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The Afterparty Season 1 Episode 8 Release Date!

The Afterparty Season 1 Episode 8 Release Date!
The Afterparty Season 1 Episode 8 Release Date!
The Afterparty Trailer

The Afterparty is a murder mystery comedy streaming television series which originates from the United States of America. This series has been created by Christopher Miller. It first premiered on Apple TV+ on 28 January 2022. The creator of the series Miller got the idea of creating this series from ‘The Afterparty’ which was released in the early 2010s. 

This is because he wanted to create a murder mystery that would show the different perspectives of the murder from the witnesses. He also took inspiration from his love of the murder-mystery genre and Akira Kurosawa’s Rashomon. The setting of the high school reunion was added to the series after Miller himself attended a high school reunion. He thought it would be a unique setting for such a concept. Apple TV+ announced on 24 June 2020 for the production of an eight-episode straight-to-series order, now titled The Afterparty.

The Afterparty Season 1 Episode 8 Release Date

The Afterparty Season 1 Episode 8 Release Date

Episode 8 of the series named “WhoDannert?” will be released on 4 March 2022. Four episodes of the series have been released as of yet. The latest episode was released on 4 February 2022. Episode 4 has been named “Chelsea” and shows the perspective of the story from Chelsea’s point of view. Episode 5 is set to be released on 11 February 2022.

It has been named “High School”. Episode 6 is set to be released on 18 February 2022. It has been named “Zoe”. Episode 7 is set to be released on 25 February 2022 and has been named “Danner”. It would be followed by the eighth and final Episode 8 on 4 March 2022.

The series is streaming on Apple TV+ as of now.

The Afterparty Season 1 Episode 1 Release DateJanuary 28, 2022
The Afterparty Season 1 Episode 2 Release DateJanuary 28, 2022
The Afterparty Season 1 Episode 3 Release DateJanuary 28, 2022
The Afterparty Season 1 Episode 4 Release DateFebruary 4, 2022
The Afterparty Season 1 Episode 5 Release DateFebruary 11, 2022
The Afterparty Season 1 Episode 6 Release DateFebruary 18, 2022
The Afterparty Season 1 Episode 7 Release DateFebruary 25, 2022
The Afterparty Season 1 Episode 8 Release DateMarch 4, 2022

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The Afterparty Season 1 Episode 8 Story

The story of the series is set in the environment of a high school reunion. But suddenly everyone present at the part becomes a suspect. This is because death occurs at the event. The detectives arrive at the scene and start to do their work. They do so by interviewing everyone present at the party. One by one, as the interview occurs; different stories of the incident that happened at the party arise. The detective tries to uncover the potential motive behind the death and uncovers a shocking truth. Each episode shows a different character’s perspective of what had happened that night.

According to Critic Olivia Rutigliano, this series is an example of “the millennial whodunnit,” which is a new subgenre of murder mystery in which the investigation serves as a vehicle for characters to find second chances and personal fulfillment. It also serves as a departure from a boring or oppressive daily lifestyle (the feeling that their life has become a new genre itself).

 The Afterparty Season 1 Recap

Previously it was seen in the series that Detective Danner interrogates Chelsea. Chelsea tells her side of the story in the style of a psychological thriller. According to her story, she gets mysterious text messages from an unidentified number. She also reveals that she also used to have an affair with Brett. Once an unknown incident occurred at a St. Patrick’s Day party in the high school. This made the whole entire school ostracize her. They also claimed her to be crazy. Danner insists Chelsea tell her more about the party and wants to know more about the said party, but she does not go any further. She claimed those incidents to be in the past and wants to move forward with her life.

The Afterparty Season 1 Episode 8 Cast

The Afterparty Season 1 Episode 8 Release Date

Tiffany Haddish portrays the role of Detective Danner who is a detective investigating Xavier’s murder. Sam Richardson portrays the role of Aniq who is an escape room designer and the primary suspect of the murder. He attempts to use his escape room skills to clear his name from the case. Zoë Chao portrays the role of Zoë who is Aniq’s high school crush and Brett’s ex-wife. Ike Barinholtz portrays the role of Brett who is Zoe’s ex-husband. Ben Schwartz portrays the role of Jasper who is Aniq’s best friend and Xavier’s former ska bandmate.

The Afterparty Season 1 Trailer

The official trailer for The Afterparty was released by Apple TV on their official YouTube channel on 14 December 2021. The trailer gives crucial details about the story and casts we would be seeing in the series.

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