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Shine Post Season 2 Release Date: Expected Date and Other Information!

Shine Post Season 2 Release Date
Shine Post Season 2 Release Date

The most cheering genre of the anime is perhaps the Music. The hardworking path to the success of becoming an idol while living with all kinds of problems and a hectic schedule is satisfying to watch. Shine Post, a Japanese animated series, also falls under the same category. The anime along with music and female idols also falls under the supernatural and slice-of-life genre, why so, we will discuss that later. Here’s what we know about Shine Post Season 2 Release Date  

The anime is still ongoing and is being animated by the studio Kai, also known for anime like Gaikotsu Kishi-Sama, Tadaima Isekai e Odekakechuu, and Super Cub. It is adapted from a manga which goes by the name Shine Post: Nee Shitteta? Watashi wo Zettai Idol ni Suru Tame no, Goku Futsuu de Atarimae na, Tobikkiri no Mahou written by Rakuda and illustrated by Buriki. Kei Oikawa is in charge of directing it. Aside from concerts, music videos, and a video game, Konami Digital Entertainment and Akihiro Ishihara’s multimedia project also includes a manga adaptation, live performances, and music videos. The manga is illustrated by Makiko Kawasemi with the same writer.

Shine Post Season 2 Release Date

As of now, season one of Shine Post is on air. It released its first episode on July 13, 2022, and has been scheduled. The total number of episodes is not known yet, though each episode lasts approximately 23 minutes. There has been no news regarding season 2 yet. We expect to hear some news regarding it when the last episode of season one airs if the show ends with a good viewership, that is.

The show is currently not watched by a lot of people, and it also doesn’t have a big fandom. About 1,117 people have given it a moderate score of 6.88 on MyAnimeList, with only about 8K people becoming its members, which might seem like a hurdle for the studio and show’s producer to pick it up for next season. The studio might work on some other project, which will give them a profit, rather than work on a previous project, which doesn’t guarantee success. Hence, the return of the show has very slim chances.

Name of the ShowShine Post
Season NumberSeason 2
Shine Post Season 1 Release Date13 July 2022
Shine Post Season 2 Release DateNot Announced Yet
Shine Post Season 2 Overview

Shine Post Season 2 Story

The storyline for season 2 can not be predicted yet. It might pick up from where the first season will end. Season one of the show focuses on a girl idol group known as TINGS who is not so popular but are very passionate about their work and singing. The surprising thing in the story is that their manager is not a normal everyday manager but has some special superpowers that might be of some help to our girls.

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Shine Post Season 2 Characters

Shine Post Season 2 Release Date
Shine Post Season 2

Though the cast and characters for the new season are not known yet, we predict the following characters, along with their voice actors, will return for the second season.

The group “TINGS” has five members, who are the protagonists of the story. They include – Haru Nabatame, voiced by: Sayumi Suzushiro; Kyōka Tamaki, voiced by: Moeko Kanisawa; Rio Seibu, voiced by: Yūko Natsuyoshi; Yukine Giongi, voiced by: Rimo Hasegawa; and Momiji Itō, voiced by: Rika Nakagawa.

The group HY:RAIN members include – Ren Kurogane, voiced by: Yu Serizawa; Aoba Karabayashi, voiced by: Kurumi Takase; Nanoka Hiumi, voiced by: Tomoyo Takayanagi; Itoha Karabayashi, voiced by: Miyu Kubota;  and Yawara Naekawa, voiced by: Arisa Kōri.

And another group named FFF contains Hinatsu Hinomoto, voiced by: Hina Kino; Nanami Totsuka, voiced by: Iori Noguchi; and Remi Nashinoki, voiced by: Fairouz Ai.

Shine Post Season 2 Trailer

There is no trailer available for season 2 of Shine Post yet since season one is on air for now and there has been no news regarding the new season. You can watch the trailer for season one on the official YouTube channel of Crunchyroll. The trailer shows our protagonist chasing their dreams with passion, which is very amusing to watch.

Where to Watch Shine Post Season 2 Online?

The first season of Shine Post is available to stream on HIDIVE, Aniplus Asia, MyAnimeList, and Crunchyroll but only in some selected countries. Once the second season comes out, it is expected that it will be out on the same platforms but in more regions.

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