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Sasaki And Miyano Episode 7 Release Date Updates

Sasaki and Miyano Episode 7 Release Date
Sasaki and Miyano Episode 7 Release Date
Sasaki and Miyano Trailer

Sasaki and Miyano is an anime series from Japan. This series has been created by Sho Harusono and serialized online by Pixiv Comic on their website since 2016. Media Factory has collected the series in the form of eight tankobon. Media Factory has also published a two-volume novel adaptation created by Kotoko Hachijō from October 2018 to March 2020.  A spin-off manga by Harusono titled Hirano to Kagiura has also been serialized in Media Factory’s shojo manga magazine called Monthly comic gene.

Two tankōbon volumes have been collected of the manga since March 2019. The anime adaptation of the manga has been developed by Studio Deen and started premiering in January 2022. The director of the anime series is Shinji Ishihira and Yoshiko Nakumara is handling the composition of the series.

Sasaki And Miyano Episode 7 Release Date

Sasaki and Miyano
Sasaki and Miyano

Episode 7 of the series is set to be released on 21 February 2022. To date, 4 episodes of the series have been released with the latest being released on 31 January 2022. Episode 5 is set to be released on 7 February 2022. Episode 6 is set to be released on 14 February 2022 followed by Episode 7 on 21 February 2022. This series will consist of a total of 12 episodes. Episode 8 is set to be released on 28 February 2022. Episode 9 is set to be released on 7 March 2022. Episode 10 is set to be released on 14 March 2022. Episode 11 is set to be released on 21 March 2022. The final episode of the series will be premiering on 28 March 2022.

Each episode will be released every Monday at 12:00 am (JST). This series can be streamed online on streaming platforms such as Funimation. These episodes will also be aired on local network channels such as TV Tokyo, BS-11, and HTB.

Sasaki And Miyano Episode 1 Release Date10 January 2022
Sasaki And Miyano Episode 2 Release Date17 January 2022
Sasaki And Miyano Episode 3 Release Date24 January 2022
Sasaki And Miyano Episode 4 Release Date31 January 2022
Sasaki And Miyano Episode 5 Release Date7 February 2022
Sasaki And Miyano Episode 6 Release Date14 February 2022
Sasaki And Miyano Episode 7 Release Date21 February 2022

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Sasaki And Miyano Episode 7 Story

Yoshikazu Miyano’s worries begin on a hot summer day when Nobuaki Sasaki enters his life. Sasaki saves Miyano’s classmates from a group of bullies, after which Miyano doesn’t seem to shake his eccentric high school students. His quiet admiration for Sasaki turns into frustration every time a so-called delinquent refuses to leave him alone. Miyano is always called by a cute nickname, and his limits are ignored. Why does Sasaki want to get closer to him? Shy and easily upset Yaoi hides an embarrassing secret.

He is a boy “Fudanshi” who likes Boys’ Love (BL) cartoons. He doesn’t want other pupils to know, but a slip of the tongue allows him to divulge the truth to Sasaki. Sasaki, much to Miyano’s surprise, appreciates the BL he receives and requests more, signaling a shift in their unusual dynamic. Although Sasaki appears to have a personal purpose, the more time they spend together, the more convoluted his feelings for Miyano become. Their connection is prepared to grow and flourish since they now share a similar interest.

Sasaki And Miyano Previous Episode 6 Recap

Sasaki softly confessed to Miyano in an empty railway compartment previously. Of course, Sasaki had no idea that Miyano was half-asleep at the time he revealed the small secret. This put Miyano in a difficult situation, as he didn’t know whether Sasaki senpai regards him as just another kouhai or has developed a strong affection for him. In any event, Miyano can’t disregard the possibility of his BL stories becoming reality in the future.

Sasaki And Miyano Episode 7 Characters

Sasaki and Miyano
Sasaki and Miyano

Shūmei Sasaki has been voiced by Yusuke Shirai. He is Miyano’s senior in high school. Yoshikazu Miyano has been voiced by Soma Saito. He’s a hardcore fudanshi, and really sensitive about his girlish features. Taiga Hirano has been voiced by Yoshitsugu Matsuoka. He is Miyano’s discipline committee senior and Sasaki’s classmate. Jirō Ogasawara has been voiced by Yūki Ono. He is Sasaki and Hirano’s classmate and shares musical taste with Sasaki.

Masato Hanzawa has been voiced by Yuma Uchida. Tasuku Kuresawa has been voiced by Ryōhei Arai. He is Miyano’s friend and extremely loyal and dedicated to his girlfriend as well. Gonsaburō Tashiro has been voiced by Mitsuhiro Ichiki. He is friends with Miyano and Kuresawa and bleached his hair for high school.

Sasaki and Miyano Trailer

The official trailer for Sasaki and Miyano was released by Animelat on YouTube on 12 September 2021 giving crucial information about the release date, storyline, and character of the series.

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