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The Many Faces Of Ito Season 2 Release Date: Everything We Know

The Many Faces Of Ito Season 2 Release Date
The Many Faces Of Ito Season 2 Release Date

In the romantic comedy The many faces of Ito, a jaded screenwriter in her 30s mines the stories of four love-struck ladies while pretending to provide them advice on finding love. It features actors including Mirai Shida, Nozomi Sasaki, and Fumino Kimura. The Many Faces of Ito’s first season debuted in August 2017. The Japanese author Asako Yuzuki’s novel “Ito-Kun A to E” served as the inspiration for the TV show. It contains eight episodes in total in Season one and received a rating of 6.7 out of10 on IMDb. Here’s what we know about The Many Faces Of Ito Season 2 Release Date.

The Many Faces Of Ito Season 2 Release Date

The Many Faces Of Ito Season 2 Release Date
The Many Faces Of Ito

The Many Faces of Ito is a Netflix original romantic comedy series The Many Faces of Ito, Rio Yazaki, a thirty-something rom-com screenwriter, manipulates four love-struck women for their stories while pretending to provide them dating advice.

Unfortunately, the show has ended with only the debut season and we won’t be able to see the renewal.

Name of the ShowThe Many Faces Of Ito
Season NumberSeason 2
GenreRomantic- Comedy
The Many Faces Of Ito Season 1 Release Date11 August 2017
The Many Faces Of Ito Season 2 Release DateCanceled
The Many Faces Of Ito Season 2 Overview

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The Many Faces Of Ito Season 1 Story

In the drama series The Many Faces of Ito, Rio, a jaded rom-com screenwriter in her 30s, struggles to come up with ideas for her next project. She solicits the experiences of four lovesick women while posing as a romantic advisor in order to come up with a fresh idea. She probes further into the lives of the women when she discovers a theme running through what they are telling her.

Rio becomes more certain that, if a rival script isn’t produced first, she can build a screenplay out of what she learns as disconnected bits of what she hears start to link. A scriptwriter Rio Yazaki introduces the first episode, “The Neglected Woman Part-1,” which debuted on August 16, 2017. After giving relationship counseling at an event to promote her literature, Rio Yazaki finds a link between four women. She makes the decision to learn more about women’s life.

The gorgeous sales employee Tomomi Shimahara is neglected and put down by Ito in the second episode, “The Neglected Woman Part 2,” which premiered on August 23, 2017. Rio then begs her to lend him money. Tomomi encounters an embarrassing circumstance with a friend of Ito’s. Rio learns of Ito’s self-centeredness and blatant rudeness in the third episode, “The Crustacean, Part 1,” when she consults with the second woman.

She detects a resemblance between the man described and a forthcoming author she is familiar with. The release date of this episode is August 28, 2017. The second installment of “The Crustacean” is the fourth episode, which premieres on September 4, 2017. Shuko discusses Ito’s pursuit of her in this show. Tamura, a TV producer, is delighted that Tomomi and Shuko’s stories go together so well. Rio is even more optimistic after hearing this about her screenplay.

The fifth episode, which aired on September 11, 2017, is titled “The Lonely Woman Part 1.” Rio notices covert loneliness in the attractive and well-liked Satoko, who from the outside seems to have the ideal existence. She is eager to find out more and delve a little further. The sixth episode, “The Lonely Woman Part 2,” which aired on September 18th, 2017, is the one in which Satoko makes her decision.

She’s going to flirt with Ito since she feels uneasy about her best friend Miki’s relationship. Their friendship is in peril because of her decision. Satoko is encouraged by Rio to hang out with Ito. The seventh episode, “The Education Novice Part 1,” will debut on September 25, 2017, and features Rio teaching screenwriting while her students analyze coincidences.

After being dumped by Ito, Miki phones an old buddy, who turns out to be Rio’s youthful competitor Kuzuken. And in the eighth and final episode, “The Educated Novice Part 2,” which premieres on October 2, 2017, Rio finally learns Ito’s true identity and is disgusted. She is astonished to see that Ito wrote a script that is eerily similar to her own and that includes a fifth woman.

The Many Faces Of Ito Season 2 Cast

The Many Faces Of Ito Season 2 Release Date
The Many Faces Of Ito

The main cast in the show includes, Fumino Kimura playing the role of Rio Yazaki, Nozomi Sasaki played as Tomomi Shimahara, Mirai Shida played as Shūko Nose, Elaiza Ikeda as Satoko Aida, Kaho as Miki Jinbo, Yuki Yamada as Okita, Tomoya Nakamura played the character of Kentarō Kuzumi, Rio Yamashita as Maki Miyata, Kei Tanaka played for Shin’ya Tamura and lastly, Masaki Okada played as Seijirō Ito.

The Many Faces Of Ito Season 2 Trailer

Unfortunately, there has not been any official release of the trailer of The Many Faces of Ito.

Where To Watch The Many Faces Of Ito Season 2 Online?

You can watch all the eight episodes of The Many Faces Of Ito season one on Netflix.

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