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Rakshasa Street Season 2 Release Date: Who Will Be The Villain?

Rakshasa Street Season 2 Release Date
Rakshasa Street Season 2 Release Date

Requiem Street, a fantasy comic by Chen Xu, which relates the tale of a guard tour, is the original source for Rakshasa Street. The body and the soul coexist on Zhen Hun Street, so when a girl named Ling Xia wandered in, Zhen Hun’s guardian Yanbing Cao encountered her and they began their exciting tour of duty. Additionally, it has a Chinese drama that debuted in July 2017 and had a total of twenty-four episodes. Here’s what we know about Rakshasa Street Season 2 Release Date.

Rakshasa Street is adapted from Chen Xu’s Fantasy comic Requiem Street which tells us a story of a guard tour. On Zhen Hun Street, the body and soul co-existence, then Zhen Hun guardian Yanbing Cao met a girl Ling Xia who strayed into here, then they start their thrilling tour to guard. There’s also a Chinese drama on it, that aired in July 2017 with a total of twenty-four episodes.

Rakshasa Street Season 2 Release Date

Rakshasa Street Season 2 Release Date
Rakshasa Street

We are unable to comment on the release date of Rakshasa Street season two because many sources claim that it will air in 2022 or 2023, while others claim that it premiered on May 15, 2021.

Name of the ShowRakshasa Street
Season NumberSeason 2
Rakshasa Street Season 1 Release Date2 August 2017
Rakshasa Street Season 2 Release DateNot Announced Yet
Rakshasa Street Season 2 Overview

Rakshasa Street Season 2 Story

The Chinese Manhua Requiem Street, written by Xu Chen, is the inspiration for the tale of Rakshasa. In this work, evil spirits are drawn to a street in order to be destroyed. Requiem Street is a place where spirits and humans coexist; not all humans are permitted entry. Only users of rare souls who have guardian spirits are allowed inside. Normal university intern Xia Ling’s routine existence was changed by an unexpected encounter. It’s hard to say if anyone can handle working with your guardian spirit to survive in this world filled with malevolent spirits.

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Rakshasa Street Season 2 Characters

Rakshasa Street Season 2 Release Date
Rakshasa Street

The current Requiem General of Rakshasa Street is “Bomber” Cao Xuan Liang. Xuan Liang is Cao Yan Bing’s younger brother and has burgundy-colored hair like his older brother. He is revealed to be Yan Bing’s older brother in the anime, who was actually stabbed during Lu Tianyou’s plot and then resurrected as a spirit. In the anime, he did his best to keep the promise he made to his father to look after Rakshasa Street and safeguard his younger brother. He does this by first activating his guardian at a tender age and, in the end, by sacrificing himself to save his brother.

Spirit Rank is a system for classifying a Requiem General’s strength. The Requiem Generals were ranked using a system that was established. They stand in for hell’s eight tiers. The area that the Guardian Spirit defends will grow more significant the greater the Guardian Spirit’s level. A person’s strength level needs to be at the Sanjiva level in order for becoming a Requiem General. A person’s power level requires to be at Kalasutra level in order for them to see Spirit Mail.

Demon Sign San Tong is the most well-known alias of Huangfu Long Dou. He is the most powerful Requiem General of the most recent generation, as well as the most sought criminal alive today. As he possesses many Guardian Spirit, Huangfu Long Dou is thought to possess the body of a Martial God. Cao Xuan Liang’s guardian spirit was Yu Jin. He is the Cao family’s guardian spirit, and he made a life-or-death commitment to watch the Cao siblings, Cao Xuan Liang and Cao Yan Bing. He perished as a result of his desire to uphold his vow to serve the Cao family by releasing the numerous guardian spirits that were trapped inside the Yamas of Ten Hells in terms of protecting the little lord Cao Yan Bing.

Cao Yan Bing’s guardian spirit is called Xu Chu. In the time of the Three Kingdoms, Xu Chu served as the commander of Cao Cao’s Tiger Warrior. He is now Cao Yan Bing’s Guardian Spirit. The commander of the Spirit Army and the Requiem General of Yulin Street was Nan Fu Yu. Nan Fu Yu is dressed in long, white selves and light grey armour. A white swirl pattern was all across the armour. He was a power-hungry egotist who would do whatever is necessary to achieve his goals. He was a wise man who just cared about himself.

Shi Ri, a Demon Martial Spirit, is Nan Fu Hu’s Guardian Spirit. He can only call it forth by taking a “Golden Pill.” He is frightened of calling it because he will be eaten by it, said Bei Luo Shi Men. The only thing that can keep him alive while calling his Guardian is the “Golden Pill.” The Guardian Spirit of Xia Ling is Li Xuan Yuan. His employer once assigned him a task and sent him off to look for the Muwen family’s assistance. By chance, he ran into Muwen Yuan Xiang there, and despite their distance from one another, he could smell her vividly.

Rakshasa Street Season 2 Trailer

Unfortunately, there has been no official release of the Rakshasa Street trailer. 

Where To Watch Rakshasa Street Season 2 Online?

You can watch the show Rakshasa Street on Prime Video, Netflix, and Apple Tv.

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