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Rusted Armors Episode 10 Release Date And Story

Rusted Armors Episode 10 Release Date
Rusted Armors Episode 10 Release Date

Rusted Armors (Sabiiro no Armor) is a Japanese action-packed historical fantasy animation series developed by the Kigumi studio. Rusted Armor is a mixed-media project which was first exhibited as a stage play in 2017 and then adapted by manga series which was generally a set of Japanese comics which got published in 2019. The Monthly comic gene published the second series of Rusted Armor in 2021 gained more popularity which consequently led to stream it on television as an anime series. The first episode of the show was screened on January 9, 2022.

In the persistent and ongoing war, the Muromachi shogunate continues to get weakened while more and more military invasions occur due to rivalry between the feudal lords around Japan. The country at the moment passes through a tough time where people get attacked and there is nothing but bloodshed.

The village of Saika which is located in the dense and remote forest of Kinokuni area is protected by some mercenaries called the Saika Ikki. They are armed and exist only to protect the village from any threat and they always succeeded in their mission. For these reasons, the area is considered to be a nightmare for visitors and invaders. Magoichi an outsider found by Deku a native is the leader of the gang. One day soldiers from Spain known as ‘conquerors’ succeeds to invade Saika after the warriors of Saika failed to defeat the army. Magoichi and Deku almost get themselves killed but were rescued by Nobunaga. The village was burned by the army meanwhile the warriors took the villagers to a safe distance.

Rusted Armors Episode 10 Release Date

The 10th episode of Rusted Armors is expected to release on March 13, 2022, after the sequential order. The time of release for the moment is set to 6:30 Am IST and 10:00 Am JST and is expected to change. The first episode of the Japanese anime came to the viewer’s television set on January 9, 2022, which then became popular around the world. The show can be watched via Over The Top Platforms such as Bilibili Global, VRV, Tokyo MX1, SUN, TV Wakayama, AT –X, and BS Fuji on every Sunday at 10:00 Am JST. The first season is expected to have 12 episodes of which only 2 have been released to date.

Rusted Armors Previous Episode Recap     

Rusted Armors Episode 10 Release Date
Rusted Armors

Nobunaga somehow managed to rescue Magoichi and Deku in a safe environment away from the army. Both of them were exhausted and disappointed as they couldn’t defeat the army and save the village of Saika. The mysterious Nobunaga went hunting and prepared the food as if it was his mission to protect them. After calming their hunger Magoichi and Nobunaga sat for a talk while Deku was taking a nap. Magoichi began to self-criticize for not standing up to the mark when his people needed him the most. Unexpectedly Nobunaga also began to criticize Magoichi by telling him that it was due to the lack of leadership quality that made things end this nasty. All he was doing was to make him strong both physically as well as mentally to face many tougher challenges which were heading towards his direction but that blame made him feel vulnerable.

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The next day when Magoichi and Deku visited the village they saw nothing but houses burned into ashes. Realizing the depth of his incapability he ran away but Deku encourage him to face problems by extending his support in any situation. Later Hototogisu revealed that most of the villagers were evacuated and safe. Tsurukubi-san and Hotarubi-kun moved east and Ageha-san went north while Kurohyo-san traveled in the west direction. This revelation slowly started building hope and confidence in Magoichi. He started to think what Nobunaga told him and decided to train him to get stronger, be a good leader and thereby protect the Saika village. The episode ends in a mysterious way, where Hototogisu bows to Nobunaga and calls him a lord while he watches Magoichi and Deku working hard with commitment.   

Rusted Armors Characters

Rusted Armors
Rusted Armors

Magoichi of Saika

Magoichi is the leader of Saika Ikki. Although he is not a native, the people of Saika consider him as their own. It was Deku who found him unconscious and took him along as he had no memory left of his real identity.


Nobunaga is the mysterious character who helped Magoichi when he was in danger for his life. He is called the warlord who fights with traditional armors when Saika Ikki uses modern ones.


Tsurukubi is the most determined of them all. He is protective of his brother Hotarubi who is young. He feels it is unsafe to stay with his brother around and he even thinks of moving away.


Kurohyou like to take the lead and want to become the best than everyone else. He fights with charm and makes things look easy.


Deku is the most aggressive warrior among all. He always sticks around Magoichi and seconds him in every decision he takes. The gigantic figure has soft-hearted and wants to see the goodness in other people.


Ageha is the most generous character from the anime. She always fits a smile on her face and even kills with the attitude of love.


 Hotarubi is the youngest warrior of Saika Ikka and brother of Tsurukubi who acts very fast which even stakes his life at risk. 


Hototogisu is the calmest Saika Ikka who always stays calm and energetic. He is blessed with the amazing capability to find out solutions even in dangerous situations.         

Rusted Armors Trailer

The official trailer of Rusted Armors was released on October 1, 2021, introducing all the characters and the general plot of the series. Magoichi is given the most importance on the trainer followed by Nobunaga. During the entire trailer, the characters present the general theme of the anime with a samurai fight sequence and dialogues with true passion and courage.

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