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Shimobee Episode 5 Release Date Updates

Shimobee Episode 5 Release Date
Shimobee Episode 5 Release Date

A story about a 17-year-old schoolgirl, Yurina, who lives with her mother. When one day she downloads an app named “Shimobe no Shimobee”, mysterious and weird things start to happen. From then whenever she falls into any kind of trouble a mysterious man appears in front of her and helps her then silently disappears. The man also helps the girl in moving towards her dream of becoming a doctor.

 Who is this man? And, why is he there? Will she be able to achieve her dreams?

A series that will make you laugh and cry, a series with mysteries and fun. Shimobee is a Japanese comedy-drama series adapted from the Japanese manga written by Hiroyuki Murata of the same title. Directed by Daisuke Yamauchi, Kaede Kamiya, and Screenplay by Yahito Araki, Erika Toyama. The official broadcaster network of the series is NHK General Television. Production of the series was completed under Japan Broadcasting, Corporation, Kyodo television. Shimobee was first premiered on January 7, 2022, and received positive reviews from viewers across the world.

Shimobee Episode 5 Release Date

The fans of the series are curious as to know about what happens next in the series and the latest release dates of all the episodes, and if you are among one of them, keep reading to know about the release date of episode 5 of the series.

To the date the series has released 4 episodes, the first episode of the series was released on January 7 2022 under the title, “Have you ever had such a youth drama?”, the episode received a lot of appreciation from the fans. Then the series of episodes continued with the release of 2nd episode on January 14, 2022, under the title “It’s even more interesting. It’s a fight tonight!”, the 3 episode of the series was released with the title named  “I’m in the shower right now! Why karate showdown?” On January 21 2022 along with the 4th episode releasing on January 28, 2022, the 5th episode is all set out for release on February 25, 2022. The series is a collection of 8 episodes with an estimated duration of 44 minutes, running on Fridays from 10:00 pm on the official broadcasting channel of NHK General. The series is expected to continue until 18th March 2022.

Shimobee Episode 1 Release Date7 January 2022
Shimobee Episode 5 Release Date25 February 2022

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Shimobee Episode 4 Recap

Shimobee Episode 5 Release date

Episode 4, is titled “Youth drama that can no longer be explained. There is no choice but to watch!” which opens with the story of Yurina witnessing Izumi and Tatsuma kissing each other.  Since that day she was unable to concentrate on her studies as she mindlessly wandered to their thoughts. Simultaneously,  in the neighborhood, an anaconda had escaped that called for more of a fuss in the society. In midst of all the turmoil, Yurina goes to the school library where she coincidently encounters Izumi. the more she talks to her, the sicker she feels of her presence. Moreover, Tatsuma also seems to have secrets that will be revealed in further episodes.

Shimobee Episode 5 Cast

Shimobee Episode 5 release date

Yurina Kamoshida, the role can be seen played by Sei Shiraishi. Yurina is a 17-year-old brilliant and carefree student, she has big dreams and she lives with her mother.

Servant, we can see Ken Yasuda playing the role. He Is the mysterious uncle, a middle-aged man who appears to help  Yurina when she accidentally downloads the app.

Yasuko Kamoshida, the role is played by Akiko Yada, she is Yurinas mother who raised her as a single parent while trying to maintain the daily balances she also tries to maintain her life properly.

Tatsuma Sasaki, the role is played by Daichi Kaneko, he is a transfer student and also  Yurina’s childhood friend,  while kids were on good terms with each other, but as they grew their friendship also grew apart, Tatsuma also has a secret that might unveil soon.

Aki Kitajima, a role-play by Honoka Yahagi, Yurina’s best friend, also sometimes puts her in danger.

Reio Tada, a role-play by Shuichiro Naito, is a good-looking young guy who is also Yurina’s classmate but he has some distortions which cause some troubles.

Izumi Sawamura, played by Natsumi Ikema, is Yurina’s Junior, who also has a crush on Tatsuma.

Shimobee Episode 5 Trailer

Currently, there is no Official trailer available for the series.

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