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Tales Of The Jedi Season 2 Release Date, Cast, and Story

Tales Of The Jedi Season 2 Release Date

Who does not love Star Wars? Well, we have eagerly waited for Star Wars’ most recent series titled “Star Wars: Tales of the Jedi”. This is one of the newest American animated miscellany series developed by Dave Filoni. This anxiously anticipated series, a fragment of the Star Wars franchise, is based on diverse Jedi fictional characters divided into a six-episode production. This series is based on the prequel trilogy period. What makes a Star wars series successful is its remarkable story, ingenious advertising, and the best part–we, the audience cannot keep calm when it comes to Star Wars! Season 1 was released in October, with an overwhelming response and fans cannot wait for the next season to be released. 

Tales Of The Jedi Season 2 Release Date

Even though it has been released quite recently, Tales of the Jedi has showcased tremendous success! Dave Filoni, not a new name when it comes to Star Wars has been a part of numerous series, with Tales of Jedi being one more addition to it. Now, onto season 2 of the Tales of The Jedi, we can expect an announcement of it getting renewed in the next season as almost all of the Star Wars series, especially the animated one has never had just a single season.

 Now, talking about the release date, in case the show gets renewed, judging by a few similar shows as our observation, we can expect at least a two-year gap. Yes, we know the wait is long and killing but isn’t it worth it in the end? Considering the gap between similar shows as Tales of Jedi, this series’ season 2 could come in late 2024 or maybe early 2025. But as the series is quite short with each episode on average being 15 minutes, if renewed could be released soon. Keep your fingers crossed!

Name of the ShowTales Of The Jedi
Season NumberSeason 2
Tales Of The Jedi Season 1 Release Date26 October 2022
Tales Of The Jedi Season 2 Release DateNot Announced Yet
Tales Of The Jedi Season 2 Overview

Tales Of The Jedi Season 2  Story

Tales Of The Jedi Season 2 Release Date

The story of this series is based on the birth of Anakin Skywalker’s learner, Ahsoka Tano, along with the narrative of Count Dooku, where is gradually drifting away from the course of the Jedi and ultimately surrenders to the dark clan of the Force. Here, every episode of this phenomenal series comprises a short story highlighting Jedi( the series: Star Wars prequel trilogy era). The six episodes series is divided into two portions namely “paths”: the first one focuses on Ahsoka Tano across multifarious moments in her life, and the other focuses on a young Count Dooku before his ultimate surrender to the dark clan of Force. 

Now,  for season 2 we can expect it to continue from this point itself, with we knowing what happens to Count Dooku or Ahsoka life’s diverse circumstances, or start with exploring other Jedi characters.

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Tales Of The Jedi Season 2 Characters

Tales Of The Jedi Season 2 Release Date

The cast of this animated series is full of talented people right from Ashley Eckstein and Corey Burton as the voice of Ashoka and Count Dooku. We even have voices from TC Carson, Janina Gavankar, Liam Neeson, Ian McDiarmid Matt Lanter, Clancy Brown, and James Arnold Taylor. The animation style and the way the voices are used in the classic Filoni way! This cast gives the fictional characters a way to relate with the audience heart-to-heart.

Tales Of The Jedi Season 2 Trailer

As the season 2 announcement is not yet done, we do not have the trailer yet. But with numerous prevalent Jedi left to discover, Tales of the Jedi has diverse prospects, thereby it is a surprise for us what it could entail. The series is prone to deal with the lineages of every Jedi, like Ahsoka and  Count Dooku’s life. 

As this one just consisted of six episodes and having such excellent that IMDb rated it 9.4/10, we are hopeful for it to have at least one more season. Shows like The Bad Batch give us a glimmer of hope of having season 2, as an announcement of further seasons comes in a span of a few months. Dave Filoni is very passionate about Star Wars and so are we!

Where to Watch Tales Of The Jedi Season 2 Online?

As season one of Tales of The Jedi has been broadcasted on Disney+, we can expect the next seasons (in case it is renewed) on the same streaming platform. 

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