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The Salisbury Poisoning Season 2 Release Date

The Salisbury Poisoning Season 2 Release Date
The Salisbury Poisoning Season 2 Release Date

The Salisbury Poisonings is a television drama that is based on the 2018 Novichok poisonings and decontaminations that took place in England’s Salisbury and the following Amesbury poisonings. The show has a cast of Anne-Marie Duff, Annabel Scholey, and Rafe Spall. The series was aired on BBC One in June 2020, being broken up into three parts and in some other places being aired as four parts.

The Salisbury Poisoning Season 2 Release Date

The series is based on a real-life incident that is fully covered by the first season, so it is unlikely for a second season to be announced.

SeasonsRelease Dates
The Salisbury Poisoning Season 1 Release Date14 June 2020
The Salisbury Poisoning Season 1 End Date16 June 2020
The Salisbury Poisoning Season 2 Release DateNot Announced Yet
The Salisbury Poisoning Season 2 Release Date

The Salisbury Poisoning Season 1 Recap

The Salisbury Poisoning Season 2 Release Date
The Salisbury Poisonings

The series starts with a pair of father and daughter found half-unconscious on a bench found outside the Maltings shopping center. At first glance, it seems to be an overdose but taking into account the statement of the policewomen on the scene the whole thing seemed weird. As an ambulance arrives, the duo vomit and she calls CID. Nick Bailey a detective sergeant arrives and quickly agrees that the pair were unlikely to have been taking drugs. However, as they dig into it more, with the help of the ID in the father’s wallet, they find out that the man is actually a part of the spy swap deal between the UK and Russia eight years ago.

The government takes a full action to find out what has transpired. Tracy Daszkiewicz, the director of public health for Wiltshire is informed of the issue and the case goes up the ladder to become one of the top priorities. The pair were also moved from a normal hospital to Porton Down where tests were run to find the unidentifiable toxin that was destroying them.

Their toxin is found to be man-made or synthetic, unlike COVID-19 which is biological however the containment strategies, tracking, and tracing are almost identical.  However, despite this, the speed and efficiency at which they spread are completely different. The higher authorities quickly work to cease the chaos and limit the suffering as much as possible.

Back in Salisbury, Dawn Sturgess is finding it difficult to control her alcohol intake, while her mother is looking after her daughter Grace. It was her partner and daughter who were victims of the murder attempt, done using Novichok. Bailey on the other hand is also poisoned during his search in the pair’s home, despite being fully covered by a bodysuit and other guards. Ross Cassidy is a friend of the duo who tells the counter-terrorist that Sergei was in constant fear that Putin would kill him at any moment.

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The Salisbury Poisoning Season 1 Cast

The Salisbury Poisoning Season 2 Release Date
The Salisbury Poisonings

Anne-Marie Duff

Anne-Marie Duff was born 1970 on 8 October 1970. She is an English actress who also works as a narrator. She is a well-renowned theatre actress and has been nominated for the prestigious Laurence Oliver Award. She has also received various awards for her works in both television and film works.

William Houston

William Houston was born in 1968 on 19 July. He is an English actor. He is known for his roles in The Odyssey as Anticlus, The Gambler as Pasha, North and South as Boucher, Puffball as Tucker, Elizabeth: The Golden Age as Don Guerau De Spes, Casualty 1907 as Dr. Milais Culpin, and Fifty Dead Men Walking as Ray.

Rafe Joseph Spall

Rafe Joseph Spall was born in 1983 on 10 March 1983. He is an English actor. Spall has acted in many films including The Ritual, Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, Anonymous, Prometheus, Life of Pi, The Big Short, The BFG,  Kidulthood , A Good Year, and One Day. Spall also played the role IN Pete versus life as Pete Griffiths and has also played several characters throughout the TV series The Shadow Line and Black Mirror. He has also made an appearance in the famous Men in Black spin-off film Men in Black: International.

Where to Watch The Salisbury Poisoning Season 2?

The Salisbury Poisoning can be streamed on Amazon Instant Video, iTunes, Vudu, and Google Play.

The Salisbury Poisoning Season 1 Trailer

The official trailer for The Salisbury Poisoning was released on the official YouTube channel of BBC One on May 31, 2020

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