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Ranking of Kings Episode 15 Release Date!

Ranking Of Kings Episode 15 Release Date

Ranking of Kings is a Japanese fantasy animated manga series. Manga is a set of a comic that denotes the uniqueness of Japan. It was first published online on a manga website called Echoes’ and later streamed as an animated television series under the development of Wit studio. Yosuke Hatta and Makoto Fuchigami are the directors of the show, with Taku Kishimoto dealing with the script works. The series also uses sign language for the deaf. The comic started publishing its comic version in Manga Hack by May 2017 and the anime series went on air from October 15, 2021. 

The story revolves around prince Bojji, who can’t either speak or hear. Due to this reason, people lose trust and confidence. The people who publicly remark on his disability consider him foolish, therefore consider him useless. But when it came to the people and understanding their needs, Bojii always showed his generosity by keeping his head high as a prince. It was then he had to face the shadow creature which caused terror.

When everyone felt extremely frightened by this incident, Bojii believed that Kage can be used as an ally which can potentially be a strength for him. Even though Bojii couldn’t utter a word; Kage was able to understand everything that came to Bojii’s mind. Considerably, this unusual relationship grew between both of them. Slowly but steadily the creature gets into friendship with Bojji which eventually wipes out all his fears. He uses Kage to eradicate his fear and polish his courage to be a good king apart from frequent challenges that come his way. 

Ranking of Kings Episode 15 Release Date

Ranking of Kings Episode 15 Release Date

The fifteenth episode of Raking of Kings is all set for its release on January 27, 2022. The release time is set for 1:25 Am JST. The anime will be screened at 9:55 Pm IST on January 26, 2022. The online streaming rights for how is bragged by Crunchyroll and Funimation based on subscription. Noitamina block of Fuji TV has the right to screen the show on television in Japan.

While Funimation will stream the show outside Asia, IQIYI will stream it in south-east Asia by Medialink. The first show was premiered on October 15, 2021, every week. Ranking of Kings is expected to have a total of 23 episodes in their first season which is yet to be scheduled but is guaranteed to have a long run due to its gaining popularity, especially among children. 

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Ranking of Kings Episode 15 Characters


Bojii is the prince of the kingdom of Bosse and the main character of this anime. Bojji is born deaf and is unable to speak as well. Due to his tiny size and disability, people didn’t honor or value him. He had extreme empathy towards others and never hesitated to help the people in need. Apart from all these, he was blessed with the ability to understand lip synchronization and understand what others were talking about. He also believed and wanted to be a powerful king like his father.


Kage is a member of the shadow clan who grew up seeing the abusive and rough world. The environment he grew up in was not at all favorable for him as it builds in him as revenge until he meets Bojii. Despite Bojii being unable to talk and hear, they both shared exceptional communication and were able to understand one another. The generous prince captured Kage’s heart and decided to be a truthful friend of Bojii.


Domas is called the swordmaster and a faithful and dedicated servant to the king. He was assigned to teach Bojii the skills to use a sword but later understood that he was incapable of learning the skills. Thus, he tries to kill Bojii as per the command of Daida.


Daida is the stepbrother of Bojii who is very arrogant in his strength and skills. He is extremely hard-working. He had his deepest desire to be the king and rule the kingdom. Furthermore, he is jealous of his brother and even thinks of killing the king, which can pave way for him to be the next king.


Hiling being the queen is the mother of Daida and the stepmother of Bojii. Her affection towards Bojji is as same as that of her son. She deeply believes Bojii is unfit to rule the kingdom, however, protects and cares for him even though Daida is jealous about it.


Bosse is the king and was the powerful one whom most of the people feared, loved, and honored. He was also honored as the strongest man in the world after he made a deal with the demon. He was later reincarnated into Daida’s body.


Ben is the teacher of Daida who knew magic. He tried to keep the magic mirror safe from the evil hands. He is the one who advised Kage to take care of Bojii.

Ranking of Kings Trailer

Ranking of Kings Episode 15 Release Date

The trailer of Ranking of Kings was released on August 13, 2021. The trailer portrays the entire plot of the story. The tiny prince Bojii, along with all the major characters, is seen in action. The prime focus, however, is on Bojii who tries to explore his skills and challenges.

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