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The Breaker Season 3 Release Date: It Is Finally Returning?

The Breaker Season 3 Release Date
The Breaker Season 3 Release Date

Today you will find a lot of comic fans. Comics, including Japanese Manga and Korean Manhwas, are more popular in the mentioned categories. The comic we are going to talk about today is Korean Manhwa, The Breaker. The manhwa was illustrated by Park Jin Hwan and written by Jeon Geuk Jin. The manga currently has 2 seasons ( or 2 parts). It has been published in 8 countries so far. It is read from right to left and is a combination of manhwa and manga. Here’s what we know about The Breaker Season 3 Release Date.

The Breaker is familiar to anyone who has watched any contemporary Asian martial arts drama. Unless you’re a fan of the genre which includes action, martial arts along with a few comedy elements, there isn’t really a reason to read it. The art and character development are lacking in finesse, but are made up of strong emotions and iron-clad wills. A young high school boy is thrust into a dangerous world of super-human warriors in what appears to be a typical Shonen opening, but the plot quickly takes many unexpected turns.

The Breaker Season 3 Release Date

The Breaker Season 3 Release Date
The Breaker Season 3

The Breaker Season 3 was announced on the official blog of the author in July 2019, where he also wrote that he needs some new illustrators to work with him.

The Manhwa already had 2 parts known as The Breaker, which ran from June 1, 2007, to July 20, 2010, and had 10 volumes along with 72 chapters, which had a rating of 8.43 on MyAnimeList, and The Breaker: New Waves, which ran from October 8, 2010, to May 8, 2015, with a total of 203 chapters collected in 20 volumes.

Name of the ManhwaThe Breaker
Season NumberSeason 3
GenreMartial Arts
The Breaker Season 1 Release Date1 June 2007
The Breaker Season 3 Release DateNot Announced Yet
The Breaker Season 3 Overview

The Breaker Season 1 to 2 Recap

The story is about a small, wimpy kid, Shioon, and his high school teacher, Chun Woo, who seems like a wimp but is actually a very strong martial artist. Wanting to protect himself from the school bullies, Shioon asks his teacher to take him under his wing, which Chun Woo eventually accepts, taking pity on him. Thereafter, the story takes a darker turn as Shioon gets to know the other side of the martial arts world. The relationship between them progresses and we see a lot of sides to both the characters as well as their developments.

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A more in-depth look at the characters’ emotional states is provided in the second season. The second series contains significantly fewer comedic scenes, but it is still a very interesting story to read. Shioon becomes mature while learning to grow and survive in the harsh world, and Chun Woo looks more responsible than before. Shioon takes an oath to clear his teacher’s name of the wrong things he has been branded for and to make him proud while fighting all the things that come his way.

The Breaker Season 3 Story

The Breaker Season 3 Release Date
The Breaker Season 3

There have been a few episodes released as draft copy, recently. Season 3 will pick up from a fresh start and introduce us to new characters like Han Jae, who, like Shioon, is a target of bullies. The story starts off when he is pushed from a rooftop by a senior and then visits the nurse’s office, where he meets Shioon, who is determined to teach him as his teacher did and to make him strong. We are expecting a more thrilling story for the rest of the season with more action and comedy elements.

The Breaker Season 3 Characters

The new season doesn’t have much of the material released yet, officially, so exact characters can not be provided yet. But we definitely met our new protagonist, Han Jae. We saw our favourite previous season’s character, Shioon Yi, returning to coach Han Jae.

The Breaker Season 3 Trailer

The trailer for season 3 can be found with moving illustrations on the official YouTube channel, Twitter, and Instagram of Naver Webtoon, which is an official branch of the Korean site Naver.

Where to Read The Breaker Season 3 Online?

You can buy the previous season’s manhwa online on Amazon. in,, or any other reliable site at a reasonable price. You are able to purchase the new season’s book on the same site. It can also be read on Naver Webtoon and Mangabuddy.

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