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The Girls At The Back Season 2 Release Date Latest Information

The Girls At The Back Season 2 Release Date
The Girls At The Back Season 2 Release Date

An Atpica films web series ‘The Girls at the back’ first premiered on Netflix on 23rd September 2022. Directed and created by Daniel Sánchez Arévalo, the series will have a total of 6 episodes in its first season. The girls at back are currently available on Netflix in Spanish with subtitles in multiple languages.  The show will have a comedy genre of comical events based on the lives of five women.

The show’s shooting held in Madrid and Cadiz’s coast region in late 2021. the show stars Itsaso Arana, Mariona Terés, María Rodríguez, Mónica Miranda and Godeliv Van den Brandt. Season one started with five women deciding to go on a trip, but only this time one of them is diagnosed with cancer. All the characters of the show are childhood friends and now are in their thirties. With a star cast of all these amazing superstars, it will be interesting to know if the show will have another season. To know more about The Girls At The Back, keep scrolling.

The Girls at the back season 2 release date 

The Girls At The Back Season 2 Release Date
The Girls at the Back season 1

Currently, Netflix and Atpica films have not announced season 2 of The girls at the back. Netflix might take a 45-day interval to evaluate the possibilities of launching season 2 of this show. The show is currently loved by the fans because of its impressive storyline, we can if there is a decision to be made on another season of the show then Netflix will announce soon about its renewal and cancellation within its preferred period. 

Name of the ShowThe Girls At The Back
Season NumberSeason 2
The Girls At The Back Season 1 Release Date23 September 2022
The Girls At The Back Season 2 Release DateNot Announced Yet
The Girls At The Back Season 2 Overview

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The Girls at the Back Season 2 Story 

Since Netflix has still not renewed the show for the second season, it is hard to comprehend what will be the storyline of The Girls At The Back season 2. In case Netflix decides to go on air with another season, we can expect the current five main characters (Alma, Olga, Leo, Carol, and Sara) to return to the show. If not, then it is also possible that the creators will choose to move on to the story of another person or group of persons. But be that as it may, we will have to wait for an announcement regarding the renewal of the show before jumping to conclusions.

The Girls at the back season 2 characters 

The Girls At The Back Season 2 Release Date
The Girls at the Back

The show has still not been renewed with the second season by Netflix, so we cannot yet confirm who will be re-casted or added in season 2. Here are the characters of the season: Itsaso Arana as Sara, Mariona Teres as Leo, Monica Miranda as Alma, Maria Rodriguez Soto as Carol, DGodeliv Van den Brandt as Olga, and Javier Rey as David. 

The Girls at the back season 1 recap

Season one started with the introduction of all the five characters Alma, Olga, Leo, Carol, and Sara. All the five main characters are childhood friends in their mid-thirties right now, they had a tradition of planning yearly trips for a very long time. One of the friends is diagnosed with cancer, and Netflix has still not introduced the name of the person suffering from cancer.

As a sign of solidarity and friendship, all of them decide to shave their heads. They decide to plan another trip knowing that it can be their last time together. A one bucket list challenge is organized by them, each one of them has to write their wish on a piece of a player and put it in the bucket. This time the wishes will be something different, something they will never do in their usual lives. The show is supposed to be comedic, when all 6 episodes drop on Netflix it will be interesting to see how the journey of five friends will go on the trip before one of them will go through chemotherapy.

The Girls at the back trailer season 2 trailer 

Netflix hasn’t currently made any announcement of the show’s renewal with the second season, even if there is to trailer for another season then we can expect it to be not before the second half of the year 2023. You can still watch the trailer of season one from the attachment provided on top of this article.

 Where to watch the girls at the back season 2 Online?

Upon its release, season two of The Girls at the Back will be available on Netflix, but we will have to wait for the renewal of the series. You watch all 6 episodes of season one on Netflix after buying their subscription.

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