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Station 11 Episode 11 Release Date and cast

Station 11  is an American Show which is based on a novel Station 11 written by Emily St. John and published in 2014. This show is science fiction of the post-apocalyptic times where mankind has completely been destroyed and wiped out ever since a flu epidemic took place. Twenty years have gone by since the apocalypse and now there exist only four survivors of the pandemic who are trying to survive and fight for every day that they are alive. They are faced by a mysterious man on their way to traveling, this man is a leader of a cult that believes in convincing people to cut off any ties with the pre-apocalyptic times. 

This show has garnered the attention of the audience because of the pandemic that we are currently living in. The flu pandemic showcased in the show is somewhat similar to the pessimistic conditions all around the world at present. For quite a lot of people, the show Station 11 tells us about the possibility of what the world could actually turn into if the pandemic Coronavirus gets completely out of the control of humans and ends up wiping away the population of mankind. 

Station 11 Episode 11 Release Date

Station 11

So far there is no episode 11 to look forward to for Station Eleven Season 1. The last episode will be aired on the 13th of January 2022 which will be the 10th episode. There is very little possibility of a new episode or season 2 since from the very beginning HBO Max had made it clear that Station 11 would be a mini-series that would end in a limited number of episodes.

All the episodes of Station 11 have been aired on HBO Max as the show is created by HBO. The first episode of the series was released on the 16th of December 2021. HBO is known to release their mini shows with a gap of one week between the previous and new episodes. We will have to wait for the official network of HBO Max to release any statement regarding a possible 11th episode or a new season. This possibility will take a long time since even the first season has not fully been aired right now. 

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Station 11 Episode 10 Recap

So far we have seen how Kirsten is trying her best to survive while also getting flashbacks about her life before the apocalypse happened. When she is attacked with a poison dart she sees her life during the pandemic in bits and pieces when Jeevan was her protector and caretaker along with his brother Frank Chaudhary. The hardships of the new life seem to be getting to both Kirsten and Jeevan as they are often seen bickering and fighting about their pre-apocalyptic lives.

Things get real sour when out of frustration Jeevan ends up telling Kirsten that it was all because of her that they had to lose Frank, his brother. If they did not have to stop for her play, his brother would still be there with them. All the people left alive are just struggling with everyday lives to replicate anything similar to civilization again while being overwhelmed with boredom, doom, pessimism, and injuries. 

Station 11 Episode 11 Cast

Station 11 Cast

Mackenzie Davis 

Mackenzie Davis plays the lead role of Kirsten who has been abandoned by her parents at an early age and finds solace and comfort when she is rescued by a man named Jeevan who provides her with a home along with his disabled brother Frank in it. Mackenzie is famous for starring in movies like Black Mirror and Happiest Season. Her life before the pandemic hit lives was filled with hardships and made her lose everyone that was close to her. This loss hits her heart hard and her present circumstances make her even more strength to take care of the people left around her which could provide her with a sense of control and redemption that she could not feel earlier.

Himesh Patel 

Jeevan Chaudhary, the man who provides shelter to Kirsten is played by Himesh Patel. He is a journalist and also a guardian to Kirsten ever since her parents left her behind with no trace. Himesh Patel is often seen in Netflix shows such as Ginny and Georgia and Maid both available on Netflix. In both shows, the characters he plays are gentlemen and are hugely loved and appreciated by the audience. 

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