Cakes. 

Shalom Brune 

Shalom Brune plays the role of a waitress in Australia who comes across the man and promises to help him discover who he is. Though, this waitress named Lucy is completely unaware of the trouble she is inviting into her life as this man has people chasing after his life that puts Lucy in danger and risk of losing her life as well because of trying to help him.

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