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Physics or Chemistry Season 8 Release Date: Will It Happen?

Physics or Chemistry Season 8 Release Date
Physics or Chemistry Season 8 Release Date

Física o Química or better known as Physics or Chemistry is a Spanish teen drama series that originally aired back in 2008. It was created by Carlos Montero and produced by Ida y Vuelta Producciones for Antena 3, the Spanish channel. The executive producers of the show were Reyes Baltanás and Iñaki Mercero. The series was quite popular among fans. There was even a two-episode reunion miniseries, Física o Química: El reencuentro, which premiered after a few years of the last season’s broadcast on December 27, 2020. Here’s everything about Physics or Chemistry Season 8 Release Date.

The show addresses some of the serious issues that teens in today’s society are dealing with, including racism, domestic violence, racial profiling, r-pe, teenage pregnancies, bulimia nervosa, cheating, forced marriage, and a lack of self-confidence, and forbidden love. This Spanish drama is not your typical, overly dramatic fare. The actors don’t overdress like in the popular TVNovelas to attract viewers. The show explores a lot of taboo subjects that are uncommon on Hispanic television, all without the need for any actual murders. Real-world examples are interesting and enlivening.

The episodes are longer than usual, but there is so much content that you can be sure that at least one character will be relatable to you. The struggles depicted are very diverse, and it is the most forward-thinking Spanish series ever. And even better, there is barely any violence.

Physics or Chemistry Season 8 Release Date 

Physics or Chemistry Season 8 Release Date
Physics or Chemistry Season 8

Physics or Chemistry released its first highly anticipated episode on 4th February 2008 and with 8 episodes concluded on March 31, 2008. Following the popularity of the show, it was quickly renewed for successive seasons, which were released after a break of 6 months- 12 months. It concluded its final season, season 7, on June 13, 2011.

It’s been more than 10 years now, and according to our sources, there is no news of the show returning anytime soon. The successive seasons, however, saw a drastic drop in the ratings, so it was canceled by the show’s creator. Even the most popular cast couldn’t save the show from being canceled. 

Assumably, the series concluded its story after seven seasons. To this date, Physics or Chemistry has 77 episodes in total, distributed across 7 seasons, along with 2 reunion episodes of  Física o Química: El reencuentro.

Name of the ShowPhysics or Chemistry
Season NumberSeason 8
GenreTeen Drama
Physics or Chemistry Season 1 Release Date4 February 2008
Physics or Chemistry Season 8 Release DateCanceled
Physics or Chemistry Season 8 Ovreview

Physics or Chemistry Season 8 Story

Madrid is a made-up city that serves as the setting for either Physics or Chemistry story. The Zurbarán Institute in Madrid welcomes new teachers, who must coexist with students of all types who have real problems that will illustrate what occurs on a daily basis. As a result, they will assess the teachers’ professional capacity and the effects of the decisions made when they were still adolescents.

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Physics or Chemistry Season 8 Cast

Physics or Chemistry Season 8 Release Date
Physics or Chemistry Season 8

The exact cast of season 8 of Physics or Chemistry is not known. However, we anticipate that if the show returns, the old cast will come back. Some of the main characters of the show are –

Yolanda “Yoli” Freire Caballar portrayed by Andrea Duro

Yoli has a debauched demeanor. She is proud of the neighborhood where she is from and she likes s-x. She was the victim of two rapes and almost got pregnant once.

Paula Blasco Prieto portrayed by Angy Fernández

Her relationships do not end well every time, and she ends up breaking up with everyone. Later, she began to audition to be a singer and went on tour. 

Ruth Gómez Quintana potrayed by Úrsula Corberó

 In a car crash, she loses both of her parents. She suffers from low self-esteem. She was admitted to a center for the entire summer because of bulimia issues. 

Salvador “Salva” Quintanilla portrayed by Álex Martínez

He is a serious young man who rarely talks to the other members of the group and enjoys poetry writing. He occasionally endures mockery because of his personality. He is a shy, uncomplicated boy.

Other characters include  Álex Barahona, Blanca Romero, Andrea Duro, Adam Jezierski, Javier Calvo, Maxi Iglesias, Gonzalo Ramos, Angy Fernández, Marc Clotet, Leonor Martín, Adrián Rodríguez, Sandra Blázquez, Ana Milán, Andrés Cheung, and José Lamuño,

Physics or Chemistry Season 8 Trailer

There is no trailer available for Physics or Chemistry yet. 

Where to Watch Physics or Chemistry Season 8 Online?

Is it not known where season 8 of Physics or Chemistry will be available to stream but you can watch the first seven seasons on Netflix, Disney+ Hotstar, JustWatch, Voot, and Jio Cinema in selected regions. They have both subbed and dubbed versions available. For Spanish people, the series, along with its mini-series, is available to stream on Atresplayer Premium.

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