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Striking Out Season 3 Release Date Updates

Striking Out Season 3 Release Date
Striking Out Season 3 Release Date

The show Striking Out revolves around the life of Tara Rafferty who is a solicitor in Dublin. The Irish-origin show aired first on the RTE1 network in January 2017. The series came to the USA in March 2017  on Acorn TV. The story starts with Tara and Eric (Taras’s fiancé) who work in the same law firm. In the initial episodes of the series, Eric is cheating on Tara with a co-worker Caroline Walsh. Tara finds this out as she walks on Eric and Caroline in a compromising situation. She gets visibly upset and leaves the place immediately. To further resolve the tension the situation has created Tara resigns and starts her firm and starts to work on exclusively domestic cases. The story progresses with the personal and professional journey of tara. 

This legal drama has four and six episodes in its first and second seasons, respectively. The show was directed by Lisa James Larsson and Simon Massey.  The show streamed two seasons in consecutive years 2017 and 2018.

Striking Out Season 3 Release Date

As the second season ended on a mysterious note, fans are eagerly waiting for the next season. Tara and Eric’s story is yet to get closure. Rumors are flying around that the season might be coming up soon. There is no official release date announcement. Fans are hoping to get some news around mid-2022. 

The second season of the show started a year after the first season. Yet there is no third season 4 years after the latest one. 

SeasonsRelease Dates
Striking Out Season 1 Release Date1 January 2017
Striking Out Season 3 Release DateNot Announced Yet
Striking Out Season 3 Release Date

Striking Out Season 3 Cast And Characters

Striking Out Season 3 Release Date
Striking Out Season 3

Amy Huberman as Tara Rafferty

She is an Irish actress featured in Finding Joy(2018) and The Clinic(2003-2009). The actress is also a writer her debut novel Hello Heartbreak came out in 2009.

Rory Keenan as Eric Dunbar

The actor has worked in many Irish theatre productions. He was seen in shows like Aristocrats(1999), On Home ground(2001-02), and The Duchess(2020).  

Neil Morrissey as Vincent Pike 

He is a well-known actor, singer as well as a voice actor. He has a very well-established career. The actor has been a voice actor for the animated cartoon series, Bob The Builder as the character of Bob. He started his journey with the 1984 movie The Bounty.

Emmet Byrne as Ray Lamont

The actor has featured in movies like Idle (2015), Twice Shy (2016), and Burning Wishes (2015).

Fiona O’Shaughnessy as Meg Riley

The Irish actress has worked in Television, Movies, and Stages. She has done a few short films such as Clubbing (2000), Still Life (2005), and the TV shows like The Living and The Dead (2017) and Halo (2022).

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Striking Out Season 3 Trailer

There is no trailer for the third season of the show. But the first two trailers of the show are available on Acorn TV’s youtube channel. 

The first season shows almost all the characters and some important aspects of their personality. The second season’s trailer is dominated by female characters. In the trailer, we see all the females in power roles whether it is in the protagonist or antagonist role. The background score of the trailer adds up to the intensity of the trailer.

Striking Out Recap

Striking Out Season 3 Release Date
Striking Out Season 3

This legal drama has four and six episodes in its first and second seasons, respectively. The show moves forward with an intensely emotional journey.

Tara discovers that her fiance, Eric Dunbar, has an affair with a coworker in the first season. She decides to meet Eric one evening and enters his room to find him in an unacceptable situation. Further along in the story, Tara’s personal life starts interfering with her professional life and creates lots of problems.

The third season of the show should have more definite endings to stories of Taras clients like barry O’brien and Corrine. Fans also expect more exploration of Tara’s personal life. Eric’s side of this journey is also expected by fans in season 3. The fans of this show will surely appreciate it if Tara can be seen in more power asserting approach in the third season.

Where to Watch Striking Out?

The show is available to watch on Acorn TV and YouTube TV.  The is also available on Amazon Prime Video in selective countries. It is also available on Sundance Now.

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