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Space Patrol Luluco Season 2 Release Date Announced?

Space Patrol Luluco, as the name suggests is about a young girl spending her years in the adventurous and tough life of living in a shared habitat of humans and aliens. It was first released in 2016 and has been resting for almost 6 years since then. The unique theme of Space Patrol Luluco is taken from its original manga author Hiroyuki Imaishi. The anime adaptation of the manga is jointly written by their secondary author Akira Amemiya under the production of USA and studio trigger. The anime has an impressive IMDb rating of 7/10 and should technically have stronger chances of a season 2. 

Space Patrol Luluco Season 2 Release Date

Space Patrol Luluco Season 2 Release Date
Space Patrol Luluco Season 2

After almost 6 years of season one’s release, Luluco, the authorities have given no indications of a season 2. It’s dire to think that such a great and fun anime would not see renewal however, possibilities of crossovers in the coming years are highly likely. As much as fans have liked season one, Space Patrol Luluco cannot be beaten in the sense of nostalgia and nonsensical relief that it provides to its viewers. Season one was fun, adventurous, tiresome, and giggly. We hope you see more of it soon. 

SeasonsRelease Dates
Space Patrol Luluco Season 1 Release Date1 April 2016
Space Patrol Luluco Season 2 Release DateNot Announced Yet
Space Patrol Luluco Season 2 Release Date

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Space Patrol Luluco Season 1 Story 

Season one of Space Patrol was released on April 1, 2016. The run time of each episode was 8 minutes, which makes it a total of a 2-hour anime. The story revolves around a young girl who lives with her workaholic and is too busy with a divorced father names Luluco. Her parents divorced because he father was unable to devote time at home and was occupied with work 24*7, which ultimately lead to her mother leaving him.

Luluco’s father works at the Space Patrol division. However, things took a turn when her clumsy dad eats something he confiscated from the aliens and suddenly freezes. Poor Luluco is faced with the only option to work in place of her father at the Space Patrol Division. Under this duty, she is put in charge of confiscating illegal substances and interrogating criminals. A dynamic takes place when she’s paired with a team of two other members who are very interesting in the sense that one of them is Luluco’s crush named Alpha Omega and the other a love rival Midori. No matter the group, the adventure, and fun do not leave a second in the whole season. Despite the hard situation, her zeal and positivity are something to look for in our daily lives as well. unlike most webtoon series, this one stands out because of its ability to portray a serious situation of parental separation, loss, and maturity required to start working at an early age. though these aspects of the show are not focused upon or consume much screen time still they are a fresh addition from a cartoon’s point of view. 

The episodes of Season 1 are – “I’m a Normal Middle School Student”, “A New Transfer Student Arrives”, “Battlefield Classroom”, “Into the Sky All Alone”, “What Should I Do?”, “The One Part Awakens”, “The Trap of Fate’s Threads”, “The Trap of Mystical Power”, “The Tre Trap”, “It’s All Over”, “I Was Clueless, “Confession” and “I Am the Universe”. the episodes are an array of emotions a rollercoaster of emotions to say the least whilst being fun and exciting, not losing their light mood. For those looking for a short binge-watch to freshen up can definitely watch Space Patrol Luluco. For those who have a busy schedule but still want to enjoy a not-so-intense and exhausting show, this is the one for you! Let us know what you think in the comment section. 

Space Patrol Luluco Characters

Space Patrol Luluco Season 2 Release Date
Space Patrol Luluco Season 2

The cast of Space Patrol Luluco is as follows -Brittney Karbowski – Luluco, Bob Carter – Overjustice, Brett Weaver – Keiji, Christopher Bevins – Blackholeian SPGCC, Jamie Marchi – Midori, Justin Briner – Nova, Monica Rial – Lalaco Godspeed, Anastasia Muñoz – Sucy Manbavaran (ep8), Carli Mosier – Sex, Christopher R. Sabat – Inferno Cop, Greg Ayres – Machspeed, Mike McFarland – Judgement Gun, Rachel Robinson – Patrol Suit

Where to Watch Space Patrol Luluco?

You will find all episodes available on Crunchyroll and Funimation. Let us know what you think about the show and if there could be a Season 2!

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