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police in a pod episode 8 release date and spoilers

Police In A Pod Episode 8 Release Date
Police In A Pod Episode 8 Release Date

Police in a Pod also called Hakozume is an upcoming anime to be aired on the 5th of January 2022 under the studio Madhouse whose director is Yuzo Sato. This upcoming anime is already trending on the Internet and is one of the most highly anticipated anime of 2022 due to the superhit Japanese Manga originally. 

Police In A Pod Episode 8 Release Date

Police In A Pod
Police In A Pod

To all the fans wondering when will episode 8 be aired? Episode 8 of Police in a Pod anime will be expected to be aired on February 23, 2022, but not so sure. A lot of fans are eagerly waiting for the official release of the anime in 2022 and the hype is definitely worth it because of the huge success of the manga which was serialised in Morning magazine in 2017. This manga also received the 66th Shogakukan Manga Award in the year 2017. This tells us how highly anticipated the anime adaptation is owing to the huge success of the original manga, the fans have high expectations from the upcoming anime. 

Police in a Pod Adaptation 

Police in a Pod is a widely popular Japanese Manga series that is written and illustrated by Miko Yasu. Finally, it is exciting for all the manga and anime lovers since Police in a Pod is getting an anime show which is to be aired on January 5, 2022. Now this means all the anime lovers who have already read the manga can have something terrific to look forward to this New Year! 

Not just the original manga, prior to the announcement of the anime adaptation, Police in a Pod was a Japanese show aired on 7th July 2021 of the comedy genre. It was aired under Nippon Television Network (NTN) with an IMDb rating of 7.2 out of ten. The storyline closely follows the authentic Japanese manga as well which will now be seen as an anime in February 2022. 

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About Police In A Pod

Police In A Pod
Police In A Pod

The plot starts with a female police officer named Mai Kawai,  who is a diligent and naive police officer. Her reason for working at the present job is the steady income that comes along with it instead of passion or liking for the job. 

She makes up her mind of quitting the job as she does not feel rewarded enough in her job when she comes across a new police officer named Seiko Fuji at her police box. Her thoughts about the job change once she gets to know this fellow police officer who is much more experienced at the job than her. How would these two completely different police officers get along and work together to solve crimes? Look forward to watching the anime to find out! 

Police In A Pod Episodes

According to the official statements, Season 1 of Police in a Pod will have a total of 12 episodes, though there are chances that if the number of episodes is extended then official statements will be announced which you will come to know about via our blogs. Till now a trailer for the anime Police in a Pod has been released along with English Subtitles which you can view on Youtube. 

Apart from the official trailer, we have access to a small snippet of the first episode released at the event of Special Cast Members. The short clip shows us Mai Kawai who reveals her poor family background made her join the police department because of the steady income it provides along with the fact that she has decided to quit her job because of not feeling rewarded enough. 

Police In A Pod Episode 8 Expectations

It is no surprise or secret that the anime Police in a Pod will prove to be a humongous success across the lovers of anime who will watch it for the first time and also the readers of the manga as well. 

It has been a long time since an anime featuring the lives of two female protagonists was aired. It would be quite refreshing to watch an anime showing the close bond between two strong, independent, skilled females who share a good rapport and bond with each other at work. 

The quality of the anime Police in a Pod is assumed to be of excellence due to the studio Madhouse which is known for creating masterpieces like Hunter X Hunter, Death Note, Monster and so on. 

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