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The Durrells In Corfu Season 5 Release Date!

The Durrells In Corfu Season 5 Release Date
The Durrells In Corfu Season 5 Release Date

The Durrells, also known as The Durrells in Corfu, is a British television series in the genre of comedy and drama. The story takes inspiration from the three autobiographical books written by Gerald Durrell which contained information about his family’s four years of the Greek island of Corfu. The series is directed by Steve Barron and Roger Goldby, with Simon Nye writing the script, and the production is done by Christopher Hall. The consultant of the series was Lee Durrell, the widow of Gerald Durrell who is also the director of the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust. The series was filmed in the original location of the book Corfu with certain shots being taken at Twickenham studios and Eating studios.

The plot is taken from the autobiographical book by Gerald Durrell titled My Family and Other Animals which tells the story of his family, which consists of himself, his three siblings, and his widowed mother and the funny slightly exaggerated things that happened after they moved to the Greek island in Corfu in 1933. Gerald loved nature and it helped that his mother was an easy-going and eccentric person who allowed Gerald to keep the wild animals he found as pets along with making friends with the local people.

The Durrells In Corfu Season 5 Release Date

The Durrells in Corfu season four aired on 7 April 2019 on the PBS channel in the US. BBC stated in the month of March that the fourth season would be the final season of the series effectively denying any rumors of a fifth season. As such there will not be a fifth season for the series.

SeasonsRelease Dates
The Durrells In Corfu Season 1 Release Date3 April 2016
The Durrells In Corfu Season 4 Release Date7 April 2019
The Durrells In Corfu Season 5 Release DateCancelled
The Durrells In Corfu Season 5 Release Date

The Durrells In Corfu Recap

The Durrells In Corfu Season 5 Release Date
The Durrells in Corfu

The series takes place in 1935 and revolves around an English woman named Louisa Durrell whose life is in shambles. Her husband passed away years ago and she has a mountain of financial issues while also having to take care of her four children. She tells them that they will be moving from Bournemouth to a Greek island in Corfu. The story shows them trying to overcome the problems they face as they try to adapt to the new environment, considering Corfu is behind in modernization and doesn’t even have electricity. However, it is a place far from the troubles of the city, inexpensive, and surrounded by nature while also giving the Durrell’s the chance to make a big step towards the future.

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The Durrells In Corfu Cast

The Durrells In Corfu Season 5 Release Date
The Durrells in Corfu

Claire Julia Hawes

Claire Julia Hawes was born in 1976 on 10 February. She is known professionally as Keeley Hawes and is an English actress who also works as a producer. She began her acting career with roles in various literacy adaptations which include Tipping the Velvet and Mutual Friend. Claire’s popularity grew when she played the role of Zoe Reynolds in the Spooks, a series produced by BBC. She also played the role of DI Alex Drake in Ashes to Ashes which further increased her popularity.

Milo Parker

Milo Parker is a British actor. He is known famously for his roles in Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children as Hugh Apiston, Robot Overlords as Conner, Mr. Holmes as Roger Munro, and The Durrells as Gerry Durrell.

Josh O’Connor

Josh O’Connor was born in 1989. He is a British actor. Josh’s popularity grew due to his acting in the Netflix drama “The Crown” as the young Prince Charles. He has also won several awards for this role including the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series, Golden Globe Award for Best Actor – Television Series Drama, and was nominated for two different British Academy Television Awards.

Daisy Waterstone

Daisy Waterstone was born in 1994 on 13 June. She is a British actress who is known famously for her role as Margo Durrell in The Durrells.

Callum Woodhouse

Callum Woodhouse is a British actor. He is famously known for his role in The Durrells, Cold Feet, and as Randall jones in The Skylark Scandal

Where to Watch The Durrells In Corfu Season 5?

The Durrells In Corfu can be streamed on Amazon Instant Video, iTunes, Google Play, and Vudu.

The Durrells In Corfu Season 5 Trailer

The Durrells In Corfu Trailer was released on the official YouTube channel of PBS on 7 October 2016.

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