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Romance Is A Bonus Book Season 2 Release Date

Romance Is A Bonus Book Season 2 Release Date

 A 2019’s romantic comedy-drama web series ‘Romance Is A Bonus Book’ was wrapped up in 16 episodes on 17 March 2019. It has been nearly more than 3 years since the show returned with a renewed version. Romance Is A Bonus Book being Studio Dragon’s creation became a commercial success for the creators. The show’s main star cast included Lee Jong Suk who completed the production of the K-drama web series on 27th February 2019 and went on to fulfill his national duty to serve in the South Korean Military upon his enlistment.

Written by Jung Hyun Jung and Directed by Lee Jeong Hyo, the K-drama Romance Is A Bonus Book averaged nearly 1.5 million viewers in its every episode. The show was based on a romantic duo of Cha Eun-ho and Kang Dan-I who were also lifelong friends. Since its last premiere in March of 2019, the creators have not returned to release any other installment of the much-loved show. In the brief history of K drama, a very web series or movies are renewed with another season or part. And we are yet to hear anything more about Romance Is A Bonus Book, keep scrolling.

Romance Is A Bonus Book season 2 release date 

Unfortunately, there has been no announcement regarding the production of Romance Is A Bonus Book season. So, we are unable to provide you with any information related to its release date. Many of the websites have already removed the show from the ‘Ongoing’ category and have mentioned that ‘From January – March 2019’.

Even though Studio Dragon has not made any announcement regarding the cancellation of Romance Is A Bonus Book season 2, we can anticipate that the show might never return to the Tv screens with another season. But that is nothing new in K-drama, most of the shows are canceled after their first season even if it performs well on the viewership charts. Romance Is A Bonus Book season 1 is currently rated 8 out of 10 on IMDB and averaged a viewership of 1.5 million per episode. We will have to wait to hear something from the creators on the future of the show, but until now it is quite clear that the production of season 2 is not even near to being planned instead it might get canceled in the future.

Name of the ShowRomance Is A Bonus Book
Season NumberSeason 2
Romance Is A Bonus Book Season 1 Release Date26 January 2019
Romance Is A Bonus Book Season 2 Release DateNot Announced Yet
Romance Is A Bonus Book Season 2 Overview

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Romance Is A Bonus Book season 2 story

Romance Is A Bonus Book Season 2 Release Date

Story for the season 1 was quite straightforward and the creators wrapped up all the plots in the story that could be covered. We think that there is not much left for the creators to add to the story of Romance Is A Bonus Book. All the characters, in the end, reached the point where they always wanted to be. Having such a happy ending for the show reduces the chances of renewal of the second season. Both the main characters finally got together, Cha Eun-ho confesses his love to Kang Dan-I and they start to live together. Even if there is a season 2 for the show which seems unlikely to happen, the story might continue with the journey of Cha Eun Ho and Kang Dani.

Romance Is A Bonus Book season 2 cast

Since the show has not been officially renewed by the creators yet, it’s hard for us to comprehend which characters might return for the second season. Here are the characters that appeared in Romance Is A Bonus Book season 1: Lee Na-young as Kang Dan-I, Lee Jong-Suk as Cha Eun Ho, Jung Eugene as Song Hae-Rin, and Wi Ha-Joon as Ji Seo-Jun

Romance Is A Bonus Book season 1 recap

Romance Is A Bonus Book Season 2 Release Date

The story of Romance Is A Bonus Book season 1 was based on Cha Eun Ho, Cha is a young chief editor of one of the most famous publishing companies in the country. He is also in love with his lifelong friend Kang who he met when he was a child, Kang starred in the web series as a former copywriter and editor. Eventually, Kang becomes broke and finds it hard to find a new job. She again meets with Cha after joining his publishing, there on after some romantic relationship starts forming between them.

Romance Is A Bonus Book season 2 trailer 

There is no trailer for season 2 of the show as creators still haven’t renewed the show. You can watch the trailer of the first season on YouTube through an attachment provided on top of this article.

Where to watch Romance Is A Bonus Book season 2 Online?

It is still unknown where the show will be released, the show might even get canceled in the future. You can still watch all 16 episodes of season 1 which are currently available on Netflix.

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