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Platinum End Episode 20 Release Date Updates!

Platinum End Episode 20 Release Date
Platinum End Episode 20 Release Date
Platinum End

Platinum End is a Japanese supernatural fantasy thriller developed by Signal MD under the direction of Hideya Takahashi and Kazuchika Kise. The show was premiered on October 8, 2021, streaming a total of 16 episodes to date. It was adapted from manga series which was published in Jump Square magazine in the year 2015. However, the magazine terminated the contract on January 4, 2021. 

Mirai Kakehashi had been living a life of distress after his family died in an explosion. He began to live with the help of his relatives but neither did they care for him with their whole hearts. Due to the abusive behavior of his relatives, Mirai decides to end his life by jumping from a cliff. Instead of heading himself down to the impact, he meets a being who introduced himself as Nasse, his guardian angel. Nasse gives him some boons which makes him more motivated to live a happy life. When he had the power he felt like never before and began to enjoy his life.  

Platinum End Release Episode 20 Release Date       

The twentieth episode of Platinum End is scheduled to release on February 24, 2022, at 1:30 Am JST. The show can be viewed on TBS and BS11 every Friday. The first episode of the series was premiered on October 8, 2021. A total of 24 episodes are scheduled for the first season of which only 16 have been aired to date. The last episode aired was on January 28, 2022, with the title “World’s Greatest Assassin” and expecting the 17th episode on February 4, 2022. Meanwhile, the 24th episode of the show will be telecasted around March 2022. 

Platinum End Episode 16 Story

Platinum End
Platinum End

Mirai has to deal with new kinds of issues in this episode therefore the plot takes a turn in another direction. In the meeting of angels, Mirai understands the fact that most of the candidates won’t survive after seeing God. Everyone believed that Metropoliman would be the next God due to his hard work and initiative skills. The angel of games, Penema, believes that the plan he had created will produce a new God. On a meeting between the angels, entirely new characters show up who might mostly determine the next few circumstances.

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The story turns even around as Susumu Yuito explains an open crowd about the God candidates and reveals them their powers. He demonstrates himself by flying up the sky thereby displaying the secret of Mirai and other God candidates. As the secrets are revealed to the public by the silly acts of Susumu who was Metropoliman which Mirai felts quite angry. He also told the public that it must be them who should select the next God. The show in the upcoming episodes will decide whether he is a true threat to Mirai or not.

Platinum End Characters

Platinum End
Platinum End

Mirai Kakehashi

Mirai who was living a tragic life after the demise of his family was blessed with some skills blessed by an angel named Nasse. He started enjoying his life after getting equipped with these boons which made his life better than usual. He was blessed with wings, a red arrow, a white arrow, and intelligence. Even though he identifies his uncle as the reason behind his parent’s death and the opportunity to kill him with the white arrow, he hesitates to do so shows his generosity.

Susumu Yuito

Susumu Yuito is the god candidate selected by the angel, Penema as his choice. He revealed the good candidates to the public and even claimed to help Mirai. He was blessed with wings and a red arrow and uses the red arrow to increase his likability before the public. 


Nasse is the angel who selected Mirai as her god candidate. She is one of the 13 other angels who had the authority to select good candidates. Therefore she predominantly wished to help Marai to give light to his life and motivate him to live a good life. She gave him the perfect competition and due to the same reason Mirai no tries hard to be the god thereby keeping his skills.

Saki Hanakago

Saki is the kindest god candidate of them all and has the intent to manipulate people with the red arrow. She shows compassion to everyone especially to Marai as she hears his story of bullying in elementary school.

Platinum End Trailer

The official trailer of Platinum End was released on December 19, 2020. The show is currently streaming on Medialink, the dubbed English version on Crunchyroll and Funimation around other parts of the world. The anime is telecasted on television TBS and BS11 every Friday at 1:30 Am JST and 10:00 pm IST. While Europe screens the show at 7 Pm CEST and 6 Pm BST the telecasting time in the US is scheduled for 1 pm EDT.   

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