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The Law Café Episode 15 Release Date Announced!

How do you feel about television romance? If you feel ecstatic about them, K-dramas will never disappoint you. The heart-fluttering essence that you might have been lacking can be resurfaced if you plan to start watching K-dramas. It is a guarantee.

That was for newcomers. As for people who already watch K-dramas, are you watching the new drama? If not, then this article is just for you. We all know that K-dramas that have some pinch of legal aspect to them can never fail. Take Touch Your Heart as an example or Vincenzo. Absolutely mesmerizing and squeal-worthy. Why was this topic brought up? Dear viewers, the time has come to reveal this, The Law Café is another Korean drama that has a legal side to it along with romance! Squeal-worthy news, isn’t it? Hence, if you have not yet started watching the drama, quickly do so because the drama is still ongoing and it will surely give you butterflies.

Here’s a little summary before you start. The Law Café revolves around two individuals who have been friends for 17 years. Jung Ho who was once called the Monster Genius of prosecution is currently a landlord, and Yu Ri who won Miss Korea content for her outstanding looks is an eccentric lawyer. Yu Ri starts a law café of her own quitting her job at the firm where she used to work since she cannot stand injustice. She comes across Jung Ho when she visits her landlord for the contract. Will the friendship turn into love? What happens after that? well, to know more, you will have to watch the drama!

The Law Café Episode 15 Release Date

The Law Café Episode 15 Release Date

As we have already informed you before, this Korean drama is an ongoing one and you will have to wait for the 15th episode. In all honesty, it just helps to create that intense adrenaline rush. The drama first aired on KBS2 on September 5, 2022. The drama airs every Monday and Tuesday at 21:50 KST (Korean Standard Time). The 15th episode of the drama is Set to air on Monday, 24th October 2022.

The Law Café Episode 15 Story

As of now, episode 15 is a bit too far for us because we have not received the 14th episode of the drama yet. We will receive that tonight! Oh! The excitement. Nevertheless, we can have a recap of the 13th episode of the drama. The episode showcases Jung Ho’s confusion as to why he should keep their relationship a secret according to Yu Ri’s request.  Woo Jin’s old stalker returns and Jung Ho is told not to make Pyun-Woong angry. Tonight’s episode will reveal more about the stalker and Pyun-Woong’s involvement in the hit-and-run case.

The Law Café Episode 15 Cast

The Law Café Episode 15 Release Date

The Law Café stars Lee Seung-gi as Kim Jong-Ho and Lee Se-Young as Kim Yu-Ri. Lee Pyung-Woong is played by Jo Han-Chul and Kim Nam-Hee is cast as Park Woo-Jin. We also have Kim Seulki as Han Se-Yeon and Ahn Dong-Goo as Seo Eun-Kang. Lee Seung-gi is a popular South Korean singer, actor, host, and entertainer. He also starred in the popular drama My Girlfriend is a Gumiho.

The cast of the 15th episode of the drama will not change. The actors will play their respective roles without any interruption.

The Law Café Episode 15 Trailer

Since the 14th episode of the drama has not aired yet, we do not have any preview of the 15th episode of the drama. We will have to wait for tonight’s episode to get a preview of what will happen in episode 15. For now, we will have to be patient and wait for tonight’s episode to air. But, if you have not yet watched the preview of episode 14, then you most likely should before tonight’s episode gets aired.

Where can we watch episode 15 of The Law Café?

The Law Café episode can be watched on Viki at 21:50 (KST). If you are watching from India, you can watch it at 13:50 (GMT). English subtitles of the drama are available on the Viki app. You can also watch through the website Viki. The Law Café is also available on and Netflix.

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