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Steven Universe Season 8 Release Date Canceled?

Steven Universe Season 8 Release Date
Steven Universe Season 8 Release Date

Steven Universe is one of the animated series with several peculiarities. It had been a record-breaker in the market and also considered to be an attitude changer for some mythological aspects. Even though the growth of the television channel named “Cartoon Network” gained its leverage by 2000, it was only due to certain shows that were quite different than others. Steven Universe was a name thus generated after the series got the recognition of being directed by the first non-binary individual. Rebecca Sugar was the first transgender to create a show with full control of the same. Mixed with some action-packed science fantasy touch, Steven Universe only had eleven minutes of showtime on each episode.

However, with an amazing Dolby surround audio quality and 1080i HDTV video clarity Mattaniah Adams and Paul Douglas had done a great job in developing the series with the finest of finishing. Moreover, there were some complications during its premiere. Cartoon Network which was in demand for the satellite rights wasn’t convinced about the show and its quality. Therefore, Rebecca Sugar went for a trial run with the first episode in the San Diego Comic-Con and the New York Comic-Con. Later after several discussions, Cartoon Network was permitted to telecast the series for a long run. It started telecasting on the fourth of November 2013 and came to an end by January 21, 2019. Steven Universe had also won awards for the nomination of the best children’s series.

Steven Universe Season 8 Release Date

Steven Universe Season 8 Release Date
Steven Universe

Technically Steven Universe had only featured in five seasons till the end of its official run. From the five seasons, a total of 160 episodes had been officially reported. However, a motion animated movie was released by September 2, 2019, titled “Steven universe: The Movie”. The movie was a collaborative effort of the same team who had been working together in the animated series for six years. Furthermore, on December 7, 2019, the series was renewed for another twenty episodes with the title “Steven Universe Future”.

Cartoon Network permitted to air it as its finale and end almost a decade long run. So, combining all the released projects in a perfect timeline, it can be considered that the series had witnessed seven episodes. Rebecca Sugar also announced that the “Future” was her final idea and was presented to give tale end to the series. Therefore, it is expected that the series won’t be renewed for another season.

SeasonsRelease Dates
Steven Universe Season 1 Release Date4 November 2013
Steven Universe Season 1 End Date16 April 2015
Steven Universe Season 8 Release DateCanceled
Steven Universe Season 8 Release Date

Steven Universe Season 8 Expected Story

The series is set in more of a superhero fight the evils kind of an environment. From the fictional planet of Homeland, some germs like humans came to earth to protect mankind from evil hands. After 5000 years the series takes place in the current scenario where the half-human named Stephen explores his powers that was transferred from his mother. There arose a situation when the other germs couldn’t win with their superpowers. Stephen stepped up to unleash his powers and thereby defeated the evil. In the seventh season, Steven with the help of other germs created Little Homeland and consequently liberated the germ empire.

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At the same time, his mental pressure and his inability to make up his mind clear and creative were absent. He finally decided to leave Beach city for a fresh start in his life. The next season might present the new life of Steven in some other place on earth. There is also a probability for his return back to the beach city when they need him the most. If there is yet another season to come, there are pretty more suspense and adventure to come.                       

Steven Universe Season 8 Expected Characters

Steven Universe Season 8 Release Date
Steven Universe

Steven Universe: Zach Callison

Steven Universe is the central character of the series is an unavoidable presence in the eighth season. During the final episodes of Steven Universe Future, he was turned into a monster-like character due to his emotional instability. He was born half-human of his half-human mother Rose Quartz and human father Greg Universe.

Garnet: Estelle Swaray

Garnet in the series is a half-human built with two stones; Sapphire and Ruby. She is the current head of the group which was handed over by the mother of Stephen seeing her self-confidence. 

Amethyst: Michaela Dietz

The non-binary woman was a germ that was created within the Earth. She had low confidence and was considered to be yet another demerit for her. However, her ability to change shape stood as an advantage for the entire team.

Steven Universe Season 8 Trailer

The official trailer of Steven Universe Future Season seven was released in February 2020, on the Cartoon Network’s YouTube channel. Another trailer regarding the eighth season will be released once the project is announced.

Where to Watch Steven Universe Season 8?

There are no reports regarding the broadcasting partners due to the termination of the current contract with the Cartoon Network. 

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