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Saturday Night Live Season 47 Episode 12 Release Date!

Saturday Night Live Season 47 Episode 12 Release Date!
Saturday Night Live Season 47 Episode 12 Release Date!

Saturday Night Live commonly known as SNL is a late-night American television show featuring sketch comedy and variety shows. It was created by Lorne Michaels who also happens to be the show’s current showrunner and developed by Dick Ebersol. Saturday Night Live Season 47 Episode 12 is, at present, the most searched topic among the fans!

The comedy sketches featured in the show are primarily parodies of contemporary culture and politics. These are performed by a large variety of cast members which have been varying over a long period of time. Each episode features a monologue by a celebrity guest who also hosts the show for the night and then proceeds to perform the sketches with other cast members. Every episode also features a performance by a musical guest.

George Carlin was the first to host the show when it premiered on October 11, 1975, on NBC. The name of the show was NBC’s Saturday Night. Since then, the show has continued to win the hearts of people and has had over 46 seasons!

Saturday Night Live Season 47 Episode 12 Release Date

Saturday Night Live Season 47 Episode 12 is set to premiere on 29 January 2022. As of now, 10 Episodes of season 47 have been released and Episode 11 is set to premiere on 22 January 2022. The Episodes have a format of being released at 11:30 pm US Standard time. This means it will release at 8:30 pm E.T.

This show is broadcast on NBC channel networks, but the people seeking to stream it online can watch it from YouTube, Vimeo, FuboTV, Sling TV, and also on Hulu. NBC’s Universal Online Platform, Peacock also streams the show and has its previous 46 seasons ready to be watched.

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Saturday Night Live Season 47 Episode 10 Recap

Saturday Night Live Season 47 Episode 12

Episode 10 of Season 47 of Saturday Night Live was hosted by Ariana DeBose. The musical guests of the show were the bleachers. This episode was Liz Patrick’s first episode as the sole director. The Bleachers performed the songs “How Dare You Want More” and “Chinatown”. Ariana DeBose wore a T-shirt in support of Covenant House which is a nonprofit organization for homeless people. Freddie Gibbs made an appearance in the sketch of the show “All of me”. This episode was premiered on January 15, 2022, after a long break due to the pandemic.

Episode 9 was hosted by Paul Rudd. But due to the rise in the omicron variant of Covid-19, only a limited cast and crew were present at the moment of shooting the show. There was also no audience for the shoots and most of the portions of the show were pre-recorded.  Tom Hanks, Tina Fey, Steve Martin, and Martin Short appeared during the introduction sequence performed by Paul Rudd. Following the holiday vibe and to make up for missing cast and crew members, several of the previous Christmas sketches of the show were shown.

These included “Dick in a box ” from season 32, “Santa and his naughty elves” from season 41, “Caleb and Monty ” from season 38, among others. This show did not have any musical guests due to the pandemic situation. Episode 11 will be hosted by Will Forte and it will be premiered on 22 January 2022. 

Saturday Night Live Season 47 Episode 12 Story

Episode 12 will be hosted by the legendary William Dafoe. The musical guest of the episode would be Katy Pary. With such a legendary cast and musician on board, we can expect some blockbuster sketches from William Dafoe! Spiderman No Way Home references won’t be much far from it too.

Saturday Night Live Season 47 Cast

Saturday Night Live Season 47 Episode 12

Every single episode of the show that has ever premiered on the television has had a different celebrity guest hosting it each time. This is what makes the show so unique and breaks through the boring and redundant show formats that have prevailed over time. The list of cast members is so extensive, that it has made its name into many world records!

 Saturday Night Live Season 47 Trailer

The official season trailer has not been released yet. But, the official YouTube channel of Saturday Night Live, does release a trailer for their latest episode a day before the episode premieres. So we can expect a trailer for Episode 12 on 28 January 2022.

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