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Sasaki To Miyano Episode 6 Release Date Updates  

Sasaki To Miyano Episode 6 Release Date
Sasaki To Miyano Episode 6 Release Date
Sasaki To Miyano

Sasaki To Miyano is a Japanese television series developed by Studio Deen under the direction of Shinji Ishihira. The anime was inspired and adapted from the Manga series. It was first published by Media Factory in Pixiv Comic magazine as a manga series in 2016. Later by October 26, 2018, Sho Harusono wrote and published Sasaki To Miyano as a Novel until March 27, 2020, constituting 2 volumes. The first episode of Sasaki To Miyano was premiered on January 10, 2022.

Sasaki To Miyano Season 1 Story

The story is centered on Yoshikazu Miyano who belongs to a middle-class family. One fine day he meets Shuumei Sasaki who is physically strong. Sasaki belongs to an upper-class family and acts calm yet powerful. Sasaki confronts a man who bullied Miyano’s classmate and everyone gets impressed by his actions. But Sasaki feels something special about Miyano than the rest of the people and gets more attached to him. However, taking his personal space Miyano considers Sasaki authoritative. Later Miyano accidentally tells Sasaki that he was gay and asked him to keep it a secret. Even after the revelation, Sasaki continued to mingle more deeply with Miyona and consequently, the rhythm between their relationships began to get stronger as well as strange.

Sasaki To Miyano Episode 6 Release Date     

Sasaki To Miyano Episode 6 Release Date
Sasaki To Miyano

The sixth episode of Sasaki To Miyano is scheduled for its release on February 14, 2022. The show is currently telecasted on TV Aichi and BS NTV at midnight JST every Monday with a running time of approximately 23 minutes in each episode. Sasaki To Miyona as a television animated series was first premiered on January 10, 2022, which telecasted 4 episodes until now.  The production team has already confirmed that the season will have 12 episodes in total. Unofficial reports are stating the chances of a second season after the completion of the first. However, the fans are eagerly waiting for the official confirmation on possible announcements. The last episode was aired on January 31, 2022, while Sasaki To Miyona fans awaits the next episode by February 7, 2022.

Sasaki To Miyano Episode 1 Release Date    10 January 2022
Sasaki To Miyano Episode 2 Release Date    17 January 2022
Sasaki To Miyano Episode 3 Release Date    24 January 2022
Sasaki To Miyano Episode 4 Release Date    31 January 2022
Sasaki To Miyano Episode 5 Release Date    7 February 2022
Sasaki To Miyano Episode 6 Release Date    14 February 2022

Sasaki To Miyano Episode 4 Recap

After Sasaki makes the confession to Miyano on the train, things get more complicated than the rest of the episodes. Miyano who was half asleep heard Sasaki telling him “I Love You”. Miyano gets extremely confused like never before about his gender identity. He had previous desires both with male and female but his inner conflict restrained him from making a decision. It was then the school was re-opened after the term break. Things were different than usual as Miyano didn’t know how to respond when facing him in real-time. Both of them have awkward moments nevertheless, Sasaki was trying to communicate as usual.     

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Throughout the episode, beautiful frames of the spring season are visualized. Everywhere they move, the flowers are seen and trees shed their leaves marking the wonderful aesthetic beauty of the location. Some romantic moments are also witnessed throughout the episode. While Sasaki knocks Miyano from behind he accidentally pins Sasaki from the front leading to a romantic tension between the two. On the other hand, Sasaki is jealous of Miyano especially when he talks with other boys. He even intervenes in a conversation between Ogasawara and Miyano for purpose of not allowing them not to have a potential relationship.

Sasaki To Miyano Episode 6 Characters    

Sasaki To Miyano Episode 6 Release Date
Sasaki To Miyano

Miyano Yoshikazu: Saitou Souma

Miyano despite being gay often gets confused about his identity. He frequently has mixed feelings both towards men and women. He knows exactly how helpless he is at times. Due to this reason, he helps Sasaki’s friend whose girlfriend is also a BL. 

Sasaki Shuumei: Shirai Yuusuke

 Sasaki is a confident and physically active personality than Miyano. He often gets involved in other people’s lives especially when they need help. Sasaki even after understanding Miyano was gay, didn’t hesitate to show his sincere love and affection. In addition, he is protecting, caring, and compassionate.

Ogasawara Jirou: Ono Yuki

He is the friend of Sasaki and often turns to Miyona in need of help for his girlfriend. Even though his girlfriend is a BL and continuously fights with him, he refuses to give up on her. He uses all the help he can take to solute the problems which shows his passionately loving heart.

 Sasaki To Miyano Trailer

The trailer of Sasaki to Miyano was released on 12 September 2021. The anime is telecasted on Tokyo MX, KBS Kyoto, SUN, TV Aichi, BS NTV, and AT-X. The first channel to air the anime will be local channels namely, TV Tokyo, HTB, and BS-11. Funimation is licensed to stream the show in The USA, Mexico, Brazil, and Canada. In addition, Wakanim will telecast the anime in Denmark, Russia, and France while Ani-One will screen the anime around Southeast Asia.

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