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The One And Only Episode 6 Release Date revealed!

The One And Only Episode 6 Release Date

The One And Only is a South Korean drama released in 2021 is directed by Oh Hyun Jong. The genre of the drama is romance and melodrama. The drama unravels the story of a woman named Pyo In-Sook who has been raised by her grandmother ever since her parents abandoned and left her. She has learned to cope with the difficulties of life from a very young age due to financial struggles and making ends meet. She works at a public bathhouse where her job includes cleansing the bodies of customers. On her visit to a doctor, it is revealed that she is suffering from a terminal illness that will not allow her to live for a long time.

 She is moved to a hospice where she comes across two women, Seong Mi Do who is a social media influencer and popular, and Kang Se Yeon who is a simple and naive housewife. All three of the women decide to murder one of the persons in their lives who have caused them deep resentment and sorrow. When these three women continue growing closer to each other, the anger in their hearts seems to subside down. Meanwhile, Jong meets Min Woo Cheon who is a contract killer, and coming closer to her makes her rethink her life plans as she falls in love with him. 

The One And Only Episode 6 Release Date 

The One And Only Episode 6 Release Date

Episode 6 for The One And Only will air on the 4th of January, 2022 at 7:30 p.m.  This show is to have 16 episodes in total while 4 episodes have been released so far. The first episode aired on 21st December 2021 and each of the episodes is of a duration of 1 hour. The show is a creation of the JTBC network which is one of the most renowned and famous networks of Korean Television and most of the celebrities and idols seem to star in dramas created by the JTBC network. One of the interesting things at present is the fact that two of the most female Korean Pop idols are appearing at the same time through the JTBC network! Korean Pop idol Joy from Red Velvet is starring in JTBC drama The One And Only while Jisso from the Korean Pop group Blackpink is starring in JTBC drama Snowdrop at the same time! 

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The One And Only Recap

The One And Only in its new episode 6 can be expected to focus on the love interest of Hyun Jong and how she meets this secretive contract killer while living in the hospice. Meanwhile, the other two women and their journeys and struggles too seem to unravel and come to light with each episode. In the first 4 episodes, we see tremendous character growth of all three women.

Hyun Jong was revealed to us as someone who never showcases her emotions irrespective of what the situation may be. She always maintained her cold, emotionless behavior towards everyone and everything. That seems to have changed once she comes to open up with the two women. She is ready to talk about her past traumas and the hurt they caused her which is the first time in her life that she voluntarily shares her feelings with anyone. 

The One And Only Cast 

The One And Only Episode 6 Release Date

Ahn EunJin 

Ahn EunJin plays the role of Pyo Insook who has lived a life of sorrow and misery for a long time and her terminal illness further adds to her miseries but things seem different when she meets Min Woo who gives her hope for a beautiful life. 

Joy from Red Velvet 

The top girl group of Korean Pop, Red Velvet, and its vocalist Joy appear as the lead Seong Mi Do in The One And Only. She has previously starred in the drama Tempted which was a huge success for her acting career. She plays the role of a popular social media influencer who is forced to face death in just the peak years of life. Irrespective of what she portrays on social media, she is a lonely human deep down. 

Kang Ye Won 

Kang Ye Won has previously starred in the superhit drama Romance is a Bonus Book and plays the role of a meek housewife namely Kang Se Yeon who has been ill-treated and oppressed by her in-laws and husband. 

Kim Kyung Nam 

Kim Kyung Nam plays the role of Min WooCheon who has a dark past lurking around him while his job as a contract killer makes his life a gamble until he meets Pyo In sook who provides him with comfort and peace that he has never experienced before. 

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