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Star Season 4 Release Date: Is The Show Cancelled After Three Successful Seasons?

Star Season 4 Release Date
Star Season 4 Release Date

Created by Lee Daniels along with Tom Donaghy, Star is a musical drama series centring on three talented young sisters, which also contains a lot of original music. Produced by Michelle Fowler and executively produced by Lee Daniels and Tom Donaghy with Karin Gist, Pamela Oas Williams, Effie Brown, and Jason Richman. The filming for the series took place in Atlanta.

One of the main factors contributing to the series’ overall success among viewers was the original music composed for it. The song has a great melody and is very enjoyable to hear. This conveys the feelings and difficulties that arise when forming a group, especially when half the participants are emigrating from their past. Even the theme song is incredibly memorable. Because it rejects the self-selected ignorance that many people, especially in America, have about race, the foster system, and music, the program is both very enlightening and educational. Programs like this expose the truth while also being entertaining to watch. The cast and creative directors should continue on their current course. It does attempt to address political issues from time to time, such as racism, police brutality, immigration, a family’s struggle with a trans person, religion, etc., but it generally seems to try to address both sides of the political issue without favouring one side over the other. It may occasionally be corny, but it addresses serious issues, which also makes it appealing to watch. Additionally, the cast of the show is beyond amazing. 

The series was compared to Empire a lot, as both of the shows were created by the same person, Lee Daniel. The production of the show was announced in August 2015. What was different in it from the Empire, is that it also contained a transgender community person, making it more curious for the viewers to check it out. Let’s look at whether the series is getting a season 4 or not in the rest of the article. 

Star Season 4 Release Date

Star Season 4 Release Date
Star Season 4

Unfortunately, the show has been cancelled for season 4. Right after season 3 finished airing, it was cancelled. The show ran from 2016 to 2019 for three seasons, with a total of 48 episodes. Season one of the show began airing on December 14, 2016, and, with a total of 12 episodes, wrapped up on March 15, 2017. It was renewed for a second season on February 22, 2017, which began premiering on September 27, 2017, and wrapped up on May 23, 2018, with 18 episodes. May 10, 2018, saw the third renewal of the series, which ran from September 26, 2018, to May 8, 2019, with the same number of episodes. One year after that, on May 10, 2019, it was cancelled for the fourth season.  The series, despite being very popular, failed to gather good ratings across the internet and also, despite being nominated for a lot of awards, failed to win even one, which was very saddening and disappointing.

Because of their disappointment over the cancellation, the fans started several campaigns urging the creators to pick it back up after the “trashy” finale. The #SAVESTAR campaign was launched on social media in May 2019 by fans. There were many different petitions made on websites like to keep the show from being cancelled, and these petitions have amassed more than 100,000 signatures as a whole. The cable networks BET and OWN may be interested in carrying the program, giving hope of the show’s coming back. However, on May 31, the show’s creator announced that there wouldn’t be a new season and that instead, a two-hour movie event would serve as the “proper finale.”

Name of the ShowStar
Season NumberSeason 4
GenreMusical Drama
Star Season 1 Release Date14 December 2016
Star Season 4 Release DateCancelled
Star Season 4 Overview

Star Season 1 to 3 Story

The story of Star focuses on three young women wanting to escape the clutches of the cruel world and fulfil their dreams of making ear-pleasing music. The story starts with Star going out to save her half-sister, Simone, from her abusive father. While on her journey, she meets Alex, a wealthy girl who wants to make a name for herself on her own. Together, they decide to form a group called Take 3 in order to accomplish what they want. But fate had other plans for them. Just when they were about to debut, troubles followed them in their occupation, relationship and family. The rest of the story follows the three girls as they try to grow out of their toxic relationship while also building their fame. At the conclusion of season 3, which was not too satisfying, we saw our girls settling into their lives.

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Star Season 4 Story

Star season 4 has been cancelled by the producers and instead will receive a movie to wrap up the story, satisfying the viewers. The exact story of which can not be yet predicted as there are no hints from the creator, but after all the drama behind the cancellation and all, we expect a satisfying and happy ending. The viewers are expecting the protagonist of the story to settle into their lives and receive the happiness for which they survived the three seasons. We are even hoping for Take 3 to succeed and to hear more of their amazing original songs in the upcoming movie.

Before the end, we might even expect some climax in order to make the story interesting, though this is all just speculation and nothing has been confirmed.

Star Season 4 Cast

Star Season 4 Release Date
Star Season 4

There is no exact cast member information available for the show since it has been cancelled. Characters from the previous season include:

Star Davis is portrayed by Jude Demorest

Star is one of the three main protagonists of the story and is the daughter of Mary Davis and Brody Dean. She is the older half-sister of Simone Davis and the mother of Davis Brooks. She is the singer for Take 3, which she formed herself while wanting to be a singer and a recording artist at Gravity Records. She has a lot of talent when it comes to singing, but her big ego always comes in between.

Simone Davis-Rivera is portrayed by Brittany O’Grady

Simone is also one of the main protagonists and is the daughter of Mary Davis and the half-sister of Star Davis, and she has the same occupation as she while also being an actress in Black Ivy. She had a very abusive father until she was rescued by her sister, Star. In order to succeed in her life, she would do anything.

Alexandra “Alex” Crane Jones is played by Ryan Destiny

Alex, the 19-year-old girl, is also the main protagonist of the story. Coming from a very wealthy family, she has enough talent to make authentic music. In order to grow out of her rich father’s shadow, she joins Take 3 as a songwriter but struggles because of her toxic parents, especially her alcoholic mother. She is Star’s best friend. 

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Other characters include – Amiyah Scott as Cotton Brown; Quincy Brown as Derek Jones; Benjamin Bratt as Jahil Rivera; Miss Lawrence as Miss Bruce; Luke James as Noah Brooks; Michael Michele as Ayanna Floyd; Queen Latifah as Carlotta Renee Brown; Stephen Dorff as Brody Dean; Lance Gross as Maurice Jetter; Brandy as Cassandra Augustine “Cassie” Brown; Matthew Noszka as Jackson Ellis; and William Levy as Mateo Ferrera. 

Previous seasons had a lot of recurring and guest characters, which include – Evan Ross as Angel Rivera; Caroline Vreeland as Mary Davis; Nealla Gordon as Arlene Morgan, and Charlene; Juanita Jennings as Ruby Jones; Naomi Campbell as Rose Spencer-Crane; Jack J. Yang as Elliot Wu; Paris Jackson as Rachel Wallace; Darius McCrary as Otis Leecan; Chad James Buchanan as Hunter Morgan; Jasmine Burke as Danielle Jackson; Sharlene Taulé as Eva; Joseline Hernandez as Michelle; Tyrese Gibson as Pastor Bobby Harris; Elijah Kelley as Andy; Keke Palmer as Gigi Nixon; Imani Lewis as Karen Williams; Justin Marcel McManus as Omari; Richard Roundtree as Charles Floyd; Chad Michael Murray as Xander McPherson; Terrence J as Ryan French; Lyndie Greenwood as Megan Jetter.

Also, Camila Banus as Nina Ferrera; Kayla Brianna (credited as Kayla Smith) as Olivia; Harold Perrineau as Bobby Brooks; Marcos “Kosine” Palocios as Lil’ Dini; Lenny Kravitz as Roland Crane; Mike Epps as Jay Holland; Tasha Smith as Carol Holloway; Patti LaBelle as Christine Brown; Teyana Taylor as Joyce Sheree; Meagan Good as Natalie Knight; Mike Furry as Mike-Mike; Draya Michele as Chloe David; Ben Vereen as Calvin Brown; Kimberly Elise as Dianne Brooks; Robert Crayton as Club Bouncer; Big Boi, Tiny, Gladys Knight, Porsha Williams, Kelly Price, Monica Brown, Quavo and Mimi Faust as themselves.

Star Season 4 Trailer

Since season 4 was cancelled, it has not received any trailers since then.

Where to Watch Star Season 4 Online?

Star Season 4 Release Date
Star Season 4

Every three seasons, the show is available to stream on Hulu Plus. Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, and Hotstar Plus are also streaming three seasons of Star. There is no information regarding the streaming platforms for season 4 yet.

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