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The Right Stuff Season 2 Release Date

The Right Stuff Season 2 Release Date
The Right Stuff Season 2 Release Date

The Right Stuff is an American television series that falls into the category of historical drama and takes its inspiration from the 1979 book written by Tom Wolfe which was based on the early days of the US space program along with the 1983 film that was aired on October 9, 2020. The series focuses on the origins and growth of the US space program. On 3 April 2021, the producers of the show Disney+ canceled it because of the redesign of the Natural Geographics channel focus. The financial supporter of the series Warner Bros. Television is looking to shop the series elsewhere.

The Right Stuff gained many different reviews across various websites. On the website of Rotten Tomatoes, the series gained a rating of 55% which was taken from 31 reviews receiving an average rating of 7.21/10. On another website Metacritic, the series gained an average score of 61 for a maximum of 100 which was taken from 22 reviews which concluded with the series having favorable reviews.

The Right Stuff Season 2 Release Date

The series is a Mercury 7 period drama which a cast of Jake McDorman and Patrick J. Adams which originated from National Geographic before re-launching in Disney+ as its original series in October 2020. The Right Stuff, which was Natural Geographic’s first original scripted series for Disney+, seemed to have a lackluster performance for a series under Disney+’s production, which did not break into the Top 10 streaming ratings of Nielsen. It was Disney+’s second drama which was originally produced, coming after The Mandalorian. The series was provided with a high-end script series with an SVOD platform feature and launched during the time of the COVID 19 pandemic which majorly affected its popularity.

As of now, there has been no official announcement regarding a new season or the cancellation of the series altogether, however, there have been talks about other production houses looking to buy the rights to the series.

SeasonsRelease Dates
The Right Stuff Season 1 Release Date9 October 2020
The Right Stuff Season 2 Release DateNot Announced Yet
The Right Stuff Season 2 Release Date

The Right Stuff Season 1 Recap

The Right Stuff Season 2 Release Date
The Right Stuff

The Right Stuff shows its take on America’s first-ever reality show and its original Mercury 7 astronauts who are about to embark on mankind’s biggest step towards the future. The series shows the astronauts and their families as they become celebrities known worldwide because a mission is most probably a kill them or make them figures that would be remembered forever. The eight-episode series lasted an hour each and followed the characters from the Mojave Desert all the way to the ends of space and possibly going on to show mankind’s greatest achievement, landing on the moon. The story revolves around the two main protagonists Major John Glenn who is a revered test pilot and a committed family man with strong virtues, and Lieutenant Commander Alan Shepard is known to be one of the best test pilots in the history of the US Navy.

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The Right Stuff Season 1 Cast

The Right Stuff Season 2 Release Date
The Right Stuff

John Allen McDorman IV

John Allen McDorman IV was born on 1986 July 8. He is an American actor. On television he is known for his works in the CBS comedy-drama Limitless, the sitcoms Are You There, Chelsea? As the male lead and Manhattan Love Story. He is famously known for his regular role in the comedy-drama Greek which was produced by ABC Family, the CBS revival of the sitcom Murphy Brown and The Right Stuff which was a Disney+ historical drama where he played the role of Alan Shepard.

Patrick Johannes Adams

Patrick Johannes Adams was born 1981 August 27. He is a Canadian actor. He is famously known for his acting as Mike Ross who is a college dropout who managed to become an unlicensed lawyer in the ever famous USA Network series Suits. Admas, for his role as Mike Ross, was nominated for the Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Drama Series at the 18th Screen Actors Guild Awards.

Colin Arthur O’Donoghue

Colin Arthur O’Donoghue was born in 1981, on 26 January. He is an Irish actor who also works as a musician and is best known for portraying Captain Killian “Hook” Jones on Once Upon a Time, a television show.

Where to Watch The Right Stuff Season 1?

The Right Stuff can be streamed on Disney+ its official release website.

The Right Stuff Trailer

The official trailer for The Right Stuff was released on August 20, 2020, on the official YouTube channel of National Geographic

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