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The Family That Sings Together Season 2 Release Date

The Family That Sings Together Season 2 Release Date
The Family That Sings Together Season 2 Release Date

The Family That Sings Together: The Camargos is a Brazilian Portuguese-language series that is both a musical and a reality show. It shows the life of Zeze Di Camargo and the way he tries to mend the relationship with his family after being away for so long due to giving up his life for music. The series was released on Netflix on 10 December 10, 2021.

Zeze Di Camargo gave up 30 years of his life to music and is currently own of the top Brazilian singers in the world. He is now a man with enough wealth and fame to live with no regrets. But Zeze does regret something, not giving the support of a family member to his family.

The Family That Sings Together Season 2 Release Date

The Family That Sings: The Camargos is a show that got mixed responses after its release, comments were both in favor and not. The show is very similar to other music reality shows like Everybody Loves Natti or Justin Bieber: Our World. However, the show will most definitely appeal to those who are interested in Brazilian music. The series focuses on Zeze Di Camargo and his daughter Wanessa, as they work together to bring the show alive.

The show focuses on taking two very different yet close people to bring and creating one single thing that stands out. Wanessa, who is an avid Shania Twain, performs pop, country, and sertanejo music while Zeze is a part of well known ‘Zeze Di Camargo and Luciano’ duo who have sold over a million copies, with one of them featuring Willie Nelson.

The series allows one to learn about the family and travel along with them as they face troubles, have a heart to heart, and come together for something great.

However, the show, based on reviews is very lackluster and only caters to a specific audience making it fall short in ratings. As such it is unlikely to have another season.

SeasonsRelease Dates
The Family That Sings Together Season 1 Release Date9 December 2021
The Family That Sings Together Season 2 Release DateNot Announced Yet
The Family That Sings Together Season 2 Release Date

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The Family That Sings Together Season 1 Recap

The Family That Sings Together Season 2 Release Date
The Family That Sings

Considered to be one of Brazil’s top singers is Zeze Di Camargo who is a part of the duo ‘Zeze Di Camargo and Luciano’. Zeze also known as Mirosmar Jose de Camargo was born to a family of farmers in Pirenopolis, where he grew to love the region’s unique music style called sertanejo, which inspired him and his brother to create music and spread sertanejo’s fame and till date as sold over 50 million records over a span of 30 years.

However, not all is well. Zeke spent most of his life by music’s side and was almost never there for his family and children. With all the singing, recording, and performing it may have been inevitable but the disregard eventually caused his wife to divorce him. His children Wanessa, Camilla, and Igor have also grown past the change of being called kids.

The Family That Sings Together gives Zeze the chance to mend his relationship with them while also trying to create something more. He and Wanesaa, who is a very popular singer covering various genres, decide to write and release a joint album together. The family then heads to Zeke’s birthplace in Pirenopolis, where his mother is staying. He then invites them to his own farm in Argauapaz for some quality family time and barbeque to try and mend the broken relationship. With Zeke’s efforts, it seems like the family might finally heal from the wounds caused by negligence, divorce, and lack of love or trust.

That being said Igor and Wanessa make sure to let Zeze know that they weren’t happy with how he has treated them till now, even pointing out to him that it might be too late a chance to work things out. However, Wanessa confesses that the main reason she got into singing was in hopes that she could mend her relationship with her father.  Music is what brings the Camargos together with them having a concert-worthy jamming session during their barbeque. Slowly but surely the cracks in their relationship are mending.

The Family That Sings Together Cast

The Family That Sings

Wanessa Camargos born 1982 on 28 December 1982 is a Brazilian singer-songwriter. She is the daughter of Zeze Camargos.

Zeze Camargos is a Brazilian singer and songwriter. He started in the series The Family That Sings Together.

Where to Watch The Family That Sings Together

The Family That Sings Together can be streamed on Netflix.

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